Home Remedies: How to stop breasts sagging?

Breasts sagging is a real tragedy for many women. However, there are plenty of ways to return the shape and elasticity to your breasts with the help of our home remedies. Learn how to do that right now!

breasts sagging

Breasts’ sagging is not the end of the world, and it is not something that only happens to most unlucky women. This process is a result of the lack of elasticity and firmness of your breasts. This often happens to different women after breastfeeding as well as sudden weight loss. The skin of the breasts needs time to recover and “come back to its senses”. The natural process of reversing the breasts sagging can take time; therefore, we recommend using our advice on how to reverse breast sagging with home remedies.

sagging breasts treatment

There is the treatment for your breasts sagging, and all you need for it is ice. Though it sounds too easy, it I s true: you need to take the ice in cubes and use it while massaging your breasts. Be careful not to massage them for too long, as it is dangerous for your gentle skin in this area. About a minute is enough for your skin to get refreshed and stimulate the uplifting process.

Ice massaging of your dress should also be accompanied with a new bra that perfectly fits you. Make sure you have the right size of the bra as if it is too big or too small, your breasts sagging will be harder to treat. After this ice massaging, take a comfortable position and sit in an armchair in a reclined position for the effect to take place sooner.

breasts sagging after breastfeeding

The next home remedy you can use for breasts sagging is the mask made of egg yolk and a cucumber. Your breasts can be recovered whenever it seems that they are no longer attractive and firm. All you need is just patience and creativeness in the ways to recover the skin of that area from the gravity effects. To make the mask I mentioned above, you will need one egg yolk and a cucumber. As you know, cucumbers are always number one choice when it comes to toning your skin; that is why using it, in this case, is highly recommended. Meanwhile, egg yolk has enough protein and other useful minerals to reverse the breasts sagging effect.

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You need to cut the cucumber and egg yolk in a blender and add your favorite cream in this mixture to get a paste you should put on your breasts and let it absorb. This mask should stay on your breasts for at least half an hour, and then you should wash it off with cool water. The specialists highly recommend applying this mask at least once every seven days.

sagging breasts home remedies

Another home remedy to prevent or recover from breasts sagging is the one with the shea butter. It is known that the shea butter is rich in vitamin E, which is needed when struggling against the breasts sagging. Moreover, this butter is highly recommended for breasts sagging treatment in the view of its moisturizing effect. Just using this butter, you can firm your breasts and bring the former shape for it back. To see the results you will need to warm the cream up and put it on your breasts for at least 15 minutes every other day. Use the upward motions to lift your breasts up and get rid of the sagging effect.

The next home remedy for breasts sagging is pomegranate. You would not believe, but this fruit has all the essential ingredients you need to improve the way your breasts look. The phytonutrients are there to help your breasts look better and be firmer especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding. To make use of the pomegranate for you breasts sagging, you will need to peel it and make the paste out of the peel. Then take some mustard oil and add it to the mixture.

The paste you made should be warm enough in order not to create discomfort for your breasts. Take some of it on your hand and massage it upward into your breasts. Leave it there for ten minutes and massage it all this time.  Do this daily before going to bed, and the results will be soon seen, as your breasts sagging will be left far behind.

sagging breasts home remedy

We have already mentioned about the use of an egg yolk for the breasts sagging treatment. However, you can also use egg white for it. As the specialists explain, egg white is rich in all the nutrients that are essential to the proper functioning of your skin. However, the egg white is useful for the area around your breasts instead of the breasts themselves. What do you need to do? You should take one egg white and blend it until you make foam out of it. Then out this foam on you breasts and let it be absorbed. 

In about 30 minutes wash with foam off your breasts with the juice of a cucumber, or if you are not afraid of the smell, with the onion juice. Another way to use egg white in case of breasts sagging is to mix it with both honey and yogurt (without flavor) and making it a paste. Then put this paste on your breasts and leave there for at least 20 minutes. People familiar with the matter state that this home remedy to reverse breasts sagging should be later washed off with cool water. These two home remedies are known to be very efficient in case you are looking for a way to regain your firm breasts.

breasts sagging after weight loss olive oil

Another thing you can use to reverse the breasts sagging process is olive oil. It is proven to have a potential of tightening your skin; therefore, using it when massaging breasts can be very helpful. This kind of oil also has an anti-oxidant effect. Try also using aloe vera gel when massaging your breasts in an upward direction to make your breasts firmer. First, use it while massaging the breasts, and then leave there to be absorbed into the breasts. As women claim, these home remedies help to reverse the breasts sagging effect when used every other day within a month or even more depending on the effect you want to achieve.

breasts sagging after weight loss oils

However, olive oil is not the only oil that was proven to be helpful when reversing the breasts sagging effect. Vegetable oils are your best home remedies in case of breasts sagging. They nourish your skin and add one to it repairing the damaged zones as well as heal the areas affected by free radicals.

All things considered, there are plenty of ways to reverse the breasts sagging after breastfeeding and dramatic weight loss. Just make sure to be determined to fight for the most attractive breasts and the shape they used to have. This is the key point to succeed on your way to regaining perfect breasts again.

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