How to get a flat tummy – 5 best tips for Nigerian men and women

Fat on tummy is not just a matter of good looks. It has the potential of ruining your health. Get good tips on shedding those pounds off and staying fit.

We all wish to look good and fall in lines with the latest beauty standards. One of the things that can get on your nerves is that growing naughty tummy and spoiling your perfect WHR (waist hip ratio). At this, men are more inclined to accumulating fat in this spot than women. Still, people of both genders would benefit from learning the facts and tips we have to share on how to get a flat tummy.

flat tummy tips

5 tummy fat facts

  1. Tummy fat is ruthless to your wellbeing

    It’s not so much about the glam looks we have (or don’t have with the tummy fat). It’s more about the health that this form of fat can ruin. It goes much deeper than what you actually see on the outward.

    This fat locates on all the internal organs (liver, kidneys, and pancreas) within your abdomen. Plus, it takes active part in in metabolic processes. It goes to your liver and increases that bad cholesterol level in blood. It leads to developing heart diseases and high blood pressure, etc.

    Obviously, all these things are not good for your healthiness. But they are good enough to make you want to rid of the tummy fat quick.
  2. Bad carbs form bad fat

    Weather you get that popping tummy or not depends on what kind of carbs you consume. Eating refined ones leads to fat accumulation vs. eating the whole grain carbs leading to staying fit. So, it’s all about the flat tummy diet.
  3.  Apple cider vinegar burns belly fat

    The research has indicated this remedy to be very effective at reducing the lousy fat.
  4. Your tummy is your lifestyle reflection

    If you sit much, you are at risk of growing a large tummy. The more you sit, the more it grows.
  5. Abs’ workout won’t help

    You cannot burn the tummy fat by doing abs’ workouts. That’s a fact.

fat on tummy causes

5 reasons we get fat on tummy

  1. Diet
  2. Abs workouts without cardio
  3. No aerobics
  4. No breakfast
  5. Sitting up a lot

How to get a flat tummy - 5 things that stop you

flat tummy tips

  1. Age

    It used to be trouble-free to shed few pounds in the past, right?

    Things have changed. When you age, certain hormones become less active.

    Women start growing the tummy fat, when their level of estrogen rapidly goes down. In men the level of testosterone drops and they accumulate more fat in the middle.

    However, this is not a verdict. You can still regain your former shapes and be fit. Read on.
  2. Wrong kind of workout

    (Supposedly you do workout regularly)! You may be training your abs (which seems logical, when you wish to burn the tummy fat), but that won’t help. This kind of fat cannot be gotten rid of by doing flat tummy exercises.

    What you need is aerobics. It gets burned when you breathe actively and provide much oxygen to your muscles. So, what you need is a mixture of cardio and weight lifting or active and high pace aerobics.
  3. Refined foods

    We’ve mentioned this one before. If you eat white break, cakes, refined fats or oils, etc. these foods greatly contribute to shaping that undesirable tummy of yours.
  4. Lack of amino acids

    You may be consuming too many animal acids and fats, and too little of veggie ones containing omega-3 acids.
  5. Stress and lack of sleep

    In this case your body holds on to all the calories and fat it can get for future survival.  It becomes ‘unwilling’ to let go of them and burn them.

5 Flat tummy tips – the diet

If you are the one asking: how can I get a flat tummy? These diet tips are for you.
flat tummy diet tips

  1. Eat fiber

    This is the best of the tips for flat tummy on diet. Fiber cannot be digested. It has several great functions.

    For one, it cleanses your digestive tract and helps processing meat. And, it keeps you full.

    One of the key struggles for the folks with tummy fat is overeating. You eat enough, but you still feel hungry and keep on eating.

    Your body has to do something with those calories and stores them up for later in the form of belly fat.

    If you consume fiber, you feel satisfied, but since it does not get digested, you can eat much of it with no pounds put on. What are some of the fiber rich foods?

    First of all, there is tons of fiber in grains. Oat tops the list. It is also a source of slow carbs. Once you eat it, it gets slowly digested keeping you nourished for hours. And the fiber keeps you full.
  2. Eat fish

    Unlike meat fish is rich in omega-3 acids. They are answerable for many health processes within your body. It normalizes your metabolism and keeps you full for long spans of time.

    It is not for nothing that fish eating nations have the largest number of long living people. Fats and proteins in fish are easier on your stomach and munching on it frequently will help you rid of the tummy fat.
  3. Eat seeds and nuts

    Another how to reduce fat tips is eating seeds and nuts. Again this kind of food keeps you full for longer periods of time. Almonds and other nuts are rich with vitamins, minerals and fiber. They make excellent snacks.

    If you feel hungry in-between the mealtimes, you can nosh on a handful of nuts or seeds. That would keep you from “pigging out” later no during your lunch and keep you healthy.
  4. Eat often

    Eating three meals a day sounds like a good idea, but it is not. The fewer meals you have, the more you eat each time. This makes your stomach stretch. Eventually you start feeling hungry constantly and eat larger portions of food.

    The solution is to break down your larger meals into smaller ones. This is one of the basic weight loss tips. Have 5-6 meals instead of 3 or get healthy snacks throughout the day.
  5. Eat breakfast

    Quick metabolism helps the body to smolder more calories and store less. Some people presume that reducing the volume of calories will automatically lead to losing belly fat. That is not true.

    The question is not only what you eat and how much you eat, but also when you eat. Once you wake up, your body had not had food for a while and your level of sugar in blood is low. If you skip the breakfast, you do not do yourself a favor.

    Instead you risk developing strong food craving later on in the afternoon. Eating a breakfast turns on your metabolism and you burn more calories during the daytime.

5 Flat tummy tips – the workout

flat tummy workout

  1. Be consistent

    No matter what type of workout you are doing, it will eventually get you the desired results, if you do it long enough.

    So, consistency and strong will is the key to everything.

    Probably it is the less exciting one of the tips for flat tummy you can get, but it is still true.

    Surely, you can boost the efficacy of your workouts or cut down the time it takes to get where you want. But unless you keep on and on and on with it…
  2. Build more muscle

    Here is a fact only few people are aware of: the more muscle you have, the more fat your burn. Basically, your body muscle mass works as the size of engine in the car. The larger is the engine, the more gas it burns per mile.

    The more muscle you have, the more fat it burns per each workout session. So, do you wish to get a flat tummy fast? Just keep on building your big muscles.
  3. Be durable

    The size of your workout sessions does matter. What you should do is workout at least 4-5 days a week and 20-45 mins per session. Then you can expect any great results to be attained.
  4. Do not focus on abs 

    It might sound funny, but abs’ workout is not something you do as flat tummy exercises. Abs muscles are comparably small. So, if you focus on them, you cannot hope to build much muscle quickly.

    What you do is about 5 min abs workout per day and the rest of the time spend on your legs, arms, etc.
  5. Do compounds

    These are the exercises that involve multiple muscle groups. Like squats are using several leg and back muscles. This way you build up larger portions of your body and get rid of that fat faster.

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So, as you see, there are many tricky answers to “how to get a flat tummy?” question. You cannot do it by just working your abs or eating less. You need to know what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat. How to work out and what muscles to build. These tips, facts and information will help you to build sexy and flat tummy.







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Answered 10 months ago.

Female tummy - very treacherous place. Even in slim women, often seen small roundness. What say about those, who are inclined corpulence. We have exert lot of effort get rid of body fat. And in this case, assistance may come massage. First you need warm up skin of abdomen. This is done by rubbing dry with help of massage gloves or brushes. Massaging move in circle, pointing his heart, long before appearance of light redness. Gentle movements as well - around and toward heart massage abdomen. It would be better if you apply massage oil. Zone treat stomach forcefully, but without excessive force. Squeeze fist and massage body protruding knuckles on skin of abdomen.

Answered 2 years ago.

If you are seeking to acquire a slim figure, and you believe that you hold the correct mode, correctly keep the intake of food and therefore the menu itself is cooked food, you should still review this, and perhaps the reason lies in the wrong diet or exercise. Some people think to buy a good figure, you need to limit yourself to food, and then do a little there. It is not so. It is important to eat precisely those foods that will be of great benefit for the desired result. Also it is necessary not to be lazy and do sports.

Answered 2 years ago.
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