How to calm down quickly when you can't hack it?

There are people who are constantly in a state of anxiety. They scold and grumble on the most trivial pretext. As soon as one problem is solved, they immediately start to feel nervous about something else. it's time to learn how to stop being nervous, pull yourself together and do not worry about trifles.


Each of us personally decides how to meet the challenges. Someone hides its head in the sand like an ostrich, someone clenches his fists to strike, and someone is trying to get rid of the problems joking and laughing. How calm down quickly when you can't hack it? We have a plan!

The general rule

The problems should be solved as they arise. Pity about the past is not necessary, it is better to think about the future. Solve only those issues that are important to you at this moment. Try as much as possible to have a good day today, do not poison the life, worrying about the past, it still will not change.

There is a simple secret: think about what would happen if the events unfold in the way you don’t like it. Probably, the consequences are not so terrible. Get ready to take them calmly and look for a way to solve the problem as soon as possible. But in fact, it often turns out that the problems largely are contrived by humans.

Have you ever noticed how often sedative drugs on radio and TV are advertised? Many just get addicted to these tablets or drops. But you should always remember - if you can’t calm down your nerves by yourself, you may have already developed a neurosis, or it is developing. In this case, the decision about the medicines should only take a doctor after a thorough examination and analysis of your condition.

be calm

Try to solve a problem with the nerves on your own before running to the drugstore for a sedative.

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What do I need to do?

Recognize own imperfection. Many people do not like themselves, that is why they constantly worry, they develop an inferiority complex. Remember that the foundation of peace of mind is a self-acceptance. Love yourself, no matter what you look like. And remember that the ideal of people simply do not exist, and you do not have to conform to someone else's notions of the ideal. As well as no one is obliged to meet your expectations.

  • Learning how to adequately assess what is happening

Most people pay too much for some things. If now something seems very significant, it is likely that it will depreciate over the time. Before you nervous, consider whether there is a reason to raise a stink? Perhaps, there is a too high price.

be calm

  • Get rid of the feeling of guilt

 Do you know that experiences lead not only to neurosis, but also to such seemingly unrelated diseases with nervous system such as stomach ulcer or an allergy? Do not worry about everything, do not confuse compassion and emotional experience. If the former is a product of love, the second is based solely on fear. Compassion means to design the situation and try to help. Emotional experiences, as a rule, are empty. If you can’t help, do not waste your nerves.

  • Get rid of the fear

Stop harassing yourself. One half of the fears is baseless, but they will have the ground if you constantly think about them (the words and thoughts are material) and the other half - what will happen is inevitable (old age, for example).


  • Do not rush

Many people’s life is literally divided by the minute, and they live in constant tension, and any deviation from the intended plan knocks these people out of the rut. Should we explain that it is a constant source of stress? Do not hurry! You must be able to stop and enjoy the peace. When a person is constantly in a hurry, he does not have time to do the most important thing - to enjoy the life.

How to quickly calm down in stressful situations when you can't hack it anymore? Use one of the several options in order to quickly calm the nerves.

"My Paradise"

Create in your mind the image of a heavenly place. What do you prefer: the sea-shore or plain woods, or mountainous terrain, or maybe just your father's house. Describe it to yourself in great detail, imagine yourself in this place. Here you are well and happy. This image should be kept in memory and recalled, if necessary. Especially this method is effective when you're nervous, but you still have to find a solution and some need to be taken.

"Punching bag"

Letting off steam is necessary. If you often lose your temper with anger, punching bag or pillow to beat will help you. How quickly settle down to work, where there is no possibility to hang a punching bag? Keep on the desktop a towel or coarse cloth. If the situation is glowing so much that you want to bang the table, take this towel, crumple and squeeze like a doormat, and then sharply drop it while relaxing at the same time. Drink something warm, it will be nice if it is coffee or herbal tea.



Many escape from stress by using positive emotions. To quickly come down, look at the positive images or videos, read stories, remember the funny stories from your life or the lives of friends. In a short time, and you will no longer be irritated by little things, and if your life will have serious problems, you will be able to mobilize the hidden reserves of the organism to take appropriate decisions.

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