Home remedies: How to make your eyelashes thick and long?

What are the basic rules to make weak eyelashes stronger and longer? What are the best home remedies to improve thickness of eyelashes? Read the article to learn more about beauty secrets.

Home remedies to make your eyelashes thicker and longer

Home remedies to make your eyelashes thicker and longer

  • There is a good home remedy to make eyelashes thicker naturally. Make a chamomile on water bath and do lotions with this broth. Put a compress on eyelids. Such lotions will also remove inflammations. It is also possible to use infusions of black tea. This way perfectly will be suitable for treatment of hair bulbs after use of fake eyelashes.
  • Mask of aloe with olive or sea-buckthorn oil also give a good result. Blender aloe and put on skin for 20-25 minutes. Then wash it away with clear warm water.
  • The most widespread strengthening of eyelashes in house conditions is a castor oil. Get a brush for eyelashes. Brush eyelashes every evening, greasing them with castor oil. In several months, you will notice that your eyelashes became beautiful, strong and long. If there is no castor oil, it is possible to use rose, sea-buckthorn, linen, almond, vitamins E and A, but only on oil basis.

How to make eyelashes look thicker and longer

  • Wash up aloe leaf, rub pulp and put on eyelashes. 15-45 minutes later, you should wash the mask away with cool water. Juice of aloe is useful not only in care of eyelashes. It slightly removes small wrinkles around eyes at frequent use.
  • Lotions of green tea are recommended to hold on eyelashes no more than 15 minutes. Then eyelashes need to be greased with vegetable oil as tea has property not only to strengthen weakened eyelashes, but to dry.
  • It is good to take cod-liver oil not only inside, but also as a mask for growth of eyelashes. Add several drops of rum or cognac. Alcohol will wake ‘sleeping hair’. 20-30 minutes later blot a mask with tissues. This night refrain from use of cream for area around eyes.

How to make eyelashes look thicker and longer?

There are also several rules, which help you to get thick and long eyelashes easy:

  • Comb eyelashes after a shower with special hairbrush or just with a toothbrush that your dried eyelashes not stuck together, but straightened.

make eyelashes thicker and longer

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  • Use hair balm on eyelashes. Everything that works for benefit of your head and hair helps also eyelashes. After washing, smear conditioner on eyelashes, take a minute and wash it away.
  • Wash eyelashes with special shampoo. They will grow much better if you wash them with special children's shampoo.
  • Take complex of vitamins of group B. Eyelashes will become dense and will cease to drop out. Also nails and hair will become stronger and your mood will improve.
  • Put mascara after curling. If you tighten eyelashes up, always do it before putting mascara, not after: you will injure eyelashes less.
  • Heat curling tongs before use. If you haven't got a hot brush for eyelashes yet, heat the curling tongs by means of hair dryer: eyelash will heat up too, and will become softer and their structure won't break.

make eyelashes thicker and longer 1

  • Use curling tongs as seldom as possible. If you want your eyelashes grew healthy and long, it is possible to use curling tongs not more often than once a week.
  • Choose good mascara. Be convinced that there is beeswax in its structure. It is even better if mascara will have a mark ‘moistening’.
  • Use children's powder. How to make eyelashes thicker and longer in home conditions? Until eyelashes haven't grown to desirable length yet, put the first layer of mascara, powder them with children's powder and put the second layer.
  • Wash mascara away correctly. Washing it away, put disks with milk or other remedies for makeup removal strictly on growth of eyelashes – from top to down.
  • Change mascara one time in three months. Even if there is a lot of mascara left and it hasn't dried up, there are already a lot of bacteria, and these bacteria change its structure, turning it into chemical poison, drying eyelashes.

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