How sex affects female body

Do you want to know how sex affects female body? Here is an article about it so read and learn more!

Some people say that sex is the best cure for everything. But do you actually know how sex affects the female body?

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Nowadays, more and more women are spending money on useless and expensive drugs and psychoanalysts instead of fully using the potential we have from the Mother Nature.

Each of us has struggled with an issue like pain before or during the period at least once. Of course, the easiest way to overcome this problem is to take a pill but it doesn’t always work.

And it’s also bad for the liver – it would have to filter a lot more stuff. So how about the regular sex that can reduce pain by producing endorphins - pleasure hormones?

Psychologist Tim Skoltver claims that the ladies who have sex regularly are less likely to suffer from migraines and the pain goes away a lot faster. 

Sore throat and stomach ache? Have sex and it will go away!


Sex affects female body in different ways. It can even help you get over some sicknesses you have. Sexual intercourse is a kind of massage for the female organ - the uterus. It helps to avoid such troubles as fibroids (the tumours of the uterus).

By the way, women who have regular sexual life are more likely to have a stable period.

For the pregnant women who have complications during the delivery (hypoxia, meconium aspiration syndrome, dehydration, umbilical cord entanglement due to the lower levels of amniotic fluid, etc.), sex often becomes an only natural method of helping the delivery to start.

Some gynaecologists say: "When you are having an orgasm, oxytocin, or" hormone of labour ", is being released”. And there are also some components in a sperm which help the woman to give birth to a child. Does your baby want to stay inside for longer?

Don’t make this happen – control the whole process!


Some doctors advise the future mothers to abstain from sex life during pregnancy. But only pregnant woman with stomach cramps and heavy bleeding from the vagina can follow this rule. Otherwise, sex during pregnancy is a good thing.

 Sex instead of chocolate

The older we get, the more we want chocolates and pastries. Life is difficult enough for everyone, that’s why we want to add something sweet but harmful to it. 

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But we can have diabetes as a result of such way of thinking. Meanwhile, it is a fact that if you have a good orgasm, your desire for chocolates decreases. The pancreas increases the production of insulin, carbohydrate metabolism is stimulated, and endocrinologists have no need to see you as a patient ever again.

Regular sex strengthens the immune system and prevents caries as a large number of anti-bacterial substances are being produced during this process.

You also get the protection from respiratory viral infections. Have sex instead of going to the dentist and pharmacies when you get a cold!

 Heart attacks


The book "Love, Sex and Your Heart", which was published in New York, describes the results of scientific research in detail. According to the experiment, 65% of women who went to the hospital with a heart attack were not sexually active or haven’t received any pleasure from doing it.

As Ed Swasti, one of the authors of the book, said, "The people involved in a medical community start to come to an understanding that people with a healthy sex life live longer. Therefore, there is a correlation between the emotional happiness, a strong immune system and a healthy heart. "

Sex allows a woman to feel beautiful and young. Sexologist Andre Multin asserts that sex can help you fight with extra weight, because blood pressure and heart rate reach a maximum value during orgasm. That allows you to burn about two hundred calories per sexual act.


Of course, the influence of sex on the female body – positive! A basic utility to include: Sex, improves the heart and increases vascular tone. Favorably affect the robot of the thyroid gland and hypothalamus. If women had no sex, it is the nervous strain and can experience mental discomfort. In the future, all these symptoms can cause depression. During this process, the brain produces dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is very important for the person because this hormone produces a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Serotonin increases the secretion of substance P. This facilitates motor function. Production of these hormones increases the number of endorphins in the blood. Endorphins calms the nervous system, induces a sense of peace of mind.

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It quadrupeds of the ancient ages and all that sex is the best medicine of all. It normalizes hormonal and body tone, as the psychological, heart robot, and so on. I'm certainly not an expert on this, but have heard a lot about it. But still a lot I have learned from this article. I know that sex is beneficial for health in general, but do not even know that much. I think this article will change the opinion of many women, and they will now be a completely different attitude to this. Thanks for Sathya, to me it was very useful, I have learned a lot from it.

Answered 1 year ago.
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