Home remedies: How to make hair mayonnaise yourself?

Have you ever made any home remedies – hair masks, in particular, hair mayonnaise? If no, then you can’t miss the opportunity – you are to read the article.

Spa treatment

Many women spend a lot of time and money on hair care. However, sometimes the best ways are on the surface. If you have damaged your hair, you don't need to spend a lot of money on hair masks. Possibly better will help the hair mask made of mayonnaise. Maybe it sounds not very good, but believe me, it really works.

Mayonnaise for hair

The process of preparation of a nutritious mayonnaise for hair. So, what can you expect from the recovery of hair with mayonnaise?

  1. Hydration. Mayonnaise contains vegetable oils, which can nourish and moisturize the hair. This is especially useful if you have dry damaged hair;
  2. Sun protection and products for styling. Protein and oils create a coating on the hair, thus reducing the impact of negative factors;
  3. The restoration of acid-base balance of hair. As you know, the hair has a slightly acidic environment. The alkali violates the natural balance. The vinegar contained in mayonnaise, helps restore a healthy balance and improve hair condition;
  4. Restoration of the broken hair. Egg whites help to restore hair, filling irregularities. It makes the hair have more volume and gives it a healthy glow.


You can buy ready-made mayonnaise at a local store or make it yourself. If you decide to use the first method, it doesn't matter much what brand you chose. However, you need to buy mayonnaise with high fat contain. Low-fat or light product is good for your figure, but not for hair.

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You will need:

Become a professional

  1. Itself mayonnaise. Well, if you put it in a container, it is convenient to use when applying the mask;
  2. Brush for painting hair. By the way, this is entirely optional.
  3. Comb (not brush) hair with a few teeth. To distribute the mask throughout the length. But remember not to comb wet hair. You may find it easier to do without a comb, if you're used to apply and spread the mask and conditioning hair with your fingers;
  4. Plastic cap to wrap the hair after applying the mask;
  5. Easy shampoo without additional properties pre-diluted to the state of the soapy water. Good quality transparent baby shampoo without a strong fragrance. If you are unable to find any "clean" shampoo, use a moisturizer, but in any case not a shampoo for oily hair;
  6. Watch time or use timer to measure the time. However, if you forget to wash off the squad, you can not be afraid to overdo it on the hair. Unlike some of the branded tools, masks with mayonnaise are absolutely harmless and does not cause skin irritation during a long application.

What is it?

After everything is ready, you can proceed to the application process:

  • Rinse hair with warm water. Hair should be damp, but not wet;
  • Scoop the mayonnaise from the jar and spread it with a brush over the entire length, with comb or fingers in the way you normally do it with the mask or conditioner;
  • Massage your scalp and make sure that all areas of the hair are well oiled with composition from roots;
  • Make a ponytail on top of your head and wrap them with foil, plastic bag or a special hat. The heat opens the pores and helps the chemicals to penetrate easier into the scalp and hair, making the use of masks more effective;
  • Leave composition on hair for at least 20 minutes. If your hair is damaged, keep longer. The more time you take to mask the better is for your hair;
  • After the expiry of the treatment, wash mayonnaise out of your hair. Use only diluted shampoo. Maybe the mask will not be completely washed out from your head and you wi'll need a few sessions of washing.

Recipes of homemade mayonnaise

If you want to be sure that the mask you put on your hair will work in full force, it is best not to rely on store-bought mayonnaise and make it yourself. It is not difficult, if you have a blender and some free time.

Next, we offer several recipes for "mayonnaise" for your hair. The mayonnaise obtained in these recipes is not intended for human consumption, as you are unlikely to enjoy the taste, but if you want you can taste it.

Recipes of mayonnaise for hair



  • 2 medium egg yolks of a room temperature. This is important, as chilled egg yolks are whipped badly. In the churning of the eggs it is useful to remember trick: just chilled whites, egg yolks at room temperature;
  • 1 tbsp of apple vinegar;
  • 5-6 tbsp of vegetable oil (refined sunflower, olive, coconut, jojoba, grapeseed). Can be used separately or in combination.


  1. Pour in the blender egg yolks;
  2. Start whisking it on low or medium speed;
  3. As soon as they become a little lighter, start to pour the oil with a thin stream;
  4. Speed up the blender and, still whisking, pour in the vinegar;

If the mixture is too liquid, add oil. The more oil, the thicker is the mayonnaise.

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