How to check your penis health?

All parts of body need attention. If a man notes some problems with penis it would be better to consult the doctor. Sometimes the problems may be serious.

penis health

The health status of men is critical not only for the representative of the stronger sex but also for his family. The ability to provide a sexual act depends on the quality of relationships between spouses and successful procreation. Unfortunately, more and more men complain of erectile dysfunction, have other diseases of the sexual sphere, suffer from infertility. All this is quite sad, but not upset. Modern medicine helps to solve all these problems.

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Doppler blood vessels of penis

Treatment of any penis disease begins with diagnosis. If we are talking about men health problems, most likely, you will need Doppler blood vessels of the penis. If necessary, the doctor will do and other examinations.

Why do you need to check the blood vessels of the penis?

Penis as other organs has arteries and veins. Problems with blood flow in the blood vessels contribute to erectile dysfunction. The study results can diagnose the problem.

It may be a retrograde blood flow or insufficient blood supply.

penis health

Tissue fibrosis responsible for penile erection may occur.

You should know the degree of calcification of erectile tissue.

It is better to exclude scarring, hematomas, foreign bodies in the urethra.

Structural changes or  thrombosis should also be signified.

As a matter of fact, varicocele (varicose veins of the spermatic cord) is often diagnosed.

penis health

How is Doppler blood vessels of the penis done?

The examination of blood flow is carried out simultaneously with the erection caused by the drug. The medicine is injected into the corpus cavernous  with a syringe. Erection occurs 10-15 minutes, after which the doctor carefully studies the cavernous artery and the speed of blood flow through them. If blood flows at speeds of less than thirty inches per second, and blood flow increases by more than 110 m/s, then the patient needs treatment.

The doctor also checks the venous outflow of blood. Specialist fixes the end-diastolic flow rate (it normally ranges from five centimeters per second) determines the indices of resistance and pulsations. The index value of resistance must not fall below 0.85, and the index of pulsations to be 4 or more.

penis health

The disadvantages of the method

Doppler ultrasound of the penis has only one drawback – the need for the introduction of a drug that contributes to the appearance of pain.

Alternatively, the use of medicines sometimes used Viagra. Also used non-pharmacological methods of stimulation of the penis.

penis health

After the procedure, the erection remains. The patient is in the right hands. At this time, the doctor leaves the room. If your erection lasts for several hours, you should consult a physician.


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