HIV Doesnt Cause AIDS, The Truth?


HIV does NOT cause AIDS. HIV does not cause anything.

A staggering statement given the hype and acceptance by the scientific establishment and, through them, the public that the HIV virus is the only cause of AIDS. HIV is a weak virus and does not dismantle the immune system. Nor is AIDS passed on sexually.

There are two main types of virus. Using the airplane analogy, you could call one of these virus strains a "pilot" virus. It can change the nature of a cell and steer it into disease. This usually happens very quickly after the virus takes hold.

Then there is the "passenger" virus which lives off the cell, goes along for the ride, but never affects the cell to the extent that it causes disease.

HIV is a passenger virus!

So how on earth did it become the big boogy man virus of the world?

The person who announced that HIV caused AIDS was an American, Doctor Robert Gallo. He has since been accused of professional misconduct, his test has been exposed as fraudulent, and two of his laboratory executives have been convicted of criminal offenses. Tens of millions of people are tested for HIV antibodies every year and Dr Gallo, who patented his "test", gets a royalty for every one.

Luc Montagnier, Gallo's partner in the HIV-causes-AIDS theory, has since admitted in 1989:

"HIV is not capable of causing the destruction of the immune system which is seen in people with AIDS".

Nearly 500 scientists across the world agree with him.

So does Dr Robert E Wilner, author of the book 'The Deadly Deception. The Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS'. Dr Wilner even injected himself with the HIV virus on a television chat show in Spain to support his claims.

Other doctors and authors come to the same conclusions, among them Peter Duesberg PhD and John Yiamouyiannis PhD, in their book, 'AIDS: The Good News Is That HIV Doesn't Cause It. The Bad News Is "Recreational Drugs" And Medical Treatments Like AZT Do'.

That's a long title, but it sums up the situation.

People are dying of AIDS because of the treatments used to "treat" AIDS! It works like this.

Now it is accepted by the establishment and the people that HIV causes AIDS, the system has built this myth into its whole diagnosis and "treatment". You go to the doctor and you are told your HIV test was positive (positive only for the HIV antibodies, by the way, they don't actually test for the virus itself).

Because of the propaganda, many people already begin to die emotionally and mentally when they are told they are HIV positive. They have been conditioned to believe that death is inevitable.

The fear of death leads them to accept, often demand, the hyped-up "treatments" which are supposed to stop AIDS occurring. (They don't.)

The most famous is AZT, produced by the Wellcome organization, owned, wait for it, by the Rockefellers, one of the key manipulating families in the New World Order. AZT was developed as an anti-cancer drug to be used in chemotherapy, but it was found to be too toxic even for that!

AZT's effect in the "treatment" of cancer was to kill cells - simple as that - not just to kill cancer cells , but to kill cells, cancerous and healthy. The question, and this is accepted even by the medical establishment, was:

would AZT kill the cancer cells before it had killed so many healthy cells that it killed the body?

This is the drug used to "treat" HIV.

What is its effect? It destroys the immune system, so it is CAUSING AIDS.

People are dying from the treatment, not the HIV. AIDS is simply the breakdown of the immune system, for which there are endless causes, none of them passed on through sex.

That's another con which has made a fortune for condom manufacturers and created enormous fear around the expression of our sexuality and the release and expansion of our creative force.

Many deaths incorrectly attributed to AIDS

What has happened since the Great AIDS Con is that now anyone who dies from a diminished immune system is said to have died of the all encompassing term, AIDS.

It is even built into the diagnosis.

If you are HIV positive and you die of tuberculosis, pneumonia, or 25 other unrelated diseases now connected by the con men to "AIDS", you are diagnosed as dying of AIDS. If you are not HIV positive and you die of one of those diseases you are diagnosed as dying of that disease, not AIDS.

This manipulates the figures every day to indicate that only HIV positives die of AIDS.

This is a lie.

Many people who die from AIDS are not HIV positive and the reason that the figures for AIDS deaths have not soared as predicted is that the overwhelming majority of people diagnosed HIV positive have never developed AIDS. Why?

Because HIV has nothing whatsoever to do with AIDS.

Anything that breaks down the immune system causes AIDS and that includes so-called recreational drugs. The vast majority of AIDS deaths in the United States involve homosexuals and this perpetuates the myth that it has something to do with sex. But homosexuals in the US are among the biggest users of drugs which genuine doctors have linked to AIDS. Prostitutes who take drugs often get AIDS, prostitutes who do not take drugs invariably do not get AIDS.

The rise in the AIDS figures in the United States corresponds perfectly with the increase in the use of drugs - most of which are made available to people on the streets by elements within the US Government, including Bill Clinton and George Bush.

In Africa, the breakdown of the immune system, now known as AIDS, is caused by ill health:

lack of good food

clean water

general effects of poverty

Haemophiliacs do not die from HIV-infected blood, they die, as they did before the AIDS scam, from a quirk in their own immune system.

Their immune system locks into foreign proteins in the infused blood and on rare occasions it can become confused during this process and attack itself. Their immune system, in effect, commits suicide. HIV is irrelevant to that.

Yet how many people today who have been diagnosed HIV positive are having their lives blighted by the fear that the symptoms of AIDS will start any moment?

AZT is the killer.

There is not a single case of AZT reversing the symptoms of AIDS. How can it? It's causing them, for goodness sake.

The AIDS industry is now worth billions of pounds a year and makes an unimaginable fortune for the drug industry controlled by the Rockefellers and the rest of the Global Elite.

"We can be exposed to HIV many times without being, infected, Our immune system creates [antibodies] within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system."

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It is the white man that is confused, not you. They couldn't share their booty according to initial agreement then someone got holy and started confessing.

Holla moi!


Whitemen told us that HIV causes AIDS. Whitemen are telling us that HIV does not cause AIDS. I am confused. I don't know what to believe any more.


The next Revolution is in Africa. watch out!



Well its good to see Nairaland has some intellectual thinkers ready to question so-called 'fact' on the basis of their own educational experience rather than swallow engineered propaganda hook, line and sinker.



Keep up the good work, this can of explosive information cannot be aired on mainstream media, it would immediately be censored. In today's world our media is being controlled by governments and multinational organisation, so people tend be believe everything they watch on tv and read in books, they seldom challenge and investigate the norm to ascertain the correctness of the information they have received. But on forums like this, such information can be discussed freely


@ayo i believe your thread 100%. . . just last week i started a topic that i didnt believe in this aods thingy cos i personally haven't met any1 with aids. . . and here goes this topic too. . . you could get hiv but if you have a strong immune system, it'd heal within weeks. . . mscheew white men no go kill us finish


Please can you let me know what you consider sufficient evidence in such a matter?

1. proof from medical doctors who still have their licenses?

2. proof from well-known micro biologists?

3 proof from other scientist working in known laboratories?

Tell me what you want as proof and I might try to supply it. But I can't get proof from pharmaceutical companies, they're the real beneficiaries of this hoax.

Holla moi!


Having examined both sides of the coin, it wouldnt be out of context to state that there seems to be growing scientific evidence that suggest that HIV doesnt cause AIDS. In case of Robert Koch postulates, his theory on the transmission of the disease wasnt applicable to the HIV virus(not that it was previously known as HTLV virus).

Below are 10 scientific evidence why HIV doesnt cause AIDS

1.HIV is neutralized by antibody immunity.

2 HIV does not kill the T cells it infects.

3 HIV does not infect enough T cells to cause AIDS.

4. HIV has no AIDS causing gene

5. There is no such thing as a "slow virus".

6.HIV is not a new virus, so it could not cause a new epidemic.

7. HIV fails Koch's postulates.

The universal test used by scientists to determine if a disease is truly being caused by an infection was designed over one hundred years ago by Robert Koch.

Koch's postulates state:

The organism:

must be found in all cases of the disease.

must be isolated from the host and grown in pure culture.

must cause the same disease when injected into a new, healthy host.

must be found growing again in the newly diseased host.

Here is how HIV does on this test:

The germ must be found in all cases of the diseases. FAILS.

10 to 20% of AIDS patients have no HIV at all.

Only tiny amounts of HIV, usually dormant, can be found in any AIDS patient.

The germ must be isolated from the host and grown in pure culture. PASSES - but only on a technicality.

Huge amounts of cell tissue are needed to find HIV.

HIV needs a chemically induced process to reactivate.

By contrast, large amounts of active virus can be found with other viruses.

The germ must cause the same disease when injected into a new, healthy host. FAILS - hands down.

HIV does not cause AIDS in test animals like chimpanzees.

human health care workers accidentally infected with HIV rarely get AIDS unless they use recreational drugs , or AZT.

The germ must be found growing again in the newly diseased host. FAILS - for not passing postulate

8. AIDS has remained in the original risk groups for over 15 years

9. International comparisons of AIDS differ greatly.

10. AIDS occurs without HIV Infection and most people with HIV never develop AIDS.





Im glad this discussion was opened by Ayo84. Although i wont air my personal views on Aids, I will say this ; centuries-old and universaly accepted laws and science of microbiology had to be 'broken' to accomodate the hiv/aids theory. Any microbiologist in the house can read, copy and paste a copy of KOCH'S POSTULATES on this thread for further discussion.


There are so many hoaxes abound in this present time such as the Global warming. So, HIV/AIDS could be a gigantic hoax too.


Sigh . . . again  . . . 

Sending me on a wild goose chase on google is not going to help since I was able to get to page 23 with no results on papers documenting any research into this, with proof. Some of use like to read peer-reviewed publications on such things, if you do not mind. Kindly supply us even one.


@ kobojunk

Are you high or crzy, you see well reknown doctors,professors,not ME!

doctors,professors of medcine being interviewed and shown on youtube disregarding the orthodox approach to the hiv/aids issue and also saying its a conspiracy, are these people wrong ,remember these professionals who have decided to go against the establishment and some have even lost funding from big pharma companies becoz they decided to tell the truth.i have personally seen people in jos,nigeria who were cured using natural nutrition treatments.

go online google hiv/aids hoax,hiv lies.its all there , documented facts,

its not your fault,like i said it amazes me , you are a case study of a global brainwashing scandal.people are not dfor the truth staring them in the face

they prefer mainstream lies,deception


All that na jazz . . back to the main issue here. Have you ever really experienced this HIV virus or do you have any solid evidence/research showing your point there? I am tired of the ramblings and the yappings and talk of how there is evidence everywhere but no evidence anywhere. since you claim you know how to do research, you will then understand why I am asking you for research proof of your claim. Or even evidence that you have tried it out on self to show it is the case.


@ kobojunk whatever your name is, people die of aids,cancer,alzheimers,all manner of diseases everyday,

aids has devastated africa, there is evident proof beyond doubt that its a big setup operation,and it is continually sustained by the big medical cartel,simple remedies,natural alternative nutrition based solutions are there to solve the problem should i just sit there and let everything remain the way they are.

i do a lot of research online and believe it has benefited me a lot, its three years now,since i have taken any drug for any ailement, i dont tke drugs and dont encourage people to take drugs,even for a common headache.there is a known natural nutrition basd solution that helps your body naturally fight any aielment,all im doing is emancipating our people from mental slavery which i feel it would take more that my posting to emancipate your way of thinking, the establishments and medical cartels would be proud of you, you are a successul case study


AIDS Hoax-10 reasons HIV is not the cause of AIDS 9 Comments

A History Timeline of Population Control


And funny enough no matter how they try and come up with populatio control measures,

no matterr hw many times the secret people who rule the world devise and create new diseases in their labs

our body system will and is very capable of resisting it


I am going to guess at this point you are not related in any way to any AID victim, nor have you had anyone close to you die of this disease, let alone something like malaria? let me know if I am close please.


There are people all over the world, who have tried to confront the establishment with the sincere truth about hiv/aids.

i repeat there is no basis for any disease to be over blown, its just media and phsychological propanganda, if you knew what your body defense system was capable off, there is no need to find a cure for aids, a cure exists already, its eating right, right kind of foods,anti oxidants , proper nutrition.

watch this video,

this doctor said it, instead of the weatern media and medical research institutions to show that nutrition is the best solution to fixing and restoring our immune system back on course to fight any disease, they insist on thier cocktails f drugs, which is the nemesis ,and the canker worm that eventually kills millions,

a new hoax been spread now is the issue of mother to child hiv aids prevention,another big lie and conspiracy,imagine giving dangerous doses of AZTs and cocktials to a pregnant mother and her unborn child


AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER ** probably did so because they were not regular with their cocktail. Then there are those who take their drugs regular but still die because their body is overwhelmed by the virus and the drug was probably not able to counter that enough.


Dude, where exactly is this evidence? Where is it? Any reproducable evidence or proof or is this the same old "we can cure AIDS but have nothing to show you" crap?


Hey gentlemen and babies, I have a problem here:

They say HIV means Human Imuno-deficiency Virus - A virus - but when they want to test patients, instead of looking for the virus they're looking for antibodies. Are they going to catch the virus through the antibodies? FOGIVE MY IGNORANCE IN THIS MATTER, I NO BE DOC.

Another one: Dr Tabo Mbeki of SA (former presido) one time asked to be shown what HIV is under microscope ( I read this in a magazine), no one ever showed him that till today. Why so much secrecy?

Another: One Dr Abalaka claimed to have discovered the cure for the dreaded disease during OBJ show, another funny Dr Tim Menakaya who happened to find himself heading health ministry asked the man to shut up and go to bed. HE OBVIOUSLY WAS ABOUT TO RUBBISH A PROFITABLE BUSINESS.

Another: Forgive my ignorance, why was Asian governments fighting Germany over SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)? Was it not to cut out a business that was going to be like HIV/AIDS, only this time Asia was the target.

Another: I crave your patience, who are the people manufacturing these anti-retroviral? How much does it really cost per dose? Oh! sorry, does it even have dosage?

We have been sold akamu for $1000/spoon. Who is deceiving who? AND WHY?

Holla moi!


There is no argument. Claiming HIV/AIDs is curable or whatever with no credible proof or sources isn't an argument.


if you have gone for hiv test cuz i have several time,you will find out that the virus itself is over-exaggerated;starting from the counselling stage,the impression is that you will definitely die EXCEPT you go on anti-retroviral drugs.most people that died from the virus are people that have used the drugs at one point or the other ? Why do some die early after commencing medication when the so-called doctors have put their hopes on the drug ? Is the drug failing their experiment ?


Who let the dogs out? Seriously this is an insult to million world wide suffering from AIDS. It is also an insult to the intelligence of scientist and technicians working their butts off to bring about a cure.

I am sure muppets like you existed during the dark ages, and repressed every form of knowledge.


No wonder South Africa is full of HIV if people think like this. I fear for Nigeria.


Even when some people are confronted with the truth, they can't stand it. They ask for proof when evidence of the HIV conspiracy abound. Well you can take a horse to the stream but you can't force it to drink water


First off . . . HIV is a virus, not a bacteria. Secondly, I didn't ask for more yap . . . I asked for practical amd result . . have you tried injecting yourself with the virus or getting infected in some other way? I want to hear YES and I want you to tell us you went for a test and came out clean of AIDS. No need for more yap!


seems our poster has been striped of his posting priviledges,cos of his signature advert,which i quite say is very creative,if nairaland allows us to use signatures why ban the poster.anyway

@ Kobojunkie you dont seem to get , do youthere is a global conspiracy to weaken our immune systee, the human's immune system is so powerful that it can fight and destroy any disease causing bacteria or infectin,in the case of aids, you notice the patient comes up with a series of different disease attacks,all due to the inability of our immune to fight back,but with the right nutrition and right feeding, your body can fight it.

watch this video


@POster, Have you tried injecting yourself with the HIV virus to prove this? If yes, please let us have details on your current situation . . . .


watch this youtube videos


@Acidosis you dont get it, the cure for aids is simple primary school science, it doesnt need to be put in a drug,bottle or should become a glorified discuss

simply nutrition, our immune system can fight aids,cancer,malaria etc

it has been suppressed by vaccinations,climatic conditions,news and false propapganda.they create these new diseases,the recent ones being avian flu and swine flu.simple cure to these things is the right nutrition, you see one reason why nigeria is so desperate to pass the food genetic GM foods, if we eat right we cant fall sick,our immune system is on point,one way the drug comapnies can stop this is to allow genetical modified foods to enter african countries,so that the natural occuring phyto chemicals present in natural foods would be lowered and non existent,so that we can continue using their drugs and cocktails


@John blaze, I don't think so, everyone is looking for good records, popularity, fame from their discoveries. Won't you like it to be the first man to discover a cure for AIDs?

Won't you like to see your company's name on a sachet?

Experiments are been carried out on daily basis to get a cure not only for AIDs but others like cancer, etc.


see what this lady says about hiv/aids


Simple nutrition, simple nutrition will stop aids.

people are just myopic,and they cant even see the big picture, there is conspiracy people ,and the media and established organisations are in a war to take over our minds.

aids,cancer ,wars, religion, september 11 coverup and conspiracy was so clear , it would only take a fool not to see the truth, there are videos,reports,you know of how these people cook up stories,falsify reports, its the same thing wiith hiv/aids problem.

people have been cured of hiv/aids completely cured,its all hoax

even vacinations, i swore when i have kids,none of them wud get a vaccination shots, these vaccinations are a world population control measure and your richest kid on the lock is a huge promoter, aids,hepatitis and ebola have all been linked to the immunisaton efforts in the past.

open your eyes people to see the truth


U wont understand the level of corruption behind it,till you do a bit of research. I know the claims the poster is making sounds outrageous,but if you dig deep you will find some element of truth behind. Big Pharma is making billions of dollars manufacturing anti-retrovirus. They are not spending as much money in looking for a vaccine because the discovery of an AIDS VACCINE will put them out of business.


Mehn,like i just hit a jackpot. all these years,i have been wearing shower cap.time to go bone to bone. .

really goodnews


Apparently HIV/AIDs is big money for pharmaceuticals, drug companies, they dont want a cure, it was created by the evil people behind world super powers and it is sustained by the health estavlishment

check out this youtube video i got online





Contrary to popular belief, HIV is not necessary to explain acquired immune deficiency and the illnesses associated with AIDS. To understand why this is so, it is first necessary to understand what AIDS is. AIDS is not a new disease or illness; it is a new name or designation for 29 previously known diseases and conditions.

As the NIH states in its comprehensive report on AIDS, "the designation 'AIDS' is a surveillance tool." Since 1981, the surveillance tool AIDS has been used to track and record familiar diseases when they appear in people who have tested positive for antibodies associated with HIV.

The AIDS virus hypothesis supposes that the health problems renamed AIDS develop as a result of infection with HIV; that the virus somehow disables the body's defense system that protects against opportunistic illness, allowing the development of one or more of 29 diseases, such as yeast infection, certain cancers, pneumonia, salmonella, diarrhea, or tuberculosis, which are then diagnosed as AIDS. However, every AIDS indicator disease occurs among people who test HIV negative, none are exclusive to those who test positive and all AIDS diseases existed before the adoption of the name "AIDS."

Prior to the designation AIDS, these 29 diseases were not thought to have a single, common cause. In fact, all have recognized causes and treatments that are unrelated to HIV. For example, yeast infection is a widespread problem due to an imbalance of natural bacteria. The yeast infections that occur in people who test HIV positive and in people who test HIV negative are caused by the same imbalance of natural bacteria. All the opportunistic illnesses called AIDS have various, medically proven causes that do not involve HIV.

Immune deficiency can be acquired by several risk factors that are not infectious or transmitted through blood or blood products. The following factors are widely recognized causes of immune suppression, compromised health, and opportunistic infections, as documented in the medical literature for more than 70 years. Chronic, habitual and multiple exposures to these risks can cause the group of symptoms called AIDS.

In fact, there is no case of AIDS described in the medical literature without one or more of these health risk factors.

Physical Risk Factors

These risks include malnutrition and chronic lack of sleep. In 1985, orthodox AIDS researcher and director of NIAID, Dr. Anthony Fauci declared that malnutrition was the most prevalent cause of immune deficiency diseases throughout the world, particularly in developing regions such as Africa where common illnesses like measles run rampant and take millions of lives.

The medical literature notes that malnutrition and infection are invariably linked, as one condition aggravates the other. Hunger and endemic disease are familiar problems in those countries around the globe thought to be under siege from AIDS. Intrauterine malnutrition occurs when expectant mothers are improperly nourished, and can result in prolonged, sometimes lifelong, immune suppression.

Poverty, crowded living conditions and unclean water promote endemic disease and compromised health. The populations in many developing regions of the world are devastated by rampant infections with common microbes that pose little or no health threat to people in industrialized nations.

Infections due to malnutrition immunodeficiency are the world's leading causes of infant and child death.195 Among citizens of industrialized nations, subclinical malnutrition, rather than starvation leads to compromised immune function, especially when combined with chronic lack of sleep.

People who make habitual and prolonged use of certain drugs like methamphetamines, heroin and crack cocaine often suffer from malnutrition and chronic lack of sleep.

Chemical Risk Factors

Immune-compromising chemicals include pharmaceutical drugs such as AZT and other cancer chemotherapy compounds, protease inhibitors, antibiotics and steroids, and recreational drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin, nitrites (poppers), and methamphetamines (crystal, speed).

Chemotherapy targets and destroys the bone marrow cells from which all immune cells derive. They also kill fully formed immune cells in addition to killing B cells and red blood cells.196,197

Chemotherapy destroys the digestive system by killing the cells that compose the inner lining of the digestive tract which interferes with the body's ability to absorb and digest nutrients, causing malnutrition. Even when used very briefly, chemotherapy suppresses normal immune function, increases susceptibility to a variety of opportunistic infections, and can cause life-threatening anemia and diarrhea. AZT, ddI, ddC, D4T and 3TC are all chemotherapy compounds used as antiviral AIDS treatments.

There are many pharmaceutical drugs known to suppress the immune system, particularly when used for prolonged periods of time. Protease inhibitors cause impaired liver function and liver failure (the liver removes disease-causing toxins from the body) in addition to kidney failure, dangerously high cholesterol levels, diarrhea and other health-compromising effects. Steroids are a known cause of immune deficiency often prescribed to AIDS patients to counteract the muscle wasting caused by AZT.

Antibiotics, especially when used habitually, can cause yeast infection and diarrhea, two conditions that can lead to malnutrition. Septra and Bactrim are sulfonamide antibiotics commonly prescribed for continuous, prophylactic or preventative use by HIV positives. These drugs are leftover from the days before penicillin; they do not target invading microbes as narrowly as modern antibiotics and are notorious for their side effects. Both cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia, bone marrow destruction, rashes, fever, hepatitis, and anemia by interfering with the production of red blood cells.

The immunosuppressive effects of recreational drug abuse are well-documented in medical literature dating back to the turn of the century. They include pneumonias, mouth sores, fevers, endocarditis, bacterial infections and night sweats, all conditions now associated with AIDS. Amphetamine drugs suppress the appetite, causing chronic users to suffer from malnutrition. Many habitual users of heroin and crack do not provide themselves with adequate food, sleep, shelter and healthcare.

Prolonged exposure to common chemical toxins such as insecticides and herbicides can also impair immune function.

Biological Risk Factors

These risks include multiple exposures to and/or chronic infections with syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and other venereal diseases, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, fungal diseases, amoebas and parasites such as giardia, bacterial infections such as staph and E coli, chronic bowel infections, blood transfusions, and the use of blood products. In addition to the damaging effects of recurrent infections, many of the pharmaceuticals used as treatment have adverse effects on immune function.

Factor VIII (the blood clotting agent used by hemophiliacs) and blood transfusions are immune suppressive and leave patients vulnerable to infection.

Due to the serious conditions for which transfusions are necessary and the deleterious effects they have on the immune system, half of all HIV negative transfusion recipients die within a year of receiving a transfusion.

Psychological Risk Factors

Chronic anxiety, panic, stress and depression have been shown to compromise health, damage immune function, and result in symptoms identical to AIDS. Mental stress provokes production of the hormone cortisol; excessive cortisol causes rapid and dramatic reductions in T cells, a condition known as lymphocytopenia. Within minutes, stress induces cortisol levels to increase as much as 20-fold. High levels of cortisol can eventually cause what medical texts describe as "significant atrophy of all the lymphoid tissue throughout the body" which may lead to "fulminating infection and death from diseases that would otherwise not be lethal."

A profound fear of AIDS is enough to cause even people who repeatedly test HIV negative to develop physical symptoms of AIDS. Termed "AIDS-phobia," this condition is characterized by weight loss, wasting, reduced T cell counts and other signs considered indicative of AIDS, and typically follows intimate contact with people who sufferers believe may be HIV positive.

Beliefs and expectations are well-known to manifest in the physical body. The life-altering influence of beliefs was detailed dramatically in 1942 by Dr. Walter B. Cannon in his accounts of a phenomenon he called "voodoo death," a form of capital punishment practiced among certain Aboriginal tribes. Cannon reported that shaman, tribal medical authorities thought to possess special powers, were able to kill errant tribe members by simply pointing at them with a bone. Convinced of the shaman's ability to invoke a lethal curse, the people pointed at died within a matter of hours or days.

In modern medicine, the power of expectation is a commonly accepted fact known as the "placebo effect." Placebos are inert chemical substances disguised as active preparations and given to patients in place of drugs. The health benefits gained from a placebo occur because the person taking it expects a positive effect. Since the benefits of any drug may be due in part to this placebo effect, most new drugs are tested against a placebo preparation.

A recent study conducted at the University of Toronto demonstrated the profound physiological effects of expectation with regard to placebos. Researchers found that cardiac patients who strictly adhered to a placebo treatment regimen lived longer than patients who did not take their placebo regularly.

In summarizing the study, lead researcher Dr. Paul Dorian noted,

"What you believe has an important influence on your outcome."

How These Risk Factors Apply to All AIDS Groups

There is not one case of AIDS described in the medical literature that does not include one or more immune-destroying health risk factors. There is no case of AIDS documented in a person whose sole risk is exposure to HIV.

Every case of AIDS involves factors known to damage the immune system and leave a person vulnerable to debilitating infection and deadly illness.

Men Who Have Sex With Men

Well-documented causes of immune dysfunction can explain AIDS illnesses among men who have sex with men although none of these causes are unique to this risk group or can be generalized to include all gay men. In fact, focusing attention on certain sexual practices rather than recognized health risks obscures our understanding of immune suppression and limits approaches to preventing and resolving AIDS.

Nitrites, more commonly known as poppers, are immune-suppressive, carcinogenic drugs chronically used by some gay men. At one time, 95% of gay men in major urban areas like Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco reported using poppers. Nitrite use correlates with Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS) and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, two AIDS-defining cancers found almost exclusively in this risk group.

There are several studies that further strengthen the correlation between poppers and KS by documenting KS in HIV negative gay men who use poppers.213 KS is hardly ever found among members of any other CDC risk group or among women with AIDS, and is never diagnosed in children or infants with AIDS. In 1981 when AIDS was first identified, half of all AIDS diagnoses were for KS. As popper use has diminished, so has KS which since 1993 has accounted for less than 5% of all new AIDS cases.

In the only studies that asked gay men with AIDS about recreational drugs, 93% to 100% of participants acknowledged using cocaine, crack cocaine, poppers, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamines like speed and crystal, and/or Special K (an animal tranquilizer).

Combinations of parasitic infections that include amebiasis and giardiasis along with rectal infections, syphilis, and gonorrhea can result in acute diarrhea which in turn causes malabsorption and malnutrition, or wasting. This collection of infections and resultant problems was commonly known as Gay Bowel Syndrome in the years before AIDS.

The CDC reports that 20% to 50% of all gay men in major US cities have been treated, often repeatedly, for intestinal parasites using immune suppressive pharmaceutical drugs.

Antibiotic treatments for recurrent venereal infections are immune suppressive, as is the practice of using these antibiotics on a regular basis as a prevention. Steroids are another immune damaging drug frequently prescribed to offset the wasting caused by diarrhea and malabsorption.

Campaigns that encourage HIV testing, the consuming of toxic AIDS drugs, and living in fear of AIDS are primarily directed at the gay community. Many gay magazines may have up to half of their commercial advertising devoted to AIDS-related promotions. Such constant emphasis on AIDS gives rise to the notion of the inevitability of AIDS, a belief which can evoke chronic terror, despair and hopelessness, psychological risk factors known to impair immunity and compromise health.

The chance of registering false positive on an HIV test is greater for people with high levels of non-HIV antibodies and microbes in their blood. Antibodies produced in response to the particular microbial and viral infections frequently found in some gay men are documented causes of false positive HIV test results.

For people who test HIV positive, the drugs prescribed as preventative treatments for opportunistic AIDS-defining infections become harmful and even deadly when used on a daily, continuous basis. Bactrim and Septra, for example, are powerful sulfonamide antibiotics that kill digestive flora and cause anemia and bone marrow destruction. The anti-HIV drugs AZT, ddI, D4T, ddC and 3TC are all highly toxic chemotherapies that destroy the immune and digestive systems, in addition to causing five of the 29 official AIDS-defining illnesses. Two 1993 studies conducted in the US and Canada found that every one of several hundred gay men with AIDS had a history of significant recreational drug and/or AIDS drug use.

Identifying this risk group as people who engage in habitual, prolonged use of recreational and/or pharmaceutical drugs, have chronic exposure to a multitude of infectious microbes, who suffer from chronic malnourishment and/or chronic fear of HIV and AIDS provides a more appropriate and comprehensive explanation of immune suppression that invites many possibilities for prevention and resolution.

Injection Drug Users

Members of this risk group account for 35% of all diagnosed AIDS cases, while another 4% of people diagnosed with AIDS cite heterosexual contact with injection drug users as their sole risk. However, the majority of people who initially claim intimate contact with IV drug users as their only risk later acknowledge taking drugs themselves.

Considering only injection drug use as a high risk activity for AIDS disregards the immune suppressive effects brought about by habitual use of non-injected street drugs as well as the many health-compromising factors that can accompany the regular, long-term use of illicit chemicals. The emphasis on sharing needles over the damaging effects of the narcotics injected with the needles distorts our view of immune dysfunction and prevents application of practical solutions to the health problems common to this risk group.

Prolonged, habitual consumption of drugs such as heroin, crack, speed, and cocaine, whether taken by injection or other means, is well-known to disable immune function. Chronic use of these drugs is documented to bring about many conditions synonymous with AIDS including pneumonias, tuberculosis, mouth sores, fevers, night sweats, bacterial infections, and endocarditis. Malnutrition, the number one cause of immune deficiency diseases worldwide, and multiple infections are frequent side effects of habitual injection drug use, and are factors that suppress immunity.

Antibodies generated in response to the multiple infections and chemical toxins typical of chronic drug use can cause false positive readings on HIV tests. Positive test results most frequently lead to ongoing treatment with various immune suppressive antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs, and to a sense of hopelessness and profound despair.

A more compassionate and inclusive way to portray this diverse group is as people who engage in habitual, prolonged use of recreational drugs, have chronic exposure to a multitude of infectious microbes and toxins through septic syringes or septic living conditions; who suffer from chronic malnourishment, lack of adequate sleep, the immune suppressive effects of AIDS drugs, and/or the chronic despair that follows an HIV positive or AIDS diagnosis.

The immune deficiency diseases caused by these multiple and variant factors can be resolved with treatments that do not involve toxic anti-HIV drugs and long-term use of powerful antibiotics.

Transfusion Recipients and Hemophiliacs

Hemophiliacs and blood transfusion recipients together make up 2% of adult AIDS cases in the US. As noted previously, Factor VIII, the blood clotting treatment used by hemophiliacs, is itself immune suppressive. Hemophilia is a life-threatening condition in people with or without an HIV positive diagnosis. Ryan White, the young HIV positive hemophiliac who became famous as an AIDS victim, actually died of common complications attributed to hemophilia (internal bleeding and liver failure), not of illnesses that define AIDS.

Blood transfusions suppress the immune system. Medical experts note that higher amounts of blood transfusions among hospitalized patients correlate with higher death rates. The authors of one recent study on transfusions specifically mention that the immune suppressive effects of transfusions leave recipients vulnerable to deadly opportunistic infection.

Factor VIII and blood transfusions can cause positive results on HIV antibody tests in persons never exposed to HIV by triggering the production of antibodies that react with the nonspecific proteins used in the HIV antibody test. Once a person has tested positive, they are subject to immune suppressive drug treatment regimens, and the terror of developing AIDS.

Members of these risk groups can be more accurately described as people with serious preexisting health challenges, critical or chronic exposure to immune suppressive blood products and toxic AIDS drugs, and/or who are affected by the chronic despair of a fatal diagnosis.

Based on this view, immune compromising anti-HIV chemotherapy and continuous antibiotic treatments would compound preexisting health problems, rather than resolve them.

Heterosexual Contact

Six percent of Americans diagnosed with AIDS cite heterosexual contact as their sole AIDS risk. However, upon further investigation, 60% to 99% of these people are reclassified as injection drug users and/or men who have sex with men, groups with identifiable health risks documented to cause immune dysfunction. As previously noted, people diagnosed with AIDS voluntarily select a risk group from among six categories determined by the CDC which limits health risks to possible exposure to HIV through sex or blood.

The damage caused by AIDS chemotherapy and the acceptance of a fatal diagnosis are sufficient to bring about serious illness and even death in people with no other risk factors.

Members of this group may be better described as people with no health risk factors acknowledged by the CDC who, because of their positive HIV status, regularly consume chemotherapy and/or engage in continuous treatment with antibiotics and other immune suppressive pharmaceutical drugs, and/or suffer from the chronic panic and hopelessness of a fatal diagnosis.

Adolescents, Children and Infants

Although teenagers and children are not a specific AIDS risk group, cases of AIDS among young people, however rare, are a matter of great concern. The fact that babies are diagnosed with AIDS has been used as an argument against non-HIV explanations for AIDS illnesses. Despite widely held beliefs, the majority of AIDS cases that occur among children and adolescents can be explained by the same causes of immune suppression prevalent in adults with AIDS.

In 1998, new AIDS cases among this country's 26 million teens totaled 293; of these, 229 offered information which placed them in the two primary CDC defined AIDS risk groups for adults.

Over 80% of the mothers of babies diagnosed with AIDS voluntarily acknowledge using injection drugs during pregnancy, a practice which almost universally results in intrauterine malnutrition. The remaining cases of AIDS in infants and children may be due to the immune suppressive medical treatments given in response to an HIV positive test result, or to the same factors that cause HIV negative babies to suffer from pneumonia, bacterial infections, and immune disorders. In 1998, new AIDS cases in children age 13 and under totaled 382.

Residents of Developing Nations

In stark contrast to the US and Europe, AIDS cases in developing areas of the world are found almost exclusively among non-drug using heterosexuals. Mainstream AIDS experts offer no plausible reason why AIDS would spread primarily through drug-free heterosexual contact only outside the US and Europe.

A coherent explanation for AIDS cases in developing areas of the world is the well-known health risks shared by these countries, widespread poverty and malnutrition; lack of clean water, a regular food supply, and sanitary living conditions; limited access to medical care; endemic diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and parasitic infections that manifest in conditions identical to AIDS; and the practice of diagnosing AIDS based on a nonspecific set of clinical symptoms.

Although HIV tests are not required for an AIDS diagnosis in many parts of the world, widespread exposure to hepatitis, tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria and other conditions are more than sufficient to account for positive results on the nonspecific HIV antibody tests.

Resolving the immune suppressive conditions caused by poverty and malnutrition provides a means to alleviate the suffering of many people in developing nations who are currently counted and treated as victims of AIDS.

When considering non-HIV explanations for AIDS, consider that:

AIDS is a collection of familiar illnesses, not a disease.

Since 1993, more than half of all new AIDS diagnoses in the US are given to people who are not ill. In 1997, two-thirds of Americans diagnosed with AIDS had no symptoms or illness.*

Acquired immune deficiency predates the creation of the category "AIDS" and has numerous, well-documented causes.

There are no AIDS cases noted in the medical literature in which exposure to HIV has proved to be the sole health risk factor.

There are well-documented causes for every AIDS disease that do not involve HIV, and all illnesses now called AIDS occur in the absence of HIV.

HIV tests do not test for the actual virus, but for antiviral proteins or genetic material that are not specific to HIV.

The chance of a positive reaction on a nonspecific HIV antibody test increases proportionately with the level of other antibodies and microbes found in the blood.

Five of the six AIDS risk groups defined by the CDC have health risk factors that involve multiple, chronic exposure to viruses, bacteria and other antigens known to produce antibodies identical to those associated with HIV.

Once a person has tested HIV antibody positive, chemotherapy and other immune suppressing chemicals are almost always prescribed for treatment or prevention of AIDS.

Alternative explanations for AIDS provide opportunities for effective AIDS prevention and for using practical, nontoxic approaches to resolving AIDS.

1997 was the last year that the CDC provided information on how many AIDS cases were diagnosed in people who are not sick.

Defined Terms

Endemic: A medical term applied to a disease or disorder that is constantly present in a particular region or in a specific group of people.

Cancer Chemotherapy: Drugs used to treat cancer. Most anticancer drugs are cytotoxic (kill or damage cells). Others are synthetic forms of hormones. All anticancer drugs prevent cells from growing and dividing. Some work by damaging the cell's DNA; others block the chemical processes in the cell necessary for growth. Side effects of treatment include nausea, vomiting, and life-threatening diarrhea. By altering the rate at which cells grow and divide, anticancer drugs reduce the number of blood cells produced by the bone marrow, causing anemia and increased susceptibility to infection.

Endocarditis: Inflammation of the internal lining of the heart.

Incorrect Information about HIV and AIDS Costs Lives

Can you imagine receiving a fatal diagnosis without being told the diagnosis is based on an unproven idea and an uncertain test? Being instructed to take powerful, experimental drugs without being told these drugs compromise health, destroy functions necessary to sustain life, and were approved for use without adequate testing? Being informed that you have, or should expect, deadly illnesses without being told that these same illnesses are not considered fatal when they occur in "normal" people?

For anyone who tests HIV positive, getting all the facts is a matter of life and death. The important decisions a person makes should be based on thorough, verifiable data. All of us need and have the right to receive honest and complete information about HIV and AIDS.

Almost every AIDS organization in the country offers free instruction for people who test HIV positive. Standard information includes how to prepare a will, how to collect disability, health insurance, and public benefits, what drugs and tests to take, and which diseases to anticipate, all based on the assumption that HIV positives are or will be ill and do not have long to live.

Information on AIDS that is free from bias, that accurately describes tests and drugs, and offers facts that support a will to live, participate in society, and cultivate a healthy future are rarely, if ever mentioned. Some AIDS groups even lobby to limit public access to data that undermine their dire presentations of HIV and AIDS.

For many people handed an HIV positive diagnosis, these brief pages provide their first awareness that a normal, healthy life is not something they can only hope for, but something they can choose to achieve. Unfortunately for most people who test positive, the AIDS education they receive portrays their choices as being limited to toxic drug therapy or devastating illness, and encourages chronic fear, sadness, and resignation to an early death.

There are thousands of HIV positives who lead healthy lives without toxic AIDS drugs. What they have in common is not some unique, mysterious gene or a weakened strain of the virus, but an open-minded approach to information, an understanding of basic principles of medicine and science, and the knowledge that the responsibility for their well-being is ultimately their own. For more information on their lives, please see The Other Side of AIDS on page 94.

This book examines only a portion of the growing body of scientific, medical and epidemiological evidence that refutes popularly accepted ideas about HIV and AIDS. Readers are strongly encouraged to conduct further research and use the resources offered here.

To the degree that we allow unfounded ideas about HIV and AIDS to determine our actions, influence our choices, dictate our public policies, or define our world view, we are all victims of AIDS.

Since the 1984 announcement that HIV causes AIDS, all AIDS research has been based on the hypothesis that HIV, an inexplicably lethal new virus, is responsible for a group of previously known, disconnected diseases renamed AIDS. Setting the focus of all AIDS efforts on HIV, a virus that strains the rules of biology, epidemiology and logic, has rendered humankind few, if any, beneficial results.

The lives of over 400,000 Americans have been given to the notion that HIV is the only possible cause of AIDS, and that toxic drugs offer the only possible prevention, treatment, or hope for a cure. Many more lives have been forever altered by a positive result on a non-standardized test for harmless antibodies that may or may not be associated with HIV.

More than $50 billion in federal AIDS funding has provided no significant understanding of HIV, has produced no safe and effective therapies, and has not brought us any closer to ending AIDS. Instead, we have constructed a powerful AIDS establishment that regulates our news, limits our access to information, and demands an ever greater allocation of our resources and support.

Rather than helping to resolve AIDS, we have funded the growth of multi-billion dollar industries, institutions and organizations that depend on AIDS and on our continued devotion to the narrow and unproductive HIV hypothesis.

Objective Examination of HIV and AIDS is Fundamental to Progress

To understand and solve AIDS, it is necessary to investigate all legitimate scientific data, even when such information challenges our present understanding and perceptions. Progress in any area depends on the ability to engage in an unbiased evaluation of facts, to raise critical questions and to conduct an objective search for meaningful answers.

Silence = Death, Of People, Ideas and Progress

"There is classical science, the way it's supposed to work, and then there's religion. I regained my sanity when I realized that AIDS science was a religious discourse. The one thing I will go to my grave not understanding is why everyone was so quick to accept everything the government said as truth. Especially the central myth: The cause of AIDS is known. What in the world made activists accept that, on the basis of a press conference, no less?

"My only theory is that AIDS requires the daily management of massive amounts of uncertainty, and people cling to any certainty they can find. Even if it's false."

Michael Callen,

author, AIDS activist (deceased),

Genre magazine, February/March, 1994

"Most HIV trials are useless rubbish. Research scientists [outside AIDS research] laugh at us. To them a good sample size is 30,000 people. We do studies with 1,500 people and think that's wonderful when the actual number of relevant patients is sometimes so small, you cannot rule out chance as the reason for the results you get. It is also unethical to run trials of drugs in places like Malaysia with only 30 people involved and then try to justify these flawed trials because some people got access to drugs who otherwise would have had nothing."

Kevin Frost,

Manager of Research Programs for the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), Positive Nation, September 1998

"The story of AIDS is deeply connected with the vicissitudes of the theory that viruses cause cancer and the failure of the cancer research program. Michael Verney-Elliot put it most acidly when he said: 'From the people who didn't bring you the virus that causes cancer, it's the virus that doesn't cause AIDS.'"

Jad Adams,

Author, The HIV Myth, 1989

"AIDS is not another disease, it is the most metaphorical disease in history. It is the ultimate triumph of politics over science."

Michael Fumento,

Author, The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, 1990

"Perhaps I'd feel different about it if I thought people were dying from AIDS. But I don't. I think they're dying from bad medicine, bad drugs, bad attitudes. There is nothing I want from 'Big Daddy' I don't want his medicines, his laws, his approval."

Gavin Dillard,

Author, In the Flesh, HIV positive since 1985, San Francisco Frontiers, May 20, 1999

"In the September 4 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the CDC announced that a diagnosis of AIDS no longer requires an HIV test. The government now considers you an AIDS carrier if you suffer from any of the maladies on its new list of diseases indicative of AIDS, including such relatively common infections as herpes simplex, tuberculosis, Salmonellosis and the shockingly broad category 'other bacterial infections.' This broad definition will lead to countless new AIDS diagnoses, whether or not the person actually has AIDS.

A major problem with the new AIDS definition is that it ignores the many environmental causes of immune suppression. Exposure to toxins, alcoholism, heavy drug use or heavy antibiotic use all can cause onset of the list of 'diseases' indicative of AIDS. The CDC itself conceded in a stunning remark near the end of the JAMA article that the new AIDS ground rules are highly suspect. 'The diagnostic criteria accepted by the AIDS surveillance case definition should not be interpreted as the standard of good medical practice,' warned the CDC."

Los Angeles Weekly,

December 18, 1987

"The real trick is to get off the medication. I felt I was losing quality of life, "

Greg Louganis,

HIV positive Olympic Gold Medalist,

The State, April 15, 1997

"It's not even probable, let alone scientifically proven, that HIV causes AIDS. If there is evidence that HIV causes AIDS, there should be scientific documents which either singly or collectively demonstrate that fact, at least with a high probability. There are no such documents."

Dr. Kary Mullis,

Nobel Laureate, HIV not Guilty, October 5, 1996

" If you think a virus is the cause of AIDS, do a control without it. To do a control is the first thing you teach undergraduates. But it hasn't been done. The epidemiology of AIDS is a pile of anecdotal stories selected to the virus-AIDS hypothesis. People don't bother to check the details of popular dogma or consensus views."

Dr. Peter Duesberg,

Do You Think HIV Causes AIDS?,

Scientists for Legitimacy in Science, 1995

"Beware the scientist who believes that mainstream research thinking on any public health issue is equivalent to truth. Or the scientist who bullies or ridicules other scientists because they oppose the prevailing view. This is a person who has become what I would call a propagandist and should not be trusted.

"I have worked as a medical science reporter for 30 years. I've interviewed thousands of scientists for newspaper and magazine stories, radio and television productions, and books. I've met scientists who at least try to keep an open and fair mind on scientific issues. I have also met many propagandists who think they're scientists. In all the time I've worked as a journalist, I've never come across a nastier group of people to interview than those propagandists who work in HIV research."

Nicholas Regush,

Medical Science Reporter, Second Opinion, ABCNews.com, September 29, 1999

"As a scientist who has studied AIDS for 16 years, I have determined that AIDS has little to do with science and is not even primarily a medical issue. AIDS is a sociological phenomenon held together by fear, creating a kind of medical McCarthyism that has transgressed and collapsed all the rules of science, and has imposed a brew of belief and pseudoscience on a vulnerable public."

Dr. David Rasnick,

Designer of Protease Inhibitors,

SPIN magazine, June 1997

"Considering there is little scientific proof of the exact linkage of HIV and AIDS, is it ethical to prescribe AZT, a toxic chain terminator of DNA developed 30 years ago as cancer chemotherapy, to 150,000 Americans, among them pregnant women and newborn babies, as an anti-HIV drug?"

Rep. Gil Gutknecht (R-MN),

US House of Representatives,


finally,some people are now beginning to see through the smoke screen.

@ayo84, keep up the good job,I know some people would read this and think that you are nuts, just ignore them

the truth about the AIDS SCAM will definitely come out



watch this video footage


@poster, good one there! The truth is that NO LAW IS FIXED. So i'm not surprised about the criticism of HIV causing AIDS. But the fact still remains HIV is a virus, a deadly one and has deadly side effects and the virus medically cannot be cured. Although there are some progress spiritually and tradomedically but all the same the message still lives on IF YOU CAN'T ABSTAIN, USE A CONDOM.



There exists a little known yet very simple way to treat almost all diseases.

It's so simple it befuddles the great minds. Unlike our healthy human cells

that love oxygen, most of the primitive bacteria and viruses, including

HIV and others found in cancer, AIDS, Ebola, flesh eating bacteria, chronic

fatigue, tuberculosis, arthritis, and a long list of other diseases are like

most lower life from viruses and bacteria that can't stand oxygen. Bacteria

and viruses are almost all anaerobic. "Anaerobic" means these microbes

cannot live in oxygen

What would happen to the primitive anaerobic viruses and bacteria that

cause disease if they were to be completely surrounded with a very energetic

form of pure oxygen for a long time? What if enough of this special

form of oxygen (O2), or its higher medical grade form called "ozone"

(O3), were to be slowly and harmlessly introduced directly into the body

day after day, every day, over the course of several months, by high concentration

methods that usually bypass the lungs, and yet saturate every

body cell with oxygen? All the disease-related, or disease-causing, bugs

and microbes that can't live in oxygen also can't live in oxygen saturated

body tissues and fluids. See how simple it is? It's amazing you were never

told this.

cos its all news propaganda, i remember one time, when one dr,an alternative remedy practioner was interviewed on moments with mo, he was practically silenced and well it wasnt his fault he didnt have facts.


AIDS is a highly profitable "disease" for Big Pharma and the medical community. It is one of the diseases, like

cancer, heart disease and diabetes, that is so profitable there is absolutely no interest in orthodox medicine

finding a cure. In fact, there are many very well documented cures for AIDS that have been suppressed, and even

persecuted, by the medical cartel and their cronies in government.


Confussed. . . I guess its a setup. Dont believe this to be true


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Anywayz, I'll give the tread a read.

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