how can one produce mosquito magnet

How to produce a very effective prevention from mosquito bites that can cause malaria

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Standard for the summer story: mosquitoes drive you mad! Ointments and sprays help weakly, fire smoke helps for a very short time.

Mosquito killer or Mosquito Magnet are real steep satan machines! They are very effective, but their price is sometimes not the one which most people can afford, and people are not ready to pay thousands of dollars for this.

All kinds of electric traps have different principles of action are not so expensive, but their effectiveness, judging by the reviews, is questionable. Maybe some tools work good, but you need to test them.

The third category of mosquito remedies is ultrasonic generators, made in the form of remote controls and pocket mechanisms. Allegedly, the ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency and intensity repel mosquitoes. They are also controversial in effectiveness despite the fact that there are many positive reviews on the Internet.

But there is one simple, effective and original recipe, which came from China. It requires only a plastic bottle, a few grammes of yeast and half cups of sugar. The unit of the machine to kill mosquitoes is simple why not try it?

How it works:

Mosquitos usually seek their victims by thermal radiation, movement, and the smell of lactic acid contained in sweat. Also, the female mosquito reacts to light, or rather its absence, preferring at least poorly lit places. But it turns out that one of the strongest factors that attract bloodsuckers is their ability to sense carbon dioxide exhaled by warm-blooded animals and humans. This principle lies at the heart of the trap. Carbon dioxide in it acts as a bait. Thus, described the trap is nothing but a simple gasifier valve.

To make it you should:

1. Take a plastic bottle, cut it across so that the neck of the bottle was approximately one-third of its total length.

2. Turn plastic efflux cup down and firmly insert it into the lower part of the cut bottle. Container for mosquitoes is ready.

3. To lure mosquitoes into a bait you should put in half a glass of warm water (not more than 30 C, otherwise the yeast bacteria will die!) Take half cup of sugar and add it to a solution of 5 grammes of yeast. Thoroughly mix all and pour the resulting solution into the bottle.

4. Wrapping a bottle of dark opaque paper or metal foil for mosquitoes not be scared by the lights and that is all- the trap is ready!

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