How to have a lucid dream

Do you want to control your dreams? You will find a lot of information about lucid dreaming in this article.

Do you ever ask yourself how to lucid dream easy? The first thing you should know about yourself while experiencing lucid dreams is that your brain is still functioning almost the same as when you are awake. Therefore, these dreams can’t be abused. Otherwise you'll wake up in a very bad and confusing condition. In addition, some researchers recommend to use hypnosis, self-hypnosis or substances to experience lucid dreams. But it is not safe – there is a chance you won’t wake up. That’s why it’s better to do some simple exercises which can help you train your brain. So if you ask yourself how to lucid dream easily, here are some tips for you.

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Firstly, it’s a good idea to analyze your dreams. In order to do that you should start with a daily recording of your dreams – you can just write down everything you remembered after you wake up. It will help you to figure out what things you see more often than the others – something real or fantastic, people you know or some magic creatures. After a while you will start understanding why you see those dreams, what they mean and how it is connected to your consciousness. So it’s better to take notes every day.

If you wonder how to lucid dream right now, it will still require some time. This process is really long and it can take a few months but this way you’ll learn to understand the nature of dream. You can’t ignore the analysis because your subconscious mind should be first thoroughly explored in order for you to get an ability to control it.

Learn to distinguish  the dream from reality

You can only see a dream during the so-called “fast-phase”. It means your sleep is not deep. Usually people don’t realize if they are asleep or awake. What is more, it seems to them that all they see in their dreams is actually happening.

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In order to realize you’re sleeping you should pay attention to “distinguishing marks” – such as the look of your apartment or office; a lot of events, the distortion of colours, sounds and faces.

In fact, many people say that you can’t smell in dreams, if the smell is not in the room where the person is sleeping. However, this statement is false, because there are people who have dreams and smell things and people they talk to while they’re asleep. Therefore, you can’t be sure about the smell.

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Try to pay attention to the details and compare them with what you have seen in reality, so that you not only make sure you are sleeping, but also make an important step towards lucid dreaming. Only the clear understanding that you are asleep, allows to control the process.

Learn to "order" your dreams!

The following exercise will also help you to understand the art of the lucid dreaming. Try to program your future dream before you go to bed. Start with some places or events, and the people around you – there is always a bigger chance to see them in your sleep. Then make the task more complicated, for example, "order” the sea or the forest, then – some action that you don’t do really often.

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Then try to think of  some long story - a colorful ceremony, the car-trip through the mountains, balloon flight over the town you always wanted to visit. An excellent tool for this exercise would be the ability to visualize all the images and keep them in your mind for 10-15 minutes.

Learn how to influence the plot of your dream!

Now you can go directly to the understanding of the art of lucid dreaming. Try to control everything that happens in your dream, learn to manage the situation and change it the way you want. For example, if you’re dreaming that you are being chased by someone, force yourself to stop, turn to that person, look him in the eyes and throw yourself at him, imagining how frightened he will be.


If you are drowning in your dream, you have to imagine that there is a boat not far from you, and someone is handing you a helping hand or you become a fish and enjoy the life under water.

In fact, this process mostly depends on your imagination and the ability to quickly find a way out in the non-standard circumstances. If you can instantly react in any real life situation, it won’t be difficult for you to do the same while you are having lucid dreams.If you wonder how to have a lucid dream tonight, the answer is -  start practicing now!


To experience a lucid dream You need to realize that You are dreaming while You are inside sleeping. There are several ways to try to do so. One way is to do it on the principle of Association. For example, You can develop the habit to do the "test of reality" every time You go to the toilet.

"Test of reality" — this is a short test, administered in order to check whether You are sleeping or not. You can try several ways to check on reality. The most accessible is the reading of the written passage or time on Your digital clock, then turn head, to look back and re-read the same. If the value changes, You sleep. The value always changes when You sleep, trust me. And when You are convinced that you are dreaming, You can begin to control it.

So, let's imagine that You begin to associate the visit to the bathroom to check on reality. If You go to the toilet in a dream, You will automatically perform a check on reality — and then realize that you are dreaming.

This is one of the methods: the realization that You sleep using the principle of Association. The second mechanism through the following tips: Your friend watches as You fall asleep, and then literally tells You that You are dreaming.

The brain is particularly well-pulls strong environment during the REM phase and introduces them to sleep. Thus, You can hear the command "go to bed!" and wonder where it's coming from. Suddenly You realize that it's Your friend... and You are fully aware that You are dreaming.

Third, the most important way — samonastroe. That is to say to yourself that You are going to experience a lucid dream tonight. I intend to experience a lucid dream tonight. I intend to experience a lucid dream tonight. You promise yourself that next time, when going to sleep, You realize that sleep.

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