How to get rid of ingrown hair?

What is ingrown hair? What is the cause of ingrown hair? Who gets ingrown hairs? What are the signs of ingrown hairs? Are there any ways of getting rid of ingrown hair at home? How to treat ingrown hair? Is it possible to prevent ingrown hairs? Answers to all these questions you will find in this article.

Ingrown hair

What is ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair is a condition when a part of which remains under the skin, bents inwards and grows in the opposite direction. And despite the fact that it is not considered dangerous, ingrown hair is very unpleasant. Everyone is looking for a way to remove ingrown hairs. This state is manifested as browning or pinkish small bump under the skin. Sometimes you can see a lot of small and large knobs at the site, where you shave mostly.  Ingrown hair is common case, especially it happens with the teens at the period of puberty. More prone to the phenomenon women. Because hair in the bikini area is very hard, and it is very problem place. It happens so that the ingrown hair may be at the centuries - but it happens very, very rare.

Some facts about ingrown hair:

  • The most common ingrown hairs has men with dark skin.
  • Ingrown hair does not represent danger for health  and, especially, for life. It's more a cosmetic defekt.
  • Ingrown hair is usually in areas where you shave: face, underarms, legs, intimate zone.
  • They look like ingrown hairs randomly distributed black spots or pink bumps on the skin.
  • They can appear due to incorrect shaving.
  • Sometimes it happens that ingrown hair straighten themselves on their own.
  • The best option for their prevention - laser ingrown hair removal.


What is the cause of ingrown hair?

The most basic cause of ingrown hairs - improper shaving technique. Shaved hair has a sharp end, which can very easily pierce the skin. As a result, this leads to the appears of ingrown hair. And the hair removal technique as waxing can only worsen the situation. Therefore, get rid of ingrown hair before doing waxing.

Another possible cause of ingrown hair - the natural way. This is when a dense layer of cells that are already extinct, simply clog hair follicles. This behavior causes the hair to grow in the opposite direction.

Who gets ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hair can have absolutely anyone and absolutely anywhere where there is a shave. But teens and men with dark skin are more prone to such a state of ingrown hairs. This is due to the fact that their hair is more rough and tough, and they are more susceptible to  ingrowth.

What are the signs of ingrown hairs?

Everything is clear with the signs. Itching starts at the place of the ingrown hair, sometimes there is pain. And appearance changes, there can be dark cones or something similar to red or pink rash. There are situations when the ingrown hair starts to inflammation, which is characterized by a pronounced red ingrown hair bumps at the skin. Sometimes hooked into an ingrown hair can be seen in the center of the seal, bumps. State of seals may deteriorate depending on how much hair grows deeper. Also, the seal can form pus in the place where it was recently made shaving.

Man with ingrown hair

Is ingrown hair - the same thing that bumps after shaving or pseudofolliculitis?

Pseudofolliculitis Barbe or pimples after shaving - it is one of the varieties of ingrown hair. The most often place of their location - neck and face, and they are increasing as made repeated shaving. In those places where there was penetration of bent hair, there may be abscesses and ulcers. In chronic course of this process, if they are not engaged, can be hyperpigmentation, keloid scars.

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Are there any ways of getting rid of ingrown hair at home?

The answer – no. But you can take preventive ingrowth, get rid of them before they occur, and even reduce the amount of ingrown hair. You must treat hair properly,  remove them and rightly belongs to your skin.

Here are some advices:

  • It is necessary to moisturize the skin and hair before shaving, this is a good tool that will reduce the risk that you can develop ingrown hairs.
  • Before shaving massage with the  washcloth your beard or the place that you are going to shave, or the place where will be hair removal.
  • In order not to irritate the skin, you can use exfoliating resources. The natural ingredients, such as sugar and salt are in the priority.
  • You can not shave against the hair growth!!!
  • You can not also apply pressure to the skin during shaving.
  • When you are shaving with an electric razor, it do not need much pressure on her, just produce light, circular massaging motion.
  • And also need to leave a little stubble. This is a guarantee that hair will not grow inside.
  • You can remove ingrown hair with the sterile needles. After removal disinfect this place. But it is better not to do so in case of serious indications, you can only further damage the skin.
  • The last advice - you can not shave at all.


How to treat ingrown hair?

Sometimes there is a miracle - ingrown hair straighten. Sometimes ingrown hair requires treatment, to get rid of them is very difficult. Here are some methods and tools for the treatment of ingrown hairs, which will help determine this choice, how to deal with ingrown hairs:

  • Сreams for topical application;
  • Chemical depilatories;
  • The medical hair removal, which is produced by the incision;
  • Antibiotics for topical use;
  • Laser hair removal.

To determine the right method and way of treatment it is necessary to consult with a specialist - a dermatologist. In some cases, you will need a combination of several methods for the treatment.
For example, a tool such as chemical depilatories weaken the hair structure and their blunt their ends. But they can cause irritation, so constantly their use is not recommended. The using of such a formulation as tretinoin, reduce clogging. This treatment ingrown hair cream make thinner epidermis, and decreases the layer of cells that are considered on dead. Delay of hair growth is prevented.

Antibiotics for topical and general application help in the case, when there are sores and ulcers. After all, they indicate that there is an infection. If you use the drug which consists of 13.9 percent eflornithine hydrochloride, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of ingrown hair. This medicine is applied once a day for a month or two.

And there are also a cream that can be bought at a pharmacy by the prescription, for example, 4 percent hydroquinone and kojic acid; and can be bought without a doctor's prescription in the pharmacy, for example, 2 percent hydroquinone. These drugs, creams struggling with discolored skin. The best option to deal with ingrown hairs in the bikini area and elsewhere is laser hair removal. It will help get rid of ingrown hair, it is considered absolutely harmless. And the only problem that can arise is a discoloration of the skin.

There is also an electrolysis, which will help get rid of hair permanently. It destroys the hair follicles. This method is suitable for any skin type and hair color. But this process is quite complicated, it requires several sessions. However, thanks to it you can get rid of hair permanently, even if the procedure is complex, requiring a lot of time and sessions, but it is worth it. You will not know what the ingrown hair, and generally forget about unwanted body hair forever.

laser hair removal

Is it possible to prevent ingrown hairs?

The easiest way to prevent ingrown hairs in the bikini area and elsewhere - it does not shave at all. That razor and waxing hair incline to their growing inside. After depilation you can use emollients. When it is impossible, then shave properly. As well as creams, which will slow down the growth of hair, laser hair removal and electrolysis are the most effective methods to fight against ingrown hairs.

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