How cancer kills?

You are worried about your health and read a lot of information about cancer, and now want to get to know the mechanism of the action of disease? Read the article and find out information about how cancer kills.

 cancer kills

Cancer is a dangerous disease, created by human and provoked by the excesses of modern life, according to the British scientists. The researchers conducted a study of mummies, analysis of the remains of ancient animals, and studied classical literature. And it turned out that cancer has occurred rarely until now when pollution and malnutrition became widespread problems. The virtual absence of malignancies in mummies can be interpreted as evidence of the fact that they were very seldom in ancient times, comparing to how the risk of the illness increased due to modern industrialization. Thus, although the tissue samples of hundreds of Egyptian mummies succumbed rehydration, scientists found signs of cancer only in one case.

This is extremely significant if to believe the fact that tumors should survive better than healthy tissue after the mummification. Also, after the study of thousands of bones of Neanderthals, there was found a single case of CA. And malums, mentioned in ancient Egyptian texts about the health problems, that resemble the big C, in reality, probably, were leprosy or varices. The ancient Greeks, apparently, were the first to determine the presence of the ailment and distinguish between benign and malignant tumors. Only XVII century provided us with the first description of the operations for removal of breast cancer and other kinds of this horrible health problem, but reports on typical, well-defined tumors appeared only in the last 200 years. According to the scientists, there is nothing in the nature around us that could lead to this malum. CA is one of the most feared problems of our time, and the number of people suffering from it is growing steadily. There are many questions about cancer among the ordinary people, and most of them are connected with the mechanism of its action and ways to prevent the big C.

How cancer kills?

On the early stages, cancer does not kill, it becomes fatal in the final. More than 90 percent of patients survive under certain varieties of cancer.

How cancer kills?

Some types of cancer are killing by the destruction of vital organs. For example, if it affects the lungs, then there are problems with breathing. Cancer can block the digestive system, and then body couldn't absorb nutrients. If the disease affects bones or liver, it breaks down the chemical balance of the body.

Perhaps any oncologist will not respond clearly to the question "From where does cancer get?". If the answer was found, then the cure would be found. And so we just have to use only experiences, discoveries and new theories.

How many types of cancer exist?

In total, there are 200 known species of cancer, some of them are less common, others more frequent. And not always pain is the first symptom of the disease. Cancer cells themselves do not cause pain, but when, because of the swelling they appear, it can put pressure on human bodies, or block the airways. In this case, there is the pain. If the disease has evolved and spread to the bones, pain can be a symptom.

How cancer kills

Let`s see the main kinds of new growths in details:

Benign tumors - lipoma, fibroma, neuroma, fibroids, etc. have a structure, very little different from the original tissue, they are surrounded by a capsule, and in the process of growth do not germinate, but push the surrounding tissue.

Malignant tumors differ in structure from the tissue from which they grow. The less differentiated cells, the tumor is meaner. During the growth of malignant tumors grow nearby tissues and organs and then turn into metastasizes.

Metastasis is the subsidiary of a malignant tumor of the cells detached from the primary neoplasm, the bloodstream (hematogenous) or lymph (lymphogenous) listed in other parts of the body.


So, what is the reason for CA?

Actually, it is well known that all diseases are caused by nerves. Studies have shown that, as a rule, the big C develops in the period of a year and a half after the person has experienced some traumatic, tragic event. Heavy feelings are the trigger for all these processes. Of course, not all people who have experienced a strong impact stress, necessarily develop CA. Much depends on the person's ability to manage their emotions and attitude to current events.

In recent years, recognition came to the parasitic theory of the malum origin. Parasitic theory, since 1996, is confirmed by the World Health Organization, and since 2005 it is confirmed by the discoveries of Nobel laureates Barry Marshall and Warren, who found the cancer pathogen bacterium Helicobacter pylori.

Whatever the nature of cancer is, tumor formation generally takes the same scenario the transformation of normal cells tissue into the tumor, atypical. By the way, abnormal cells appear in the body permanently and they are immediately crushed by the immune system. But in the case of weak immunity (for example, on a background of chronic or prolonged illness) mutant cells can initiate cancer. That is why it is so important not to be engaged in independent actions, and visit the doctor in time and pass the necessary examinations.

How cancer kills?

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Everyone is in a zone of risk.

Unfortunately, there is a surprising number of factors causing cancer (by the way, yet Hippocrates called this disease a crab because of the shape of malignant neoplasm):

-carcinogen, carcinogenic factor exposure to harmful substances (a lot of them is in smoked, canned food) in the body, leading to the development of cancer (benzene, aromatic amines and amides, aflatoxin);

-chemical factor: asbestos, etc;

-physics: radiation exposure;

-infectious: Rous sarcoma virus (some viruses entering the body, are embedded in the DNA of healthy cells and thereby cause serious changes in certain organs and tissues. And then cells with altered DNA cannot be felt, and for a long time they are in a state of hibernation, and only under the influence of the complex of risk factors such as exposure to radiation or ultraviolet radiation, hormonal changes in the body and the other, it can be activated and develop into cancer);

cancer kills

-bacteriology: bacterium helicobacter pylori;


-a combination of several factors.

How to protect yourself from the greatest ever illness?

First, try to correctly understand and accept yourself, your emotions to try to digest the negative and exhale positive. Second, try to be capricious in all directions choose healthy and rich in vitamin foods, surround yourself with beauty, take a break from the routine or intensive race on the career ladder, and in time ask for a help doctors, family and friends. In other words, love yourself!

And do not forget to visit the doctor if:

1. If you are very often disturbed by stomach pain, go for unscheduled inspection, perhaps this cancer! In the case of CA of the liver and pancreas, there first appears abdominal cramping and violation of the defecation. Colon cancer and leukemia may be accompanied by abdominal pain.

2. Belching, heaviness in the stomach even after small pieces of food. If you are familiar with this feeling of "pain", go to the doctor! These symptoms can occur with gastric cancer.

3. You dramatically lost weight, but did not limit yourself to food and do not engage in sports? Losing weight can be an early sign of colon cancer and several other cancers.

cancer curable

4. During pancreatic cancer can occur - jaundice whites of the eyes become yellow, urine with the color of "dark" beer. Often they are combined with itchy skin, as "harmful" substances, which are easily detected by conventional biochemical analysis of blood, begin to accumulate in the blood.

5. The emergence of a cough or shortness of breath at the slightest exertion can also be a symptom of cancer.

6. Some types of cancer, such as leukemia and CA of the lungs, are causing symptoms that resemble bronchitis. But if you a cough and shortness of breath chase you for a long time, without any apparent reason you should suspect that something went wrong. Also, lung cancer can manifest itself as angina with classic pain in the heart.

7. Frequent infections, bleeding, weakness and fatigue typical signs of leukemia. In leukemia, this process is disrupted, healthy blood cells are replaced by tumor.

8. If you notice that it became difficult for you to swallow food or water - consult a doctor. This symptom is typical for tumors of the pharynx and esophagus.

Weakness, drowsiness and lethargy accompany most types of cancer. You sleep enough, but you still do not have anything forces? If it lasts one week, pass inspection!

Do not be shy and do not postpone visits the doctor. Despite the widespread opinion, cancer is not killing in many cases, you should just pay attention to symptoms in time.


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