Home remedies: What is the best weak erection and premature ejaculation cure?

How to prevent weak erection and quick ejaculation at any age with the help of home remedies? What grasses are used for the treatment of premature ejaculation? Read the information below to learn the best ways to solve the problem.

weak erection and premature ejaculation

Almost each man at least once in life felt unpleasant consequences of very short sex caused by weak erection and premature ejaculation. Therefore weak erection exercise and weak erection treatment with remedies is a good way when it is inconvenient to see a doctor for this or that reason. Most often, a problem with uncontrollable weak erection and quick ejaculation arise at young men passes over time, after getting experience in the sexual relations. But for various reasons the premature ejaculation happens also at adult and skilled men. According to statistical data, an early ejaculation is the most common sexual violations at men.

Weak erection remedies

  • Self-regulation of the man, his spirit on the forthcoming sexual intercourse is one of the efficient methods of adjustment of time of sex.
  • For this purpose, it is necessary to masturbate during a certain time without ejaculation, but it is obligatory with an ejaculation at the end. Further, it is necessary to do masturbation by a female hand, also without ejaculation during the exact time. Then try sexual intercourse with the partner. All these techniques are directed to the gradual increase in time up to an ejaculation.
  • Also, the regularity of the sexual relations is important, they shouldn't be much, and the permanency is extremely necessary here. Also, the correct daily routine and regular physical activities are important for the health of an organism.

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Weak erection remedies

Weak erection home remedies

  • Home remedies for treatment of premature ejaculation provided also various grass infusions for increase in duration of sexual intercourse:
  • Root tincture of Levisticum. The root of medicinal Levisticum is held on alcohol or is used in the broth. For broth, the tablespoon of a root is filled in with a glass of water, cooked 10 min and held half an hour more. Take a third of a glass before food. Also, you can use ginger. Add a half of a teaspoon of a root on the glass of water, and accept on tablespoon to food.
  • Mix flowers of a calendula and mint. The mind should be twice more. After that, fill in the tablespoon of mix with a glass of boiled water and stay for 6 hours. Take a hundred grams after food. Taking term is no longer than one and a half months.

Three below-stated recipes are crushed in the coffee grinder. At each recipe take 2 tablespoons of the mix, fill in with a liter of water and boil for ten minutes. Then preserve it all night long in a thermos. Take a half of glass before food. A rate of a taking of one option of the recipe is 3-4 months. Then you should drink the following recipe until you try all three of them.

  • Mix dogrose with bittercress and roots of a Levisticum.
  • Mix a motherwort, yarrow, and a peppermint.
  • Mix dogrose and leaves of flowers of a medicinal calendula and a motherwort.

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