How to do sperm count test at home?

How can you do a sperm test at home? Why is a sperm count so important for men`s health?

How to do sperm count test at home

How to do sperm count test at home? It`s quite a serious test for men to provide their fertility to women. If you have the desire to get pregnant, but your partner can`t get pregnant despite all of your efforts, then there are three possibilities. It can be a problem for a woman to get, pregnant and it means that she has to get through a series of tests to understand what exactly is wrong. For men, the answers are quite simple, if she can`t get pregnant because of a man, then it`s something wrong with sperm quality of the man. It`s quite possible the third option that both parents have problems and neither of them has problems; they can`t conceive a child only because they are not physically and sexually comparable.

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The first option for you before to get sperm count test is to visit your local doctor and namely, the urologist. He/she will give you a physical evaluation of your body and then may answer few questions about your lifestyle and daily life which includes such aspects, like:

  • Whether you had surgical operations in the past
  • What medication you take right now
  • Do you do any physical exercises
  • Do you smoke or take drugs
  • What is your situation with alcohol

He might also be very strict and invite you into a discussion about your daily life and sexual life. It also includes problems connected with your problems, like whether you had sexually transmitted diseases. You might be asked to give your semen for analysis.

Sperm test lab analysis

Sperm test lab analysis

You might be asked to provide your semen for analysis. Trained medical experts might provide you with a full-scale analysis that includes:

  • Sperm count, it means how many spermatozoids you have in possession.
  • Sperm shapes – you might need to understand that spermatozoids are different by their shapes.
  • Sperm movement – spermatozoids move in different styles and different speed, but the overall their speed should be in the measures of standards.
  • Other characteristic

Therefore, if you have a high number of spermatozoids that have normal shapes, speed and quantity, then your fertility level is quite high. Nevertheless, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule. Many men who have low-speed spermatozoids, bad shape spermatozoids and low count of them – can be quite fertile. Moreover, about 15% of infertile men have normal semen characteristics, and their quantity is quite high. If your first sperm counts results are normal, then your doctor may ask you to repeat the analysis to confirm the results. Two normal test results of semen can usually confirm that you have no problems with fertility.   If something in these test appears unusual, then your doctor may ask to take more sperm test counts to pinpoint the problem. If you don`t have any semen at all, then you might have deeper problems that usually include surgery. It`s necessary as plumbings in your body will not disappear by themselves or by using only medical pills.

Physical exam of the body

Physical exam of the body

There are not a lot of problems in men body to conceive a child. If you have some problems connected to your body, then you might check a surgeon. He can tell you what`s wrong with your body that you can`t conceive a child. He can find varicoceles. It means that you have an abnormal formation of veins above the testicles. Therefore, if you have this problem – you may need to go through the surgery to help your spermatozoids. Nevertheless, it`s not life-threatening operation. Still, you might need to abstain from your sexual life for some time.

Hormone evaluation

Testosterone and other hormones help you to build up your sperm. Nevertheless, hormones might not be the main reason for infertility of men. Only 3% of men diagnosed with infertility have hormone problems. Still, experts might disagree that big search for infertility reasons should be provided into hormones.

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Another problem that might occur for men infertility is genetic.   Nevertheless, experts might have problems arguing what specific tests on genetics should be done to find out the exact reason of bad sperm quality or other possible reasons of infertility for men.

Anti-Sperm Antibodies

Some men might obtain abnormal antibodies that attack sperm cells on the way to the egg. It keeps your partner from getting pregnant. It might be good news for some guys who do not desire to have babies right now as they can have sex without condoms, but it might be a serious problem when they are ready to have kids and can`t provide sperm to a partner. Other men may have problems with getting the sperm to the right positions. These men usually have normal semen condition, but they just can`t find the way. They can be missing, low in numbers or abnormal.

There are several reasons why you can have low sperm count in your testicles:

  • Retrograde ejaculation. It can also be named a friendly fire. In this condition your sperm ejaculates not outside, but inside. There might be no problem as you can get yourself pregnant, but the sperm ejaculates into your bladder. This condition is usually caused by an earlier surgery.
  • You are missing the main pipeline of sperm. It`s a genetic problem. Some men are just born without main sperm pipeline.
  • Obstruction – you can get blockage of spermatozoids on the way between your penis and testicles.
  • Anti-sperm bodies – as it was mentioned earlier. These anti-sperm bodies can significantly decrease your chances to become a father.
  • Idiopathic infertility -  in other words. You have no problems in your semen, and you can perfectly get any women pregnant. The problem is in your head, and you don`t need a surgeon or urologist to get your woman pregnant. You might need a help of a special doctor that might give you some pieces of advice on how to work with your problem properly and get some medication to help to reason with these problems.

Sperm test count at home

Sperm test count at home

People can measure everything in the world. If we can perfectly measure air quality, heat rate or wind speed, why it`s not possible with sperm? The world of medical startups only starts its raising. Only this spring, America’s Food and Drug Administration approved a new system for male fertility testing. It`s called Trak and looks like a synthesis of Cuisinart blender, Frisbee and clock. The Track official website provides the information that it`s like Fitbit for sperm.

Can it change men`s views upon their reproductive system? It can at least help with providing first steps about men`s health awareness. The biological clock is quite a bad thing for people. Everyone can hear about women dying eggs, but it`s quite a problem to hear even one joke about men dying sperm.

Nevertheless, the chances of conceiving for a couple is directly dependent on the sperm count in the men body.  It`s defined by the number of sperm that a man can produce. This number might correlate with morphology and motility together with characteristics, like how they are shaped and how they move forward. There are also evidence that male sperm quantity declines with age. Nevertheless, any man who has a child while he is not in the age like a young boy can tell you another thing, but any doctor can provide you with the information that men have less sperm count each year after 25.

According to the statistical data provided upon the question of infertility in 2014 by the World Health Organization. The infertility causes are connected with males’ fertility problems in 40% of cases, with female fertility in 40% of cases and 20% of cases connected with both sexes. Therefore, men and women can experience the same rates of infertility problems.

How Trak works?

How Trak works?

Track works by depositing of few drops of semen into the disposable single carriage cartridge that can be called a Prop. This cartridge helps with isolating sperm cells. The Prop provides a reading of data for the sperm test. It indicates the concentration of sperm and provides the information whether the sperm quantity millions per millimetre is optimal, moderate or low. Your final results will be forwarded to your smartphone app. It allows users to count their sperm over time and keep tracking how sperm corresponds to certain products, life situations or bad habits. Therefore, men can help themselves with changing their lifestyle.

Therefore, it can be quite a good project for men to count their sperm. It can also be a quite good sperm test procedure at home. Moreover, this product provides new technologies that can be integrated into our daily life. Still, the price for the Trak is quite high for today and not every man may like to have this toy at home as it can be quite embarrassing, the price for one Trak can be up to 160 dollars. It might save you money if you have the idea of constant tracking of your sperm quality. Still, this toy might be good only for doctors who can help you to give quick results.

Sperm test procedure

Sperm test procedure

It`s not recommended to have your sperm tested before conception. It`s usually recommended for people who can`t conceive a child over one year or more. You might check your sperm accounts at home to understand whether you have a normal quantity of sperm. Many doctors and experts do not recommend to do a sperm test unless you have quite a necessity to do that. Medical experts also give consults to wait for the test until it`s necessary for a couple. Doing sperm test at home is inexpensive and very easy.

Why do you need to do a perm test at home?

Men are very embarrassed to have a sperm test in the laboratory. They are quite reluctant about their health and quite protective when it`s connected with reproduction system. Nevertheless, postponing sperm test procedure can only delay conceiving. Therefore, all the efforts connected with conceiving can be in vain. Therefore, home check sperm test can be quite a solution! It`s a very discrete solution which includes no going through regular lab sperm test.

Still, you need to understand that home sperm test kits might give you preliminary sperm test results. Therefore, it can`t give you all characteristics of your sperm and can indicate the exact problem connected with fertility. This type of sperm test can`t measure all sperm parameters. Therefore, if you are quite serious that you have problems with sperm quantity or quality and that can be a problem for conceiving a child, then you need to find a doctor. As it was mentioned previously, the doctor might give you recommendations and provide lab sperm test. If you have no desire to get sperm lab test, then the doctor might help you to choose home sperm test kit.

Sperm test kit

Sperm test kit

If you suspect that you have problems with infertility connected to the sperm count, then you might get a comfort test at your home. It can be quite a good measure before taking this problem quite seriously and getting your physician to know about the problem. If you have a desire to do this test at home, then you might need to get one of the sperm check tests.

Home sperm check test can easily tell you if you have a low sperm count with quite a high degree of accuracy. Usually, these preliminary tests get quite accurate results and can tell you that you have problems with sperm counting in 97% of accuracy. The sperm test at home procedure can take up to thirty minutes to perform. You would need to wait for some time.

Couples who can`t conceive children for more than one year might have different problems. In 40% of cases, this problem is connected to one of the partners. And in 20% of cases, it`s connected to both partners.

Low sperm count can be named a leading cause of male infertility. Nevertheless, it can be treated naturally without any interception from the side of medicine. Therefore, you need to check your sperm if you have issues with getting your wife pregnant.

Sperm fertility tests are provided in many pharmacies of the world. They are medically approved for using. After doing the sperm test at home, you might get quick results whether you have problems with sperm count or not. It`s quite necessary to know if he has the sperm count in the normal rate. The normal results are usually connected with the amount of sperm per millilitre. Therefore, the normal sperm count is 20 million sperm per one millilitre.

If you have positive results with home sperm tests, then you have 20 or more million sperm per one millilitre. If you get negative results, then you have less than20 or more million sperm per one millilitre. Therefore, you might certainly need to visit a doctor so that this specialist may provide you addition sperm tests. After confirmation that the problem is in your sperm count, you would need to get through some procedures connected with curing your sperm test count. These sperm curing might include different variants from just changing your lifestyle and leaving behind bad habits to complete surgery operation.

What are the reasons of low sperm count?

What are the reasons of low sperm count?

Quit smoking

Nicotine that implemented into any cigarette may be a bad joke for you. Despite obvious reasons that smoking is quite a bad habit for your health as it may cause a great variety of diseases. It should also be mentioned that nicotine can directly influence the quantity and quality of your sperm. Therefore, you can`t provide a healthy child to your partner due to problems with smoking.


Another big problem in the modern world that can decrease the chances of becoming a father is stress. It`s certain that you need to avoid stress situations or try to cope with them in another way. It`s certainly needed if you have a desire to conceive a child.


Another big problem for conceiving a child can be drinking too much alcohol. If a couple tries to conceive a child, it`s strictly recommended to drink alcohol as it directly influences the sperm count.

Hereditary factors

As it was mentioned earlier – our genes can be named the main reasons that do not help to conceive a child.


It can also be a problem for a man to conceive a child if he has obesity.


Taking some medication can significantly decrease sperm count amount.


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