How to boost chances of delivering twins?

How to give birth to twins with the help of clomid? Are the chances to have twins after miscarriage big? Read the information below to be aware.

Chances of having twins quiz

Chances of having twins quiz

Many couples trying to conceive the child hoping that there will be twins, and there are many reasons for it. For example, someone wants that their child grew up with sister or brother of the same age, and someone just wants to have a big family. And though triplets are born very seldom, experts say that there are certain measures, thanks to which women can increase the chances of twins. The diet, ethnic origin, genetics and lifestyle – all these influence whether the woman will have twins or not. If you want to increase probability the birth of twins, follow these instructions.

How to increase chances of giving birth to twins?

Firstly, understand that chances of ordinary woman to give birth to twins make only 3%. But it is possible if you are unusual woman. If you have at least one of the listed indicators, your chances increase.

How to increase chances of giving birth to twins?

In your family, there were twins already, especially on the maternal line. If you already had twins, your chances increase at least in 4 times.

  • Women of the African origin have the highest chances than women of the European origin. Latin Americans and Asians have fewer chances to give birth to twins.
  • High growth and good nutrition or even excess weight.
  • There were previous pregnancies. Women who already had at least 4 pregnancies, considerably increase their chances of twins. Apparently, the body in such cases is more inclined to the birth of twins as it knows that you can overcome it. In many families where there are already ten children or more, the number of twins increases with the number of pregnancies.
  • Women after 35 have much less chances to become pregnant, but if after all they manage to do it, then most likely they will have twins. The older you become the higher probability that you give rise to twins. Chances of twins after 35 are bigger than in 25. If you are about 40, your chances to make are about 7%. If you become pregnant in 45 years, your chance makes 17%.

Chances of twins after 35

How to increase chances of having twins naturally?

  • Take vitamins. People who eat badly have much less chances of getting twins. All vitamins are useful, but it is proved that folic acid can increase your chances of having twins twice. It can be bought in any drugstore. Today folic acid is recommended to all pregnant women. It helps to prevent pathology of childbirth. However, you shouldn't take more than 1000 mg a day.
  • Eat well and include certain products in your diet. In general, people with an insufficient weight have much less chances to give birth to twins. Good nutrition or excess weight can increase this. Good food is meant as additional weight without harm for health. Consult the doctor about any plans of your weight.
  • Eat dairy products and sweet potatoes. According to the research, those women, who eat dairy products during period when they try to become pregnant, increase their chances of twins in 5 times in comparison with those women who don’t.

chances of getting twins

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  • Others consider that if women drink cow milk containing bull hormone of growth, she can increase birth rate of twins.
  • African tribe, whose diet generally consists of wild yam (cassava), can brag of the fact that the level of birth rate of twins is 4 times higher than average in the world. It is considered that nutrients containing in vegetables induce ovaries to make more than one ovum in the period of ovulation. Many doctors are skeptical about this fact. On the other hand, there is no harm that you will eat yam, as it is very tasty.
  • Stop taking contraceptives. Try to cease to take these tablets directly before you decide to become pregnant. When woman for the first time ceases to take these pills, her body begins to work intensively to settle the hormones. Within the first months after refusal of tablets, active ovaries sometimes excrete 2 ovum.

chances of having twins twice

Chances of twins with clomid

There is a medicine under the name Clomid, which can be bought in drugstore. Usually it is used for treatment of women who have no ovulation. But when it is taken by women who have no such problems, it can increase probability of birth of twins approximately for 33%, depending on the woman. Clomid induces ovaries to allocate more ova during a cycle. It can lead to the birth of triplets or even the bigger number of children, therefore, be careful.

Chances of twins after miscarriage

The doctor can help you to increase chances of birth after miscarriage. But there are reasons why the woman will probably not be able to become pregnant for the second time. This is so-called secondary sterility. In this case, chances are rather small.

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