How to check freshness of products?

How to check the freshness of different products such as eggs, fish, chicken, baking powder and baking soda? Read this article and save your health!

fresh products

If you cook very often, this article is particularly useful for you. Sometimes it happens that we buy products which are not fresh and have problems with stomach afterward. It is very important to know how to choose fresh products to save health and money.

1.    Check the freshness of fish

fresh fish

To test the freshness of fish you need to consider the following info:

  • The skin should be taut, clean, and glistening. It has to be almost as if the fish were still alive. Nevertheless, the skin color is not necessarily indicative, because the color will fade after fish's death.
    fresh fish
  • The gills must be bright red.
    fresh gills
  • The belly should be taut, not swollen or sunken.
  • The eyes should be bright, clear, and convex, never cloudy or sunken.
    bright eyes
  • The fish shouldn't have pungent, "fishy," or similar to the scent of a beach at low tide smell. The reason is that this indicates decay, and the off-putting aroma will only be intensified by cooking. The odor has to be briny and of the sea, like seaweed. 

2.    Check the freshness of baking powder

baking powder

Baking powder is activated by a combination of heat and moisture. To test it for freshness you need to mix one teaspoon of baking powder with 1/3 cup hot water. The mixture should produce lots of bubbles if the baking powder is fresh. You must use warm or hot water because cold water will not work for this test.

3.    Check the freshness of baking soda

baking soda

In general, an opened box of baking powder or baking soda can retain its activity for a year to 18 months. It depends on humidity and conditions of storage.

If you mix baking soda with an acidic ingredient, it will produce many bubbles.  So you can test baking soda by dripping a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar to a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. If the baking soda is fresh, it will bubble vigorously. If it is spoiled, you will not see a lot of bubbles.

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4.    Check the freshness of raw chicken

check freshness

  • Check the package. Look at the "best by" date on the package before you buy it. If there is a lot of time before the due day, it is safe to eat. 
  • Observe the color. The chicken should have pink in color. Remember, that any meat that has a gray discoloration is not safe to eat.
    fresh chicken
  • Smell the chicken. If it is fresh, it shouldn't have any pungent odor.
  • Touch and feel the product. If you touch the chicken and it feels sticky or slimy, don't buy it! If the chicken has liquid coming off of it that looks like mucus, you shouldn't buy it also. In general, the chicken has a short shelf life. Raw chicken is only good for about 1-3 days if left in the refrigerator.
    fresh chicken

5.  Check the freshness of eggs

What to do to test the freshness of eggs? It’s pretty easy. First, put the egg in a pot of water. If the egg lays at the bottom, it is still fresh.

If the egg stands upright on the bottom, it is fine to eat. However, you should eat it very soon or hard-boil.

If the egg floats to the top, it's bad and not good for eating.

eggs freshness

This method is thought to be accurate because eggshells are very porous. Over time air passes through the shell into the egg, and its shelf life diminishes as more air enters the shell. Also, the more air that enters the shell, the more buoyant the egg becomes.

Watch the video below and learn about more ways to test the freshness of eggs.

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