How can one get pregnant after anal sex?

Can a woman conceive a child after anal sex? Find out now.

It is impossible to conceive a baby having anal sex, right? At least that is what we have learned from anatomy lessons in our schools. However, one doctor says it is possible!

 get pregnant after anal sex?

Can anal sex get you pregnant?

This form of sex is deemed to be rather untraditional, but safe in regards to pregnancy. Still one doctor had a real incident with a woman who got her unwanted pregnancy through this type of sexual intercourse.

How can this be possible? Well, such cases happen in one among 50 000 women. So, there is really not much to worry about. Still anal sex can end up in a pregnancy. It may be caused by a medical condition called cloacal malformation. Some babies inside the mother’s womb get improper development of their inner organs. Some girls are born with no cervix or vagina, while others get born with one channel for their rectum and vagina.

 pregnant after anal sex?

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That particular lady got a surgery done to her, but it did not cure her completely. Smallest holes left in her rectal channel let the sperm through and she got pregnant having anal sex. It is a pretty unusual story, but such things happen and there are not many things to do to avoid undesirable conceptions. Using proper birth control methods could help you to stay safe.

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