Home remedy for sore throat – 7 top for Nigerians

Sore throat is a problem you can treat at home. There are many DIY remedies for it. Learn 7 top most effective and affordable ones of them.

Aching esophagus can be caused by a great number of reasons. So, there is no one treatment that fits them all. Looking for the home remedy for sore throat you should first understand what causes it and then find adequate natural treatment option.
Home remedy for sore throat

Let us first discover different possible sore throat causes and then get at least seven best remedies for them.

Causes of sore throat

  • Bacterial infection
  • Viral infection
  • Allergies
  • Outdoor air pollution
  • Dry air

These are the top 5 causes that can lead to aching throat. Some of them you can eliminate, such as dry air. Of course, in Nigeria with hot climate air becomes naturally dry and can cause this health problem. You can purchase a humidifier (home appliance) to mend the air quality in your office or home.

 sore throat – 7 top for NigeriansHowever, if such a purchase is not a possibility, you may use things at hand to cope with the dry air problem. For instance, you may get an open aquarium, which makes air more humid. Or you may use a hand sprinkler and walk about the room time to time using it.

You may also get a damp towel and hang it in the chamber to boost the level of moistness.This is a mechanical solution for the problem. Let us take a glance at certain remedies you can use to treat the sore throat naturally.

Natural remedy for sore throat – 7 top for Nigeria

  1. Salty wate
    Home remedy for sore throat for NigerianAt the first glance it may sound like the old wives’ tales, very unprofessional. Still scientists have carried out several researches on the matter of gargling an aching throat with saline solution. They have discovered several interesting and even amazing facts.

    First of all, if you gargle the throat with this liquid thrice a day during the high cold or influenza season, you can reduce the odds of catching a cold by 40 percent. Secondly, once you get a cold and aching esophagus, you can lessen your symptoms and avert the infection from going down into bronchus and lungs. How does salty water work and why is it such a good home remedy for aching throat?

    It washes away all the things that congest the throat once it gets sore regardless of the cause of the soreness. It could be the allergies, dry air or bacteria – salty water rinses out allergens, moisturizes the throat and washes away bacteria, fungi, etc.So, we can boldly say that this is our number 1 cure for sore throat. Here is how you use it. Add one tea spoon of salt (you may use any kind, but sea salt is preferable, it has iodine in it) to warm water and rinse the esophagus for few seconds with it. Do it three times a day once you got the sore throat or you are exposed to dry and polluted air.
  2. Home remedy for sore throat 1Echinacea
    This plant comes from America, where of old its native population used it in medical purposes. It is supposed American Indians resorted to Echinacea to treat over 400 different diseases. Presently scientists have carried out multiple researches to discover its curing potencies. 

    Those studies proved that the plant holds the power to enhance the immune system of the human organism, activate it and make it more efficient in combating viruses and bacteria. Of course, you know that viral infection cannot be treated with drugs. Your body has good enough protection on its own, but it takes time to activate it and get fully armed. That is why common cold evoked by viruses lasts for about 7 days. Echinacea can haste up that process and help you get well in a shorter span of time. You can buy readymade cures with this plant in the pharmacy.

    Or, you may make a decoction or extract out of it. In the first case you boil 300 ml of water and add 1 table spoon of this dried plant in. Keep on boiling it on slow fire for 20 more minutes. Take off the oven and let it chill. If some of the water boiled out, add to make it 300 ml. Second method is making an extract. In this case in the place of water you should use spirit or strong alcohol. Chop the plant and place it in the glass bottle. Add 70% alcohol to cover up the plant just a little. Set it on a shelf for two weeks. Your extract is ready. Now you can take it by 15 drops thrice a day before the meals. So, as you can see, instead of just dealing with the symptoms, Echinacea can help you cure the influenza.
  3.  Zinc
     remedy sore throat for NigeriansThis metal is known for its anti-cold properties. Over a dozen of studies have been carried out to fathom out its effects for cold and sore esophagus. They have shown that zinc, if taken during the first day of cold can reduce the duration of sickness by few days. It can also be applied as nasal drops to cure sore throat and nose congestion.

    Plus, taking zinc food health supplement regularly can help children lessen the number of colds and sore throat they get during the year. However, this remedy has certain side effects to deal with. One of them is nausea. It smells and tastes badly, so not all people can handle taking it in. Do not rush to buy zinc nasal remedies. They may lead to complete or partial sense of smell loss.
  4.  Home remedy for NigeriansLicorice root
    Here is another aching throat treatment. It’s natural and organic. This root is one of the sweetest plants on earth. You might have eaten licorice candies, but few people know it is good for curing cough and sore esophagus. The best way to apply it is to make a decoction and rinse the throat. Grab one table spoon of licorice chopped roots and boil it for 10 mins. Let it cool off and sift.

    Now you can add 12 table spoons of the decoction to a cup of warm water and gargle your throat three times a day.
  5.  Honey and lemon
    Home remedy for sore throat 2This remedy is applicable only for people with no honey allergies. The easiest way to use honey for aching throat is to get a tea spoon of it, put it into your mouth and slowly suck on it.

    You may also make a gargle. Add a tea spoon of honey and few drops of lemon juice to a cup of warm water and gargle the throat. You may just add some honey and lemon to your tea.

    Only make sure not to add honey to hot and boiling water. When honey is heated it produces poison. So, let the tea cool off a bit and only then add the honey. Besides, it is not a good idea to take boiling hot tea when you have a aching throat.
  6.   remedy for sore throat – 7 top for NigeriansChamomile
    This plant is widely known for its anti-inflammatory assets.  You can easily make your own throat gargle by adding one table spoon of chamomile to a cup of hot liquid.

    Let it sit until it cools off. Then add few spoons of your decoction to a cup of warm water and gargle. Or, just make yourself a cup of chamomile tea.
  7.  Turmeric
    r sore throat – 7 top for NigeriansScientists were able to discover over six hundreds of health advantages of turmeric. One of them its ability to heal the sore throat. How do you make such a tea?

    You can use 1 table spoon of turmeric powder for 4 cups of tea. Boil the water, add the powder and leave it on slow fire for 10 mins. Now you may add sugar and lemon and enjoy the tea.

     You may also use it to just gargle your throat, if you do not like the taste of it. However, this way you miss out to benefit from all the vitamins of the sip.

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As you see, these seven home remedies for sore throat are affordable. You do not need to spend a fortune for expensive medicine to ease your pain or to help your body fight the cold. Just make sure to stock up some of these plants or ingredients in your kitchen to make them available. Use some of them on regular basis to prevent getting cold in you and your family. Stay healthy!


very useful tips written in the article, some of them I used to get rid of a sore throat. Really diluted the salt in the water is very well relieves pain if you rinse the tool throat. It is also effective and known to many honey with lemon. Now many drugs are made based on them. but why buy drugs when you can use natural products which will be much more useful. Echinacea boosts immunity and reduces inflammation, reduces lymph node and sore throat. it also helps raspberry tea must be drunk hot and sweat.

Answered 2 years ago.

It is also helpful to drink a lot of liquids - especially herbal teas with salvia, chamomile and calendula. Drink them warm, but in no case hot, because your may cause aggravation and the throat may disturb you even harder. Honey with milk help us to but not in all cases - sometimes it may even cause some complications, so be careful with it. If you want to try this method, than use few drops of aloe - it would be more effectively. And do not forget to aerate your room often - it would help you to get rid of viruses and bacterias.

Answered 2 years ago.

Nobody likes, when have sore throat, but sometimes the disease comes suddenly! For me, best ways get rid of sore throat - warm drink with lemon and honey. Lemon lot of vitamin C and honey has contrastive and disinfecting deystvie.Also very good gargle with water and sea salt and herbal infusions. But it's best not treat and prevent disease, so it do increase immunity. We need enough sleep, no stress, lot of walks and eat right - you don't sick. You can take honey and echinacea, one will boost immune system. Be healthy!

Answered 2 years ago.

Nowadays wes hould realy look after ourselvesand your loved-ones. Because there are so manyy different bacterial infections, allergies and flues. So if we do not want to be inapretty bad condition it is essential to goto see a medical doctor. We are responsible for our health and our own treatment. It is oblugatory to deal with the condition that we have. Take some flue cirop or any other pill, or get ourselves to dialices if we have some kidney problem. Never let yourself go, remeber thatyou should really pay attention to your changes and your health in order to live longer

Answered 2 years ago.

Of course you should see a doctor for treatment. Only a doctor will establish the cause of disease why you have a sore throat. He can tell you that you haven’t serious illness and otherwise. But the situation may be different and you can’t go to the doctor right now.

Excellent remedy for pain in the throat is a glass of warm milk, a tablespoon of honey and you must add a half of tablespoon of butter. Mix everything and drink slowly. The milk should be warm, not hot, temperature is important as not to hurt a sore throat. This good medicine soothes the throat and removes pain.

Answered 2 years ago.
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