How much water you need daily based on your weight?

Learn the best water facts and the norms of how much water to consume daily based on your weight!

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People can stay alive without food for 40 days of more, but they die without water in just 3 days. We need it to survive. So, how much water should you consume daily based on your weight. Learn now!

Water facts:

Water is one of the major resources for life. It is even more precious than food or fuel, as we cannot live or grow food without it. So, here are some of the most amazing facts on water you should know:

  • In poor countries women daily spend 200 million work hours (collectively) to gather or fetch water for their families;
  • 1/3 of all the drinking water is found underground;
  • For a chicken to lay one egg it needs 120 gallons of water (including the one used for growing fodders);
  • 80 percent of all the diseases we get are related to water and its pollution by the germs;
  • In Africa people spend 40 billion work hours per year to fetch or collect water;
  • If you freeze water, it enlarges in size by 9 percent;
  • Growing food takes 70 percent of all the fresh water in the world;
  • To make one 1 ton of steel we spend 300 tons of water;
  • Exhaling, each person daily loses one cup of water from their body;
  • Water is responsible for regulating the temperature on the whole planet.

Surely we can keep on listing the water facts endlessly. But these are fun or important to know. Now, how much of it should you consume based on your weight?

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Water consumption norms:

Degydration can quickly kill a person. Plus it creates many diseases and health problems, such as kidney infections or UTIs and blood thickening. So, it’s important to know your norm for the day. It depends on your weight, but it also greatly depends on the climate and season of the year. When it’s hot we lose more water with breathing and sweating.

water consumption norms

This table allows you to make the calculations and know exactly how much should drink during the day!

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