How does cooking oil type affect our heart health?

Why cooking products with oil can negatively affect our health? Is cooking with grape seed oil healthier than with any other oil? Read the article to learn more interesting facts about really healthy food.

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Even to the person who is most caring for the health, it is difficult to deny that fried food is tasty. Aroma, which it extends and flavoring feeling, which are received by the person with each piece are irresistible. But fried products are a source of problems with health. Whether it is possible to avoid them or to reduce? Let's try to understand. The main problem of fried food is chemical changes in fat, which proceed as a result of an impact of high temperatures. At the same time, in the beginning, there is its melting, then absorption by a product, hydrolysis, oxidation of lipids, the subsequent formation of peroxides, and flying low-molecular products.

Changes in fat depend on, at least, four factors:

  • frying durations,
  • fat temperatures,
  • fat type,
  • what is fried.

cooking with grapeseed

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All these changes negatively affect the product, which consumption can cause heart diseases. The researchers executed in the medical center showed that regular consumption of the products cooked in hot fat such as fried fish, donuts, French fries, roast chicken, increases the risk of development of heart diseases. It can be connected with the formation of carcinogens in products, which appear in case of too high temperatures. Besides, roast also contains a large number of products of oxidation, which also increase the risk of development of heart diseases. For example, in the chicken breast fried in hot fan a third of an hour, there are 10 times more of these chemical compounds in comparison with cooking within one hour.

Fried products increase the risk of heart-vascular diseases. The researchers conducted by scientists at the Massachusetts University in 2011 showed that the use of fried products increases the risk of heart failure for 48%, unlike stewed or baked. They also found out that fried products contain a large number of furan. While they improve taste and a smell of products, there are researchers of the fact that they are unhealthy, and even are carcinogens. As a rule, more high temperatures lead to the formation of the bigger quantity of furan. On the other hand, the more time passed after frying, the less of them remains. Therefore, it is better to cook food at lower temperatures, to reduce cooking oil time and to wait for at least 10 minutes before giving it on a table.

Besides, in fried food, there is an increased level of trans-fats, which increases the risk of development of atherosclerosis, the formation of plaques, inflammatory processes in an organism, resistance to insulin, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and even cancer. Trans-fats also increase the level of bad cholesterol in the case of a simultaneous decrease in good. Besides, the use of the food containing trans-fats by expectant mothers can lead to a delay of development of the child.

cooking w coconut oil.

Of course, it is much more useful to bake, stew, steam or boils food. So its caloric content decreases and much less harmful particles are formed when heating. Unfortunately, it is impossible to refuse fried products completely and not everyone is ready for such feat, but several ways to make such dish healthier are known:

  • Throw carrots into a pan with oil: when frying it will assume the formed toxic substances.
  • After cooking, if there is an opportunity, it is better to spread out fried food on a paper towel that surplus of oil was absorbed.
  • Use qualitative frying pans with a non-stick and ceramic coating, thanks to it is possible to reduce the considerable amount of the fat used when frying.
  • Choose the qualitative oil for the preparation of roast. The best way is cooking with grapeseed oil or cooking w coconut oil.
  • Add alcohol when frying. For example, if in dough, in proportions of 30 grams on 1 kg of flour. Add hard alcoholic beverages (vodka, cognac, brandy or rum), then it will absorb less fat. Alcohol when frying turns into the gas and disappears from the dough, taking away the surplus of oil at the same time.
  • Be limited to one fried dish at one meal. For example, if you roasted donuts, then another part of a lunch has to be steamed or any other healthy way (boiled or baked).
  • Add vegetables to fried food. For example, if you were going to make cutlets or fritter add vegetables to them.
  • For frying of pancakes, fritters, omelets, vegetables, use special culinary spray. With its help, it is possible to reduce the significantly amount of the used fat as it gives the chance to spray oil a thin layer.
  • Knead dough, which you plan to fry longer. At the same time, its chemical composition changes thanks to what the smaller amount of fat are absorbed.

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