Home remedies: how to cure a running nose?

Do you often suffer from running nose? Read the article and find the tips how to use effective home remedies.

running nose

Modern pharmacology offers a large number of different drugs to treat a running nose. Do not rush to buy them. It is better to rely upon homemade treatment for running nose, which you can provide yourself. These drugs are safe and more effective.

The problem also can be solved by using some special herbs. The wide range of them may be found in the pharmacy. Such as mint, calendula, daisy etc.

Choose a proper plant, make sure that you have no allergic reaction. Usually the recipe is given on the box as follows: to 500 ml of boiling add 2 tablespoons of the selected plants. Leave for  6 hours. Drip 3 drops into the nose or use it in the form of washing.
running nose

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Running nose home remedy for  inhalation

The best method is inhalation, it can help to remove inflammation from the nose mucous membrane. Prepare funnel using heavy paper. The wide end of the funnel should be at the edge of the bowl in which a solution is poured. Inhale the steam through the narrow end of the funnel.

Use these effective solutions for inhalation:

Put some soda into boiling water, then add a few drops of eucalyptus or pine oil. Soda softens the nose mucous membranes, the mucus moves much faster, essential oils kill bacteria.

Inhalation with tincture of peppermint, eucalyptus, or calendula is also effective for the rhinitis treatment . Keep an eye on allergic reaction in order not to aggravate the disease.

The procedure is only effective when properly executed. Breathe through your nose for about 15 minutes. You can't go out after inhalation. It is recommended to lie down under the blanket, keep warm and have rest.

If you have a running nose garlic and onion can be helpful as well. You simply grate the onion with garlic in a bowl and put in the room where you sleep. So, you will breathe the ethers.
running nose

Stopping running nose home remedies  - nose drops

The pharmacy sells a large number of different  nose drops , but not all of them are useful.  Make your own drops using menthol, cedar and other.

It is recommended to drip  some carrot or beet juice, don't forget to add some  water. One tablespoon of water  to 1 drop of juice. Garlic and onion juices are very effective. One tablespoon of water to one drop of juice.

Take into consideration the qualities of honey.  You  need 200 ml of water ,a tablespoon of honey. You get anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drops.

Use also the  drops  with  Bay leaves. Boil 15 leaves in 300ml of water. After cooling add a little salt and honey. Drip in the morning, afternoon and at night, 3 drops until the symptoms disappear.

It is important to use the drops in right way, so you will increase the effectiveness of the product. First you must thoroughly clean the nose from mucus. Turn your head backward, turn left and drop  the left nostril. Wait about 2 minutes. Then repeat the procedure with the right  nostril.

For the treatment of rhinitis use  tampons soaked in drug solution. Never do it having strong fever you can cause serious complications.

running nose
Running nose relief home remedies for the treatment of rhinitis

Chop the lemon, add a tablespoon of honey and vegetable oil. The ointment will help destroy harmful germs. It helps for softening of the mucous membrane and relieves irritation.

Effective way to treat the common cold is warming up. You can use sand, salt, rice, buckwheat. They need to be preheated, after pour it  in a sack of tissue.  Warm boiled potatoes and eggs work in the same way. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes. It is forbidden to use the procedure if you have sinusitis. Repeat  twice a day morning and night. After the procedure you can't go out for a while.

If running nose still irritates you try washing. To do this, use water with the addition of iodine, soda. To 500 ml of water add half a teaspoon of baking soda and two drops of iodine.

As a matter of fact, do not forget about sea salt. In half a liter of water dissolve a teaspoon of salt. This substance has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerating effect. You can add the tincture of calendula, eucalyptus, and other  herbal infusions.
running nose

Treatments for running nose before going to bed

It is recommended to perform warming treatment. For rubbing the feet you can use a tincture made of red pepper and  garlic juice. Immediately  after rubbing put on warm socks. Adding dry mustard can be a bonus.

Before bed I advise you to put your feet in hot water with mustard powder.  The procedure is effective both  for  feet and hands and helps to activate special points  responsible for nasal breathing. Adults should take such a bath for 20 minutes, the child is recommended for 5.  At once put on woolen  socks and go to bed. Never use this treatment  if you are running a high temperature or suffer from cardiovascular diseases or during pregnancy.

 If you start home treatment in time an effect comes after a week. But never forget that it is always better to prevent the disease than to cure it.


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