How to change eye color naturally?

Your eyes are the first thing the person gets to see and remember about you; therefore a lot of people wonder how they can change their eye color but in a natural way. We searched for answers and found a few ways to do that.

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There are many things that we may not find attractive about ourselves like our complexion, body type, the pitch of a voice or an eye color. No matter what exactly you are not satisfied with, it is usually easy to change. Also, in most cases, these changes can be done in a natural way without a need of surgeries or any other medical intervention.

If you are interested in ways to change your eye color and are not willing to undergo surgery, you might be interested to hear what we found when researching for ways to either lighten or darken your eyes. The first thing I want to mention is that changing your eye color is possible, and you do not always need a surgeon to perform that on you. Therefore, let us just check what you should take into account when thinking about your eye color.

The first factor you should remember is that you take your eye color after your parents. Therefore, it is very rare for a person whose parents had green eyes to have darn hazel ones or vice versa. Genetics has proved that there are three main eye colors. They are brown (also called Hazel), blue and green.

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The statistics show that the most popular eye color among people of different nationalities and backgrounds throughout the world is hazel one. Then there are fewer, but still plenty of people with blue eyes and the least popular eye color is green.

Genetics has also shown through observations that eye color can fade out with the time. Therefore, you can often see people of older generation having light eyes. This is a scientific fact now that eye color gets lighter throughout the lifetime.

The color of your eyes is based on the amount of melanin. It means that the more of it you have in your body, the darker your eye color will be. As a result, people that have much melanin in their bodies have hazel eyes, those with a medium amount of it have green eyes, and people with the least amount of melanin are the ones with light or blue eyes.

This fact shows that since the eye color is determined by the amount of certain “ingredients” you have in your body, you cannot change it in a natural way forever. You can only influence it and change for some time, but be ready that it will be back to what it used to be before.

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The third fact you should consider in case you want to change the color of your eyes is that surgeons insist that there is no way to change the eye color without medical intervention forever. They claim that the only chance for you to have blue eyes in case their natural color is hazel is through surgery. Think about it when deciding whether you want to have it done.

Finally, remember that your body works in such a way that there is no chance for fast eye color change. You can only do it gradually, with time, but not in a night. Your body needs to go through changes and adjust to them, and this process takes time.

In general, the specialists note that there are three basic ways to change your eye color temporarily. You either try to change your diet, check your psychological state or try out certain herbal cleanses.

The change of one’s diet really can result in color change. You wonder why? The eye color is based on the food you consume, meaning that the food consumption influences the production of hormones in your body. Some of these hormones affect the eye color as well. Therefore, certain changes in your diet can lead to eye color change.

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The first tip specialists give those who want to change eye color in a natural way is to increase honey consumption. Make sure to eat natural honey, organic one. Otherwise, this tip might not work for you. Being not only a healthy ingredient for your body but also a component on the way to having your eyes lighter, you will benefit from eating more honey in several ways.

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Honey not only makes that eye color lighter but also helps people who suffer from the wounds that do not heal easily. It is also a must-eat ingredient during the cold seasons when you are most likely to catch a cold.

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The other food you should eat when trying to change the eye color in a natural way is spinach. It has numerous positive effects on one’s health including properties that prevent asthma, high blood pressure and even cancer. It gives you strength and energy and does not make you look too fat as it has very low calories content.

Meanwhile, it is also useful to those who want to make their eyes look brighter and even younger. Spinach has useful components that make one’s hair, nails and eyes healthy and shiny. Therefore, try increasing spinach consumption and wait for the better results.

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Number three ingredient on our list one should eat when trying to change eye color is fish. Fish or any other seafood is rich in various unique vitamins and minerals, which makes fish an essential part of daily diet.

The eye color, though, will not be changed forever unless you eat seafood every day. Therefore, add it into your daily diet – and the eye color will get brighter and lighter.

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The next ingredient is chamomile tea. It is known for its calming effect. People that work in environments with high stress levels are recommended drinking chamomile tea as a natural sedative. Moreover, this kind of tea is known for giving your eyes a warmer hue, which is very unique, as most of the other ingredients only make the eye color lighter.

Chamomile tea can lower the blood pressure and slow down the stress processes. Therefore, try drinking it every day to change your eye color and live without stress; however, remember that it can also make you sleepy, which might be a problem for working people.

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You probably already use the next component at least at times. However, if you want to obtain a soft hue for your iris, please try using olive oil more often in your daily diet. You can add it to your salads or dressings as well as when cooking other meals.

Olive oil is not only of great use to people who want to change their eye color but also to those who want to improve their health. So try increasing the olive oil consumption to feel better, decrease bad cholesterol in your blood or add soft hue to your iris.

You will be surprised to learn that onions can be very useful in your attempts to change eye and skin color and quality. Onions are rich in vitamin C and help cure insomnia, bad appetite, or even depression. Onions can help prevent cancer as well as change the color of the eyes.

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Last but not least ingredient that proved to be helpful in an attempt to change eye color is nuts. When I talk about nuts, I do not mean just one kind being better than the others are. If you want to lighten your eye color, please add various nuts into your diet to see how the eye color changes gradually.

Nevertheless, try using nuts that were not exposed to high temperature as it can ruin their useful components that can be of great help to you when trying to change your eye color or to get the most of the vitamins from the nuts.

As you see, it is possible to change your eye color using just natural ingredients. However, keep in mind that these changes will be temporary not permanent. If you stop eating the food mentioned above, the eye color will be changed back to what it used to be before. So the only way to change the eye color permanently is to use certain products on the regular basis.

However, some people consider surgery as a better way to change their eye color. This process is quite a dangerous one, as any medical intervention can be risky to your health. However, if the eye color is a very high priority to you, you can try surgery.

Finally yet importantly, you can always choose wearing lenses with a different color. You can get them in any color you want, and it is not harmful to your eyes. So consider wearing eye lenses instead of surgery. Still, remember that changing your diet is the best and least painful way to change your eye color in a natural way. Moreover, this way is beneficial to your health!


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