Honey and garlic: what are the health benefits?

Why eat honey and garlic? Learn the 7 miracle healing properties of these superfoods.

Honey and garlic

Honey and garlic are the simple foods most of us have in our homes. They are not that expensive, but their health benefits are amazing!

What are the main health benefits of garlic and honey?

These are good for your body and all of its organs. So, learn to use these foods wisely.

  1. Skin
    Honey is an excellent skin care product. You can use it as a mask for your face to keep it young and to get rid of acne. Honey nourishes the skin and possesses strong anti bacterial effect. It kills germs and heals or prevents acne. You can do 2-3 honey masks a week and add few drops of vegetable oil or cream if you have a dry skin.
  2. Stomach
    Both honey and garlic are good for your digestive system. For instance, garlic can kill parasites. To do that swallow 2 cloves. Do not chew or cut them. Just swallow as a whole and when slowly digesting inside garlic kills worms. Honey can heal up the wounds on your stomach or ulcers. Some people drink honey water every morning to start the stomach.
  3. Boost your immune system
    Both of them do that. Garlic and the oils contained in it kills the germs in the air. That’s why people used to hang it around the house. Honey stimulates the immune system and promotes further and faster healing.

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  4. Coughs and colds
    You can eat foods with raw garlic to speed up the recovery and you can consume honey with tea to stop the cough. They both have antioxidants to fight free radicals and help you heal.
  5. Fungal infections
    You can treat fungi on the skin with garlic. Crush the cloves and smear it over the damaged skin. Leave on for several minutes. You can also apply honey in the same manner.
  6. Nail infection
    If you have inflammation under your nails or around them on the fingers or toes, mix some honey with flour and put it on the finger. Use a band aid to make it stay there and leave for the night. It does wonders and in the morning you won’t have the pain or fuss there. You can also avoid nail peeling using the money mix.
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  7. Heart health
    If you wish to have healthy blood vessels, eat garlic. It cleans the vessels and removes the fat or bad cholesterol that clogs it. Daily eat a clove for your healthy heart.

These 7 healing properties of honey and garlic are amazing and they keep you living a long and happy life.


Prior to this, garlic was something that belonged to the kitchen - in my head at least, but after reading articles that talk about garlic's benefits, I now know better! Many say that garlic can also prevent cancer, but how true is this? as per the article of New Hope Unlimited, an alternative cancer treatment center in Arizona, possibly, garlic may help prevent cancer because of its antibacterial properties and its ability to block substances that cause cancer, help with DNA repair, and cut down cell proliferation. But still, there's no strong evidence pointing to it as a means to prevent cancer even if it has potential anti-cancer properties.


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