HIV vaccine: has the testing begun?

Can HIV be cured? We do not know yet, but soon the study will show the results of HIV vaccine testing.

A short while ago there was big buzz about new HIV vaccine that might stop this deadliest of the deadly diseases. It is invented, but human testing is required to prove its safety and efficacy. Has the testing begun?

HIV vaccine

What is HIV vaccine?

Scientists have struggled with this riddle for many years. They have discovered that human blood contains the solution. It has certain things in it able to cope with the virus and produce antibodies for it. With this medical breakthrough they got more chances to start a massive HIV vaccine testing on animals.

HIV vaccine testing begun?

HIV vaccine testing on people

However, the use of the HIV vaccine is impossible without proper preliminary testing on humans. It should prove to be safe and effective. Over the last 7 years only minor testing was done. Presently a major one is to be launched. One is to take place in Australia, where they got over 1000 volunteers signed for the program.

 testing begun?

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The other one is to be had in South Africa with over 5000 volunteers and over 250 people chosen for actual treatment and testing. Let us hope the research would succeed and millions of lives around the globe saved from this dead plague of the 21st century.  


scientists from the Institute for the study of AIDS (IrsiCaixa) will begin testing of a new therapeutic vaccine against HIV/AIDS, reports MigNews. You know: the tests have to participate 150-200 volunteers. A vaccine is successfully tested on mice and monkeys. The essence of vaccine effectiveness in the use of the mechanism of the immune response, which is observed in a small group of people (about 5%) having immunity to HIV infection. Experts currently engaged in the production of vaccine samples for experiments with humans and testing necessary to obtain approval from the Spanish Agency for medicines and health products. Scientists say that only one year will be spent on first phase trials of the vaccine on humans. During this time they must validate the safety, efficacy and duration of action of the vaccine. The second phase will last for a year and a half. Its purpose is to explore the effect of the vaccine after the abolition of antiretroviral therapy.

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Such a vaccine against HIV is very necessary for the world. After all, so many people are dying from it. But whether this vaccine will already know then. But there are many people who are not important lives, and who do not care if they are sick with the disease or not. But this is a great progression for the world to find a vaccine, the main thing to start testing, even if it does not work, But there are already plans and desire to find a cure for this terrible disease. This gives many people a chance for a long and happy life.

Answered 1 year ago.
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