How does toothpaste help acne?

Have you ever thought of getting rid of acne with the help of toothpaste? Its effect is to make your acne dry, cleansing, and then narrowing of pores.

Acne? get rid of it

The procedure is simple and can be carried out daily. However, not all kinds of toothpaste are suitable for the face skin. Using toothpaste for skin improvement will save you from purchasing numerous cosmetic products and at the same time will be an effective remedy against inflammation of the skin.

Every person is welcomed by his appearance, so first of all, when meeting you pay attention to his face. Of course, everyone wants to make it perfect and respectable. But how to achieve this, if nature has given you problem skin, or you have temporary aggravation of acne.

In general, to reduce the risk of new inflammations on the face or body, experts recommend you to follow simple rules of personal hygiene. However, these suggestions do not help solve the whole problem.

Use your toothpaste properly

Also, there is a huge list of various cosmetic procedures and trends. However, people suffering from acne on the face, mostly not very often turn to experts in salons. Sometimes this is due to lack of time, and sometimes lack of material possibilities. After all, the solution of such a problem is the repeated visiting of a doctor. Since even an expert, trying to find the source of the problem and eradicate it needs to know everything about your body and its processes.

So most people who suffer from unsightly rashes on the face or body, aren't trying to solve the problem with the help of experts in the salon or clinic, but instead do this at home with the help of available means. And sometimes their methods of getting rid of acne are quite unconventional. For example, many people know a remedy for acne, like an ordinary toothpaste.

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Judging by the reviews - it helps!

According to the reviews of those who tried to fight acne using toothpaste - it actually helps. The only recommendation is - do not choose to fight acne with any color gel or paste. You must use the classic white pasta, and preferably with the components of some herbs:

  • sage, eucalyptus, chamomile, oak bark extract.

So, let us consider the procedures to fight acne - it consists of two simple steps:

Toothpaste will solve your problem

Before going to bed, you should apply toothpaste directly to the inflamed areas of the skin, in the morning, it is necessary to remove it from the face with warm water.

The positive effect of this procedure is mainly due to:

  • cleansing of pores, skin porosity narrowing; some drying of the inflammation.

Thus, as people who experienced the effects of this miracle say - using toothpaste you can remove all the inflammation and get rid of acne overnight.

So in the morning, it is advised to wash your skin with warm water. Then, to achieve a rapid effect, you can wipe your face using ice. For this infusion is used chamomile or freezed nettle.


The main thing to remember is that the pasta - a dentifrice, so in order to prevent serious allergic reactions and other adverse effects, you need to pre-test this method on a small area of ​​the skin. Such treatment may not be suitable for everybody.

Before - after

Sometimes it causes allergic reactions and dryness of the skin.

It is believed that the toothpaste for acne is the most effective if you have oily or combination skin. When can I apply it?

Toothpaste helps deal with large pimples, acne with holes or without. Against the black dots you may find special masks made of tooth powder, however, it is not necessary to apply a thick layer of too concentrated toothpaste on the face. Thus, you may damage healthy skin.

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