Home remedies: What are top 10 ways to remove skin tags?

Do you have problematic skin? Do you suffer from having skin tags? We are ready to help you with this problem and prepared some home remedies for you. Read this article and find them out.

skin tags

Skin tags on the human body appear in the most vulnerable areas. Most often they can be found on the palms, feet, elbows and knees. These tags are also called plantar.

Skin tags removal is performed in hospitals and at home. But here we found some methods which will help you to remove unpleasant skin defects. But remember, if it is more problematic, you have to go to the doctor!

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So, how to remove skin tags at home?

1. Kalanchoe. Kalanchoe is an excellent remedy to remove skin tags. Crushed and apply the leaves of this plant on the affected area overnight. To not to stain the bed, seal the plaster or bandage on the body part on which tags are discovered.

2. You can remove skin tags from your face with the help of folk remedy. Pass one clove of garlic through the garlic press. Then, pour some vinegar (1 tsp). Then add some flour to this mixture and mix everything. You should have something similar to dough. It should be put directly on the tags and cover with a soft cloth. Then put a bandage for a few days.

skin tags

3. Garlic and pork fat. Cut the garlic and mix it with pork fat. Then you need to spread the mixture on the skin tag and bandage it well. You have to change the dressing every day.

4. Liquid soap. Cover the bandage with liquid soap and put this on tags. You have to wear it for a few days and change the bandage daily. As a result, the tags will become softer and easier to remove.

5. Raw onion. First, you need to hold the cut onion in vinegar for a couple of hours. After that, in the evening, put it on skin tags for a night. You need to do this procedure 3-4 times. After a couple of days, the skin tags will be easy to remove.

6. You can remove the skin tags at home if you rub the tags with the juice of very sour, fresh apples every day. Gradually the tags will begin to darken and shrink in size. In 10 days they should totally disappear.

7. Wormwood. To get rid of tags, you need to treat the tags with an infusion of wormwood several times a day. It is believed that after such frequent procedures tags can be removed independently after intensive steaming.

skin tags

8. Juice of celandine. This remedy for wart removal is the most effective in folk medicine.

9. Salt, horseradish juice. Dissolve salt in the horseradish juice and rub it all into the tag. Then make lotions with this mixture. Salt and horseradish juice is an effective folk remedy for viral skin tags.

10. Efficient means for removing skin tags is hydrogen peroxide 30%, mixed with vaseline or a simple, nourishing cream. Rub the mixture into the tags; you should do it for a couple of weeks. After that, the tags will disappear.

skin tags

Now it is everything we can help you with. Try to use these methods of skin tags removing, but don’t forget about medical aid in case of more severe problems. Be healthy!

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