How does 3D eyebrows tattoo look like?

What is permanent makeup?  The permanent makeup appeared on the basis of the ancient art of tattooing, which was widespread in the Eastern culture.

What is common in the tattoo and the permanent make up that in both cases the skin is punctured with the needle.

Many beauty salons do the permanent make up of eyebrows, lips and contour of your lash with the aim of correction of the shape of these parts, giving them expressiveness and effect of true makeup.

The permanent makeup is convenient for everyone because then you needn’t to waste time to touch up your makeup.

The coloring pigment is chosen in accordance with your skin tone, hair color, eyes. Professionally made permanent makeup looks natural and neat.

Features of the art of eyebrows tattoo:

If you have your naturally perfect eyebrows – you are extremely lucky

But every woman sometimes has problems with her eyebrows. So, the cosmetologists propose to solve the problem of non-ideal eyebrows with the permanent makeup. The tattoo will change not only the shape and length of the eyebrows, but also will change your face in general. In addition, the region of the eyebrows, the least sensitive part of the face, so the procedure passes with a minimum of pain. The local anesthesia is used rarely. The cosmetologists do the permanent makeup of eyebrows using several methods.


The permanent 3D eyebrows makeup is a relatively new technique, which allows you to get a natural result. This is the method which allows you to restore the appearance of eyebrows in case of the absence of hair in the brow or of the presence of a significant bald spots in your eyebrows.

Using this method it is possible to raise the level of the eyebrows, and the tattoo won’t look like a trivial tattoo on a bald skin.


The effect of natural eyebrow we get thanks to a special alternation of stripes of different colors. It is based on the dark hairs that are selected to the color of the hair or darker. And between the dark stripes of "hairs" the specialists put "shadow" color which is darker.

To create the effect of natural eyebrows they usually use 2-3 colors of different shades. In the end, 3D eyebrows look really voluminous.


When the procedure is performed by a good master, everything seems easy. However, it should be understood that behind this simplicity, there are stages of learning and obtaining the necessary experience, and also the understanding of style and harmony.


It should be remembered that this is the same procedure as regular tattooing. The only difference is the skill and professionalism of the master. But the rules of care and of the consequences of improper care for both techniques are the same.

The main stages of care for permanent eyebrows makeup:

  1. it is forbidden to rub your eyebrows, scratch, tear the crusts;
  2. use any healing creams, because crusts can descend ahead of time and then pull the skin;
  3. if the swelling doesn’t go for a long time, take an antihistamine;
  4. protect your region of the eyebrows against ultraviolet radiation.

If you remove the crust ahead of time, then there is a risk to get the light spots, deprived of pigment. The sunlight, the radiation of the tanning lamp will contribute to the rapid fading of tattoo pigment.

The healing period of 3D tattoo, as in the case with standard techniques, is from 4 to 6 weeks, it all depends on the quality of care and individual characteristics of the organism.

To keep your new elegant 3D brows as long as it possible, follow basic precautions:

- do not use the peels, scrubs and other exfoliating products in the area of the tattoo;

- before going to the swimming pool lubricate the tattoo with a fat cream or vaseline;

- before going to the street it is necessarily to use protective equipment.

The advantages of permanent eyebrows makeup:

  1. no daily makeup, eyeliner pencils;
  2. the permanent make up provides a natural effect of natural eyebrows;
  3. the permanent make up is very resistant.

Despite the advantages of permanent makeup, it has some disadvantages.

  1. a temporary effect. Depending on the chosen technique of tattooing, the effect lasts from 6 months to 3-4 years.
  2. Soreness. The skin in the eyebrows isn’t very sensitive, but beauticians still use anesthesia, they try to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
  3.  Care area of the eyebrows. After the procedure the skin around your eyebrows is red and inflamed, so the master must appoint a special cream or ointment.
  4. On the skin surface appears a thin crust of dead cells of the epidermis, which comes off in a few days. Don’t tear the crust!
  5. Tattooing eyebrows is not recommended for people with diabetes, asthma, those who are allergic to permanent dyes. It is important to consul your doctor.

Be sure to consult the master about contraindications and possible consequences of this procedure.

If you are dissatisfied with your tattoo, so to remove the tattoo allows a laser.

Do or not to do the 3D eyebrows tattoo is your own choice. And there is a quote of cosmetologists: "To correct permanent makeup is much more difficult than to change our own thoughts”.


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