How HIV is transmitted?

How can you get infected by HIV and how this virus is transmitted? Learn now.

How HIV is transmitted

In Nigeria and in the whole Africa HIV causes many deaths and leads to low quality of life and trouble. How this deadly virus gets from one person to another is one of the key things you should know to prevent it and stay safe. Learn how HIV is transmitted.

How HIV is passed from one person to another?

The virus lives inside the body and it inhabits bodily fluids. Which ones? Well, it could be blood, sperm, vaginal discharge, rectal fluids, breast milk or pre-seminal fluid. As you see, this list is not short. However, if you just touch those things, you cannot get infected through the skin. The virus has to get from one person’s blood or other fluid to your blood or other fluid or an open wound.

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Which ones are the most common ways of getting HIV? – 5 top

Let’s list those things that really endanger your life and put you at high risks of getting the virus.

  1. Sex
    This one tops the list, because it’s a natural intercourse between people. Any type of unprotected sex can put your life in danger, including anal and oral sex.
    When two bodies interact like that they get the fluid exchange. And virus can easily migrate from one person to another. That’s how HIV is transmitted.
    HIV is transmitted
  2. Syringes or other medical equipment
    Transmitting can happen during any surgery, tooth removal, or even a shot given with syringes used on someone else. Blood transmission is another method.
  3. Beauty tools
    Doing manicures or pedicures can also be the source of infection. If those instruments are not sterilized well, you can get infected.
  4. Breastfeeding
    If the mother is infected, she can potentially infect her child through the breast milk or during the labor.
  5. Through food (pre-chewed by an infected person)
    If a person with HIV chews on such food, and then you eat it, you could get infected.

How to protect yourself from HIV?

Some people shun those with HIV, but that is not the best solution. There are things you can do to stay save and show love and care to such people.

  1. Safe sex
    Whenever you get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, insist on using condoms. Buy only high quality products to avoid their damage or breakage. If you know your spouse or regular sex partner is cheating on you, use condoms during sex. Remember, your safety is YOUR responsibility!
     HIV 2016
  2. Safe medical treatment
    Do not hesitate to ask doctors or nurses how well all the tools were sterilized. Insist on using one time syringes or other tools, whenever it is possible. Take your own disposable set to gynecologist.
  3. Pick wisely
    Pick your beauty shop wisely. Ask them to show you the equipment they use for sterilizing tools. If they do not have any, avoid getting manicures done there.
     HIV in Nigeria
  4. Be responsible
    Run the test on HIV during pregnancy. If you are HIV-positive, avoid breastfeeding your baby. Do not have unprotected sex with other people and do not chew food for your kids.

Raising the level of awareness helps people to stay safe and protected. Once you know the truth you can do something to stay well or help other people

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