How high is child mortality rate in Kaduna state?

Why children under 5 years of age die often in NIgeria? What causes a high child mortality rate? It is a must read story.

Child mortality rate definition

Annually child mortality reaches 66 thousand in Kaduna state. The director of the Center of children and adults' health protection has reported about it. He has told it during the visit to agency of ambulance, which is situated in the capital of state. There the man spoke to Dr. Hadiza Balarabe.

How high is child mortality rate

Causes of child mortality

According to Mr. Remi Adeseun, special attention has to be paid to such diseases as diarrhea and pneumonia.

The man has reported that according to 2013's data, one of 1000 toddlers dies of these diseases. 185 babies die, without having lived up to a week after the birth. Incurable diseases became the reason for that. As of today, it can't be prevented. According to Adeseun’s words, three illnesses – pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea – became the reason of the majority of fatal cases among children. About 13 percent die of diarrhea and 16 – of pneumonia. All these children from Kaduna state don't live till 5 years.

 child mortality

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Child mortality rate in Nigeria

Staff of the health center has reported the following facts about an illness. According to them, northwest regions of the Kaduna state take the second place on mortality among children who is younger than five years. The average national value of incidence makes 9 percent, while it is equal to 16 in Kaduna.

child mortality rate in Kaduna

The Northeast region holds first place on child mortality. The number of dead kids has made about 1500 of 100 thousand. The smallest amount of infants’ death has been registered in Southwest zone. It is nearly 10 times less than in above-mentioned Northeast.

 child mortality rate

Ways to prevent diseases

In spite of the fact that the government does everything possible to prevent accidents, children continue to die. However, now mortality was cut by half. But it isn't the reason to stop worrying about health. People responsible for health care in the country have promised to do everything possible that the death rating in Nigeria was reduced by 30 percent. They have told that it is necessary to take care both of children and wellbeing of women who give birth.

 child mortality rate in Kaduna state?

Experts also believe that people pay too much attention to malaria. In their opinion, the set of death could be prevented if the part of the funds allocated for malaria treatment would be given for prevention of diarrhea and pneumonia.


It's a terrible statistics!

In 21 century children die of such illnesses as pneumonia or diarrhea, because do not have access to clear water and simple antibiotics. Local authorities should pay more attention to child mortality and try to attract international organisation and solve the simplest problems together.

Malaria needs more complicated treatment, but many state have effective strategies to fight this problem and Kaduna authorities may take theirs experience.

I'm disappointed of these digits...

Answered 1 year ago.

It's very scary when children die, because they are the continuation of life, because we give birth to them and to what they would have lived and continue to race, why such a high mortality rate. Pneumonia should be treated very quickly, because now is the time that she was so very quickly progresiruet. And any nedbalost leads to such terrible results. Just the very diarrhea, the body is dehydrated, and going all the way around, with such symptoms should immediately obrschatsya to the doctor because it can be fatal, it is not necessary to be engaged in self-medicate if this happens for a long time.

Answered 1 year ago.

All this is very sad . We can say that in this way the population disappears in Kaduna . So you must pay attention to this baleznya , because it will last forever. It should also be paid to the way of life for women , we all know that the standard of living there is very low , but we are talking about children , which should be protected from the moment of gestation . Of course the mark gives the habitat , especially malaria . I wish you good health kiddies and their mothers . It is a pity these people

Answered 1 year ago.
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