How to get rid of fat on arms?

From time to time any woman thinks about some possible imperfection of own figure. The most problematic areas are considered to be thighs, belly, and buttocks. However, fat on arms appears even oftener. Read this article below to get more useful information on this issue.

Get rid of fat on arms

A little bit of anatomy

How to get rid of fat on arms? The total weight of your arms is made up of bones, muscles, and adipose tissue. If your arms suddenly become too large, then most likely, the problem is in excessive fat. You can simple check it. Spread your arms to the sides, with you palms up. If the mass in the interval from shoulder to elbow is either swaying or shaking, it means that you have extra fat excess in that location.

when your arms suddenly become too large

How to get rid of fat on arms?

What to do with this problem? Look, everything is not that scary. According to anatomy, plump body starts from the bottom, and resets the weight on top. Therefore, the excess fat is stored initially on the thighs and belly. Due to this fact, it is not so difficult to cope with the problem of fat on arms. 

There is a myth that while exercising with dumbbells or push-ups, arm muscles will greatly increase, while fat will remain in place, and the result will be even worse. First of all, it is quite difficult for women to build arm muscles. Secondly, during exercise the fat burns much easier making your arms more embossed.

exercises for women

So, we let us switch to specific recommendations. If you really want your arms to become more attractive, you should definitely adhere to certain rules. All is quite simple. You need to do exercises, limit yourself to certain foods and do some cosmetic procedures. It is advisable to do all this in a complex, and then we can expect a positive effect.

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Special exercises for arms

All recommended exercises should be done at least thrice a week, especially if the problem is serious enough. You can also choose the favorite ones from a list and do them every day.

Before you start doing specific exercises to get rid of fat on your arms, it is obligatory to do a little warm-up of the whole body for 10-15 minutes. This may be running in place, jumping with a rope, or any other suitable for you warming exercises.

Special exercises for arms

After warming up, you can start doing the following exercises:

  • Stand straight, taking dumbbells in hands. Raise and lower the shoulders (50 repetitions). Then rest for a minute and repeat it again.
  • In a standing position, pull hands with dumbbells in front of you, then cross your arms for 4 minutes. It is desirably to repeat this exercise for three times.
  • Stand straight, pull arms with dumbbells over your head, then cross your arms (3-4 minutes).
  • In a standing position, spreads your arms to the sides at shoulder level, and then pull them down (20 times).
  • With your back to the chair, lean on the seat on your hands, and do push-ups (15 repetitions).
  • Push-ups on knees (10 repetitions). It is a very useful exercise!

Healthy diet to get rid of fat on arms

You should carefully reconsider your diet. You do not have to diet or adhere to some power system. The main thing is to reduce the intake of calories in the body, as well as to refuse using waste products.

Here is a short list of products that are harmful to your figure:

  • Flour, sweets, white bread;
  • Potatoes in large quantities, chips;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Fast food;
  • Various carbonated drinks.

Healthy diet to get rid of fat on arms

Eat healthy foods, limit the intake of sugar in your body, follow the advice on proper nutrition, and you will definitely start losing weight. And you will definitely get rid of fat on your arms!

Cosmetic procedures to get rid of fat on arms

  • Massage. It immediately activates blood circulation, adds muscle tone, improves skin elasticity, and relieves stress.
  • Anti-cellulite body wraps. Rub your hands with coffee grounds (medium ground coffee, bathed in a small amount of water), and wrap with cling film. You can also use fat-burning oils that are sold in pharmacies, such as grape seed oil.
  • Anti-cellulite creams, lotions, gels. They contain substances that contribute to the breakdown of fat tissue and stimulate both blood circulation and metabolism.

Please remember that the beauty of you body and arms fully depends on you desire to look great and healthy! Follow our recommendations and you will definitely succeed!

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