How to get rid of pimples?

What to do if you were going on a very important date and your plans are under the threat of failure because of a pimple, what will you do? Here is a list of remedies that can help you get rid of a pimple.

get rid of pimples

You never really except to get a pimple. They are annoying, ugly and sometimes even painful. Yet, they still happen to cause you problems. The reason for getting pimples is mostly excess sebum secretion of the oil glands.

You can surely take pills, or use one of those numerous lotions to get rid of the pimple on you neck, face, chin or even ears. However, you can use our advice on how to make a pimple remover at home using resources you probably have under your hand.

  1. First of all, consider using ice to get rid of a pimple on your face, chin or a neck. The cold will decrease the red area, stimulate blood circulation there and tighten the pores. This remedy is believed to be affective mostly for the pimples which you need to remove very fast.
    Ice will make it less obvious. In order to use ice, please take a piece of cloth, put your ice cube in it and hold it on the pimple, but for only a few seconds. Then remove for a few moments and repeat the procedure.
    If you are not comfortable with using the whole ice cube, feel free to crush it and repeat the same procedure with the crushed ice.
    get rid of pimples ice
  2. The other remedy that is considered to be very helpful in case you need to get rid of the pimple very fast is the one with juice from a fresh lemon. However, just make sure you do not use the juice from a bottle, as it is not as useful here as the real one.
    Use this remedy if you need to get rid of a pimple on your face, neck or a chin over the night. The author of this recipe recommends taking a cotton swab with lemon juice squeezed on it, and taking it to bed with you. Leave it on the pimple, so that the lemon juice with all the vitamin C in it will dry the pimple out.
    Note that it cannot be good for those allergic to lemon or any other acid on their skin.
  3. Another option is using your toothpaste. This remedy can be used either 30 minutes before you go somewhere or right before going to bed. Use a regular white paste, put a little bit of toothpaste on your pimple, let it dry up and decrease the pimple while you are sleeping.
    It is even better to use mint toothpaste for this matter.
    However, this remedy won’t work for people with sensitive skin as toothpaste is usually quite strong.
    get rid of pimples toothpaste
  4. Furthermore, you can also use garlic. Do not be afraid of the smell it can leave afterwards, as it can be easily removed with a regular lotion. However, it has proven to be very effective in a battle against pimples on your face.
    In order ot get rid of one particular pimple, cut a garlic clove into pieces and hold it on a pimples for a few minutes. Later wash your face carefully and do it a few more times.
    Note that the water you wash your face with should be warm and not cold to prevent redness or any other garlic side effects.
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  5. You have probably heard or even tried this remedy. It is the one where you need hot water, a towel and some will power. Boil the water, then pour it into a bowl, sit in such a way that your face is exposed to the steam coming from the hot water. Then cover your head with a towel, so that steam would not disappear but rather remain in your skin when evaporating.
    Such a procedure is not only helpful when you are sick (by the way, if you are sick, you can add aroma oils into the water to inhale them and get better) but also when you want to cleanse the skin.
    It will open the pores and let dirt and oils evaporate from there. Considering that such oils and bacteria in them are the main causes for pimples, this remedy proves to be very effective.
    get rid of pimples hot water
  6. Another thing you can use to get rid of the pimples is baking soda. It will save your money, and you probably always have it at home. Just use some water with the powder and then out it on your face like a mask.
    It should remain there for at least 1 hour. Then wash it off with warm water and use cream to moisten the skin.
  7. Another remedy worth mentioning is the one with eggs. Not the entire egg but rather its whites. All you  need to do is to separate yokes from whites and then put the whites on your skin in order to tighten the pores and get rid of the redness.
  8. You would be surprised to learn that cornstarch can also be helpful here. This remedy can guarantee a quick effect on your skin; moreover, the starch is fairly gentle to your skin, so it is safe even for those with sensitive skin type. It is also easy to make and use: just mix some cornstarch with water and put this mixture on your pimples. Then let it dry up and wash it off after approximately an hour.
  9. A remedy not known very much is the one with vinegar. However, the vinegar itself is rather strong. So we highly recommend you adding some water into it in order to prevent redness on your skin or any other side effects.
    Vinegar was famous for its antibacterial properties even before all kinds of lotions emerged. Therefore, it works and really fast. It can be of much help not only when it comes to pimples on your face, neck or chin but also with scars and other marks.

get rid of pimples remedy

You might wonder to do to remove a pimple on an ear, as it is a very sensitive area. Here is our piece of advice on this matter:

  • In case you got a pimple on your ear, do not touch with dirty hands, as you can make it only worse. Wash your hands very carefully. You can even wash them several times to make sure they are clean.
  • The very first thing you should use to get rid of a pimple on an ear is use some alcohol to sterilize an affected area. Alcohol is known for its anti-bacterial properties; therefore, use it on a cotton swab to wipe your pimple.
    get rid of pimples face chin neck
  • In case you have lotions and other facial care cosmetics at home, you can use it as well. Just make sure to use the one with no oil in it. Salicylic acid has all the properties to reduce the pimple and heal it as a result.
  • Another thing that can serve as a pimple remover is Hydrogen Peroxide. Spread it on your pimple and let it dry to get rid of it.

Therefore, as you see getting a pimple is not the end of the world. There are plenty of ways of how to get rid of it within very short time. So use these simple tips – and do not be afraid next time you notice a pimple on your face, chin, neck or an ear.


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