Homemade remedies: How remove upper lip hair?

Do you want to get rid of upper lip hair? What are the best traditional remedies? How to make hair removal cream at home? You’ll find out all the receipts you wanted to know in this article!

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The hair on the upper lip of the girls and women is an unpleasant and delicate issue. It occurs due to the increased testosterone (male hormone) in the body. And this is not always a disease that requires treatment. There are many ways to get rid of the mustache on the upper lip. The more informed people are, the easier it is to choose the right lip hair removal.

Professional removal of lip hair

Homemade remedies

First, you need to visit a specialist. He will reveal the cause of the hair growth and select individual means to fight against this phenomenon. There are a few modern methods of getting rid of the mustache by:

  • electroepilation,
  • laser hair removal,
  • photoepilation.

During electroepilation the hair follicles are treated with a slow current. As a result, the hairs are destroyed, which prevents resumption of their growth. This method takes a lot of time (current acts on one hair during about two minutes), and it is painful. This filigree work requires a high level of cosmetologist’s skills. But the method is considered the most reliable in solving the problem, how to get rid of the mustache on the upper lip forever.

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A more efficient way (but less reliable) is laser upper lip hair removal. It is exposing the roots of the hair by a laser beam. This contributes to their effective destruction. First, the laser acts on the rod, then on the hair follicles. In comparison with electroepilation laser is not as painful, but it is more expensive.

The newest method of removing unwanted facial hair is epilation. With the help of the flash lamp light flows affect the hair follicles, destroying them. Laser hair removal is easy to cope with blond hairs, but gray and red mustache electricity clean better. This procedure has contraindications that require prior consultation with the doctor.

How to cope with the problem

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If the mustache is little noticeable. It is always useful to know how to get rid of the mustache on the upper lip at the home. At first, you can use simple, not radical means. They slow down the growth of the mustache and reduce them to a minimum. This is especially good for girls who have not very visible mustache. To eliminate the complications of the skin, it should be clean, dry and free of grease.

You can get rid of the subtle mustache using conventional tweezers for eyebrows. We just need to periodically pull the grown hairs out. This place must be treated with sedative. The procedure should be regular. To get rid of mustache a girl can use a special cream for depilation, upper lip hair removal cream (gel or lotion). Chemical depilatories often contain enzymes, which dissolve hair shafts, but they may cause dermatitis or allergic reactions. To avoid irritation of sensitive skin, you need to check if the cream is suitable for you, applying it to the skin of the wrist.

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In the absence of irritation it can be safely applied to the area with unwanted hair. If you have any irritation you should look for other home remedies.

For owners of thin hair there is a way to get rid of the mustache on the upper lip using hydrogen peroxide (3%). It bleaches the hair. In the morning, after washing your face, it is necessary to wipe the area with a mustache. Keep in mind that this means dry skin, bleaching it hairs.

More radical means

radical face hair removal

Good results in the fight with the mustache you can get due to shugaring or sugar waxing. It requires the preparation of a paste with components:

  • sugar (10 tbsp.),
  • water (1 tbsp.),
  • juice of half a lemon.

All ingredients should be mixed in an enamel pot. Put it on a quiet fire and heat until there is brown smooth. Slightly chilled, warm mixture apply to the upper lip. Cover with cloth strap. When the paste thickens, you need to disrupt the strip with the sharp movement on the hair growth.

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If, after the procedure, there appears any irritation, it is possible to be removes with a soothing cream. Shaving is not always recommended because it provokes the active hair growth. But it helps only for some time to quickly and easily removal of the mustache on the upper lip. The disadvantage of this method is the possible cut and skin irritation. Therefore it requires high quality machines and the appropriate cosmetics.

waxing on face

The procedure of hair removal using wax (waxing) is also possible at home. It is quite painful, but of all the means it is the most effective. At the pharmacy or any other store you should choose the right price and quality kit with all the necessary ingredients and follow the enclosed instructions. Regular treatments always give excellent results. The area above the upper lip is will have no hair up to three weeks. Applying the described methods of depilation, you should understand that using them removes the visible part of the mustache. Depilating impact does not affect the hair root. It is located in the deep layers of the skin. The effect is temporary from 1 to 3 weeks.

Traditional recipes

Accessing methods, proven over centuries, can give information on how to get rid of the mustache on the upper lip using traditional remedies.

traditional remedies

  1. Widespread use of the seeds of Datura. Grind seeds need to be poured with vodka and stirred up until a thick cream. This mixture infuses for three weeks. After smearing the problem areas there is hair loss, which is very good, so do not show up for a long time. You just should remember about the toxicity of this plant and do not abuse it.
  2. From Datura you can also make a decoction. The plant (150 g) should be mixed with water (1 L) and refluxed for 15 minutes. The resulting broth is cooled, filtered and stored in a refrigerator. Problem areas treated with it once a day.
  3. A good result gives the use of walnut shell. Crushed shells (2 tbsp. ) should be boiled with two cups of water on low heat for 20 minutes. With this decoction you should wipe the area above the upper lip every day. This tool can be used as a compress.
  4. Next national method, which can make bleaching of the upper lip hair, which is slightly different from the above-described method with a hydrogen peroxide. This is a mixture of a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (6% solution) and five drops of ammonia. This composition must be wiped on the area of ​​hair growth. Then the water diluted with lemon juice, rinse it on the dry, problem area, and after drying of the skin, put on some baby cream. These procedures should be performed every day, three times, until mustache is destroyed on your upper lip.

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Before you use the described methods of dealing with a mustache on your upper lip, make sure there are no problems with the thyroid gland. Also, it would be good to visit endocrinologist. Each person has individual hormones. Its changes even in the normal range can cause unwanted hair growth. If you find any hormonal failure, the appointed course of treatment can help to get rid of this trouble.

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