How Effective Is Nicosan For The Treatment Of Sickle Cell ?

Here are a couple of interesting/promising articles about a new sickle cell drug developed in Nigeria called nicosan (aka niprisan) :-

Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo Launches Xechem's Sickle Cell Drug, NICOSAN(TM), in Nigeria


Demand for New Sickle Cell Drug NICOSAN(TM) Far Exceeds Supply


If these articles are anything to go by then this is a huge breakthough for Nigerian scientists and more importantly for sickle cell sufferers worldwide.

Is this for real or mere hype?

I am curios to know how effective this drug is?

Does anyone have any relevant information from personal experience or hear-say?. I would also be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who may have participated in the clinical trials leading to the NAFDAC approval.



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can you reproduce it or not?


Then i need to understand your question sir.


I'll need a lot money, a well stocked laboratory and bulk manufacturing plant.


Ade can you reproduce the drug?


Please and please, where can I get these drugs, nicosan, solamin. Please save a soul. Urgent response will be appreciated.



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- Sickle



- Clinical



a non-toxic,


pharmaceutical, product for the treatment of

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). NicosanTM is

obtained from the mixture of four Nigerian

plant materials e.g. Piper guineese (Seeds),

Pterocarpus Osun (Stems), Eugenia

caryophyllum (Fruits), Sorghum bicolor

(Leaves), in a standard ratio which produce

a hygroscopic, reddish-brown powder with

a pungent odour.

In July, 2002, Xechem acquired exclusive

worldwide license from the Ministry of

Health, Federal Government of Nigeria to

develop and market NICOSAN™ (HEMOXIN™

in the US).

NICOSAN™ (HEMOXIN™) was shown to be a

safe and efficacious medicine for the

management of patients with Sickle Cell

Disease. As published in the May 2003

issue of the British Journal of Hematology,

Dr.Toshio Asakura and colleagues from

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP),

USA and the University of Pennsylvania

demonstrated the anti-sickling effects of

NICOSAN™ (HEMOXIN™) in transgenic mice.

The quality and standardization of the

medicine has been tested and proved by

High Performance Liquid Chromatography

(HPLC) and bioassay.

NICOSAN™ Characteristics

A 100 % Nigerian indigenous Product.

Product available in Capsules, pleasant

tasting with no known side effects.

Dose determined and Clinical Trials


The pricing strategy will favor the poor and



1. It is used for prophylactic management

of sickle cell disease (SCD).

2. It has potent anti sickling effect on

sickled erythrocytes, obtained from patients

with SCD and on transgenic mice that

produced human sickle hemoglobin, thus

useful in preventing painful crisis

experienced by SCD patients.

3. It reduces hypoxic stress experienced by

SCD patients (due to trapping of sickle cell

in lungs), drastically.

4. It removes the incidence of blood

transfusion in SCD PATIENTS.

5. It prevents clinical sequel (i.e. painful


6. It prevents ocular damage



comes in two

different strengths:

250mg (Children Dose)

350mg (Adults Dose)

It is presented as 30 capsules, packaged in

60ml, HDPE bottles


Adult Dose:

One (1) capsule (350mg) daily at meal time

with water.

Child Dose:

One (1) capsule (250mg) daily at meal time

with water.



Mild non- itching muscular rash

Mild headache.


- Non Toxic

- Higher doses of 2000mg 5000mg/kg

LD50 (A lethal Dose at which 50% of the

population of experimental mice were

expected to die), there was no death


- No kidney or liver damage was observed

both in human volunteers and in

experimental animals during and after the

clinical trials, the drug is safe in humans at


recommended dose.


There is no known contra-indication in

both mice and human to all the active

ingredients. The potash used for extraction

and the binding agent (Lactose) are safe for

human consumption.

No health hazard was observed, when

administered in the proper dosage form.


It can be safely combined, with other

drugs, even the cytotoxic drugs like

Indinavir, Zidovudine, Lamivudine and

Vevirapine used in the management of HIV/


Paracetamol was found to increase the

invivo concentration of NicosanTM care

must be taken, when they are co



There is no known teratogenic effect

produced by NicosanTM, even some

pregnant women who opted (against

clinician's advice) to continue taking

NicosanTM had normal babies.


To be stored in a dry clean place storage

temperature is 25oc. Protect from moisture

and humidity.


NICOSANTM is an effective and safe drug of

choice for the management of sickle cell

disease (SCD).


Keep out of reach of the children don't

exceed the stated dose.


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How can i buy nicosan for my child.. pls help


Good to know NICOSAN is out there after months of problems. The drug was developed solely by NIPRD(National institute for pharmaceutical research and development). Since early last year or so, issues with bulk manufacturing, licensing and distribution av surfaced. I can assure you those issues will be put aside soon.


Who's heard of Solamin?


Nicosan is a Nigerian manufactured drug at Sheda, Gwagwalada in Abuja. It ought to be readily available for nigerians, but for some reasons, production is hampered. We hope that very soon production will start in earnest. For full effectiveness patient must take the required dosage regularly.


i read about it a while ago. its nice to know sicklers can live healthy productive with this kind of drug.

but is is readily available? i can't imagine what will happen if they don't take their dosage regularly.


If u are in Abuja, Nicosan is available in some pharmacies in Gwagwalada, Mararaba and in the town, but is quite expensive, ranges from N6,000 to N7,500 depending on whether it is for child or adult.



Is Nicosan presently available in any reputable pharmacy in nigeria

How much is a pack

Direct testimony from Nicosan user

Feedback highly appreciated


@blackhope, its not mere hype, nicosan is actually effective. I've once been with Xechem, the company producing nicosan, b4 d launching, during the period of NAFDAC approval. From real life testimonies pple have commended d effectiveness of d herbal drug, at least it reduces crisis 2 d barest minimum.

But my concern now is d availablity after d closedown of d factory, i do hope dat something will be done fast 2 make d drug available again, cos it is truly a life saver 4 scd patients.


Here are some answers to my earlier question :-


"My son has sickle cell. It is a terrible thing to experience or witness. Whenever he is in crisis, I feel so sorry for him and cry with him. The pains are very severe. In Nigeria, a drug was discovered which I have been using since I got to know about it. For me, it is very effective indeed! But one has to take it every day. It is very expensive considering the low standard of living in Nigeria. The government should assist sickle cell sufferers just as they assist HIV/AIDS patients. Godwin

Godwin Ondoma, Abuja, Nigeria"

If anyone cares to share their experiences that would be great for the benefit of all who suffer from this difficult disease.

Read the full transcript here


Black Hope

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