How many bones are in the human body?

Did you know how many bones there are in the human body and what of them are the longest or the shortest? We have an interesting answer for you, so keep reading!

longest bones in the human body

If you are interested in learning more about the human body, then you should definitely start with the skeleton. Its construction and the way it functions is the foundation for the general well-being of a person. If you had a frame sample in one of those biology classes at school, then you might have wondered at times, what the exact number of bones in your body is and which of them are the most important ones.

Our research showed us that there are more than two hundred bones in human body. If you need a precise number, then remember that there are 206 of them in a body of a healthy adult person. The biggest of them have their own names and are mostly known; however, there are a lot of those that have no name and remain on the sidelines despite their great value as well. That is why we will pay attention to those bones as well.

Not all people know but there are five types of bones in human body. They are sesamoid, irregular, short, long, and flat bones. Let’s see what each class is responsible for in our body.

number of bones in the human body

Sesamoid bones are used to protect your tendons from too much pressure or stress. They are small and round, and the most well-known example of it is a kneecap. You can find them on your knees, feet, and hands.

bones in a human body

The next type is irregular one. This kind of bones is self-explanatory: bones of irregular type are different in shape and size and cannot be related to any other kind. The main function of these bones is to protect the inner organs. In view of this purpose, they have a complex shape that is specific to the area they are protecting. That is why the bones that surround the spinal cord have the irregular shape to be able to cover the cord and prevent any damage to it.

types of bones in the human body

The third type of bones on the human body is called short one. These bones have approximately even width and length. Their purpose is to ensure stability and enable proper movements. You can find them in your wrists and ankle joints. The most well-known short bones are called carpals, which are located in your wrists. There is the whole bunch of them in that area, which makes your movement easy and stable.

how many bones in the human body

What is more, the fourth type of bones is long one. In this article, we will see what bones in our body are the longest ones. But so far, we wanted to mention that the primary purpose f the long bones is to support our body and enable movement. They are of different length, starting from the longest one called Femur in our thighs and down to the small-size long bones known as phalanges.

small bones in the human body

Finally, the last fifth type of bones we have is the flat one. This kind of bones is protecting the most vital parts of our body. Thus, cranial bone is our skull; there are flat bones also in thoracic cage and pelvis. These bones protect our inner organs making our life much safer. Ribs also belong to these type of bones.

We have already answered the question of how many bones there actually are in the human body, but let’s see which of them is the longest one. The longest bone in your body is a thigh bone. It reaches the average length of 19.8 inches and is called Femur in the official textbooks. The scientists state that even though people of different height can have their thigh bone of different length, they can calculate its length. All you need to do that is to know your precise height. Femur is about 27% of your total height.

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On both of its sides, it is attached to a knee and a hip bone. Moreover, it is thanks to this bone that you can walk or jump. Creatures that have this bone are capable of both these activities while those without it cannot do it.

Our next longest bone in our body is called shinbone. Basically, it is a lower part of your right in between a knee and an ankle bone. This bone is rather strong as its purpose is to support the whole body along with the femur bone mentioned above.

The next longest bone is called Fibula, or in simple words it is a calf bone. This bone is also in your legs, in their lower part next to the shinbone. Scientists note that this bone is the thinnest of all long bones. It is attached to a shinbone at the top and an ankle joint at the bottom. It does not support our body when we are walking, but it is essential for our ability to go either to the left or the right.

longest bones in the human body

Number four on our list is called Humerus, and putting it in simple words, it is a long bone in your upper arm. This bone is used to connect two other bones in your arm. It is attached to a shoulder at the top and to an elbow at the other end. It is interesting that statistics shows that it is one of the most frequently damaged parts of human body. The humerus is also a place where a lot of important muscles originate.

Finally, one more on our list of the longest ones in the human body is called Ulna, or in other words a bone of an inner lower arm. It is curved and is essential to a proper movement of your wrist, hand, and arm. You can see it when you hold up your hand on the side of a pinky finger.

Besides, let’s have a quick look at the list of the bones in our body and how many of them are in each part of the body. Scientists usually divide bones into two groups. The first group belongs to the Axial Skeleton. In its turn, it consists of eighty bones. Eight of these bones are skull bones, fourteen are facial bones, including nasal bones, one is called hyoid bone; six of these bones are referred to as auditory ossicles bones, and twenty-six are in the vertebral column. On top of that twenty-five bones of the axial skeleton are the bones of the Thorax.

The other group of bones in our body is in the Appendicular Skeleton. There are 126 bones in this group. Among them, four bones are in the shoulders, and sixty are in the upper limbs, including the phalanges, metacarpal bones as well as long and short bones we mentioned above. Two bones of the Appendicular skeleton are called Hip Girdle, and the rest of the bones belong to the lower limbs, including the bones called Tibia and Fibula as well as phalanges.

As you see, our body is a complicated but beautifully organized mechanism. All the bones function in such a way that it makes our life comfortable and stable. Learn more about the human body and see all the beauty of its organization.

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