How to hide pimples with makeup?

Precious info for every girl! Your plans won’t be under the threat of failure because of a pimple! Here are the best tips on how to hide a pimple in a few minutes using special make-up!

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Hiding pimples on face is a delicate, but real matter. You’ll have to work a lot putting such make-up on, more than you usually do every day. But the result is totally worth it.

Such a lucky girl, who has never ever seen a single pimple on her face, doesn’t really exist. However, since you are reading this article, you are one of us and the ‘incidents’ still happen.

Hide pimples. Hide pimple redness

hiding pimples

Pimples, blackheads and redness can be hidden with the help of makeup. Painful skin with plenty of opened, wet pustular inflammation, boils - no, it should be treated. You can certainly use a multilayered mask of cosmetics, but it will only hurt the skin badly and will not embellish it much.

So, we must understand that using make-up is possible for normal healthy skin with a number of pimples or with small areas of inflammation on the face.

Cosmetics and tools used for applying ‘anti- pimple’ makeup. We will talk about the tone of the face.

make up guide

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1. Brushes (various sizes).

2. Primer is a cream with a light, fine texture.  It is better not to save money buying it. As it is applied to the skin first, and it nourishes the skin with its ingredients, gives a smoothing effect, and so on.  

3. Makeup base. The base (as well as other cosmetic and caring products) must be chosen according to your skin type. There are products with different therapeutic effect – it may remove redness (good for rosacea, acne), dry (with the addition of salicylic acid) and many others. Choose optimally suitable product for you.

4. For oily skin (or some fatty areas with the combined type of skin) you should use a cream-degreaser that can have different names, but its purpose is to remove the shine from the face, narrow pores a little.

How to hide a pimple with concealer?

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Pimples, pimple scars, blackheads and redness can be hidden with the help of proper make-up. Concealer was created for masking ‘not pretty’ area of ​​ skin. Apply a thin, light layer of it. Keep the concealer (s) in your purse, just in case a pimple ‘catches you by surprise’.

Concealers are different in their texture and purpose:

1. Liquid one is used for hiding problem areas in the nasolabial part and under the eyes.

2. Pencil and lipstick concealer. Use to cover the spot (locally).

3. Moisturizing. It is perfect for hiding bags and bruises under the eyes.

4. Concealer Stick. Perfect to disguise irregularities, freckles, redness, age spots, redness. It is particularly useful for masking redness near nose.

We do not need any other concealer to solve this problem.

Powder-tone with a twinkle effect. Never use matte one (it is suitable only for smooth, perfect skin, and for problem one – it creates the effect of plaster on the face).

Fixing powder. Typically, there are a lot of layers of cosmetics applied on face, so there is a need in powder-lock, which not only binds the layers, but also evens the skin tone.

All products must be selected in yellow-brown tones. Pink and red hues can emphasize the redness of the face even more.

Hiding problems: ways

acne make up

If you want to cover up pimples, there are different methods, techniques and schemes. Let’s talk about one of the ways of the face transformation from problem skin to perfect.

Makeup step by step:

1. Apply a light layer of primer, selected according to the above recommendations.

2. Next, using a brush (1 cm width), put the tone foundation (base). Try to apply each layer as thin as possible.

3. Apply concealer to the eyes (a lighter shade than the base).

4. Then you can go through a layer with mineral powder-tone. It can be almost transparent, its purpose is to give the skin a healthy color, thanks to shimmering particles, as well as to consolidate and align layer.

5. Take a concealer that performs the desired task of masking and apply it to your skin. If a pimple (s) are located, for example, in the area of ​​the chin and cheeks, the work only in the desired zone, do not put a lot of make-up on the whole face.

Concealers can have two shades. Lighter is applied to the central part of the face, and darker - for remote areas of the face.

6. Next, a smaller diameter brush can be applied locally, directly on the acne. You should put concealer with denser texture (lipstick or stick concealer). This should be done very carefully, without disturbing the results of previous work.

7. Fix the result with the fixing powder. If necessary, for example, in extreme heat, you can use the powder with the water-resistant effect.

Learn how to do the right makeup and you can be sure that the ‘spot’ is not a tragedy, but only a little trouble, which can be hidden.

Select the right makeup

anti-acne make up

Coping with this problem can become a little easier due to carefully selected cosmetics. It should be specifically created for oily problem skin, contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants. It is important that the cosmetic products do not include:

  • Saturated fats;
  • Chemical dyes;
  • Flavors;
  • Comedogenic ingredients.

good base

Those, who have problems with the skin, should use only hypoallergenic cosmetics on the natural basis. Of course, it is not cheap and not all stores have it. But saving money on a good, not deteriorating condition of face cosmetics, we will not hide any defects, pimples or acne, but can aggravate the skin condition.

Thus, correctly applying cosmetics can act as an ‘emergency’ when you need to cover up pimples extremely fast.

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