How to increase breast size fast?

Do you dream to increase your breast size? Your wish may become true! Read the article and check up top 7 ways!

breast surgery

Increased breast or breast lift is the desire of many women. But when you have the first or even zero breast size - you certainly want to add several centimeters to your chest.

Of course, increasing breasts without surgery to several sizes, in fact, is impossible. But with some efforts you may correct form a little and make more outstanding volume. It is possible.

So, let's check up all the ways of fast breast augmentation without any surgery. However, focusing on the pros and, of course, cons of all these methods.

1. Proper nutrition

brocolli diet

Diet certainly plays a big role in shaping any body. Almost all the ladies know the famous rule: you’ll stay without booty and breast in the beginning of a successful diet. However, if you desire to put on some weight ‘where it’s necessary’, we somehow gather fat on legs and belly. So how to have breast enhancement at home?

We must eat properly, because correctly picked up food for breast enlargement can really give noticeable results. And finally here we come to the question of what food increases breast.

These are: apples, beans, carrots, dates, garlic, cherries and broccoli. Also all other vegetables and fruits, which contain phytoestrogen. This element is similar in its formula and properties to some human hormones. So, find phytoestrogen products (the Internet may help you), if you are looking for food for breast enlargement.

However, the content of phytoestrogen in fruits and vegetables is extremely small, so girls have to eat kilograms of it for visible effect.

Do not search the easy way, going to pharmacies for all sorts of teas, decoctions and infusions for breast augmentation. Such laziness usually ends badly. The best thing you can have is not noticeable effect. The worst - to earn stomach problems or hurt endocrine system.

 2. Supplements for breast augmentation

no breasts

No, no and once more no! It is not the way that you are looking for. Advertising, tells you about the miraculous possibilities of dietary supplements, but this is nothing more than the skill of advertisers. For interest you can read the composition of a few of these drugs. You'll find there a small list of a couple of elements (which can be bought at the pharmacy for mere pennies) or a some unknown names (a lot of which may be more harmful than helpful).

3. Cream with estrogen

remedies for breasts

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A lot of women have already heard about breast enlargement creams, which contain estrogen. The use of such a cream can increase breast by 1 size. Already in the first week of continuous use of the cream there will be the first results, the dimension may increase to 4-5 mm. A month later, these rates will raise to 1 cm. And then it stops.

The disadvantage is that such a cream should be applied consistently, every day. If you skip the procedure once you will not achieve any effect. Therefore, we can say that cream for breast enlargement is effective but undesirable way.

4. Clothes for breast augmentation

breast corset

Some girls sincerely wonder how to increase breasts in 1 day. To achieve real increasing in such a short period of time is, of course, impossible. But here's a little trick that still may work out.

If you’re visiting a festive evening where you plan to charm everyone and show your beauty, why not to use some special clothes. Cups with push-up and your breasts are already transformed, even for one night. For example, the corset, the same as in the photo, can help a lot. Or special bras allow correcting and visually enlarging the breasts.

5. Sex

happy couple

Yes, it is sex! It turns out that it not only improves mood, improves your health and helps to forget about the headache, but also contributes, albeit slight, in increasing breast size.

Of course, this option is not suitable for those girls, who are looking for ways to increase their breast in 12 or 13 years. Girls, you still grow, do not even worry about it.

6. Vacuum massage

beautiful breasts

Is it really possible to increase a breast with a regular vacuum massage? In fact, possible. The contineous, regular use of any vacuum pump increases the number of breast tissue cells, so its size.

But if you want to achieve tangible results, it is necessary to use such pump for some months, or even about one year. Not every girl has such patience and commitment.

7. Exercises for breast enlargement

push up exercise

Is it possible to increase the breast using exercises? Yes, no doubt. If you have it as a rule to use regular and specific set of exercises, in a month you will see the positive and very obvious results. You can change the shape of the bust, it will become more fit and elastic.


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