How my dad gets muscle cramps at night on his thumb or legs. He has diabetes. Please advice.

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Hi, friend! In any case it’s certainly better to visit as it can be a symptom of another problem or disease. But before you do that, you can try this.

If there is an aching muscles spasm, the following measures should be taken by a person:

1.Gently sit up in bed. Feet are put on the cool floor. Carefully get up;

2.Stand still. It is the position of the body, which helps to restore the tone of the muscles in the legs as quickly as possible, and blood begins to circulate better;

3.Take a deep breath, hold your toes with hands and strongly pull them up to you. This action stretches the muscle and relieves spasm;

4.If you can, it is recommended to shake the foot at the same time;

5.As soon as muscle spasm is removed and weakened, leg should be gently massaged.

Hope, your dad will feel better! Good luck!

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