How to increase breast size?

You complex about the size of your breast? Read the article to cope with this problem!

You are dissatisfied with your breast, but don't want to spend time and money for operation to increase it? Now many women address various natural methods of non-invasive increase in breast. Effect of such methods will be not as noticeable as implants. But if you have patience to try different methods, it's quite really to get improvement. Many ways aren't supported with scientific proofs. Even methods, which have some scientific justification, have no success guarantee. But it's worth trying.

How to increase breast size

1.         The first way how to increase breast size at home is to pump up pectoral muscles. It is not only an excellent way to strengthen your force, to lighten mood, and general state of health – it is also a good way to improve your breast! To be more precisely, pumping up of muscles of the chest with regular power exercises can help to increase size, density and smartness of bust in general. Here are two examples of exercises which you can to try:

•          Pushes from breast: Lay down on a back with bent knees so that foot touched a floor. Take on a dumbbell in each hand, having bent hands in elbows by 90 degrees. Straining pectoral muscles lift weight to ceiling and reduce it together. Slowly and smoothly lower them in initial position. Do it 3 times a day of 12 — 15 repetitions.

how to increase breast size at home

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•          Push-up on hands: stay on knees in elbow position. Extend legs back and balance on finger-tips of legs. Make one push-up: bend hands to lower a body to the floor. Use muscles of hands and breast to return to initial position. Hold the back directly and raise hips so that the body formed a straight line. You can lean on knees if standard push-ups are too difficult for you. Do these exercises 3 times a day of 12 — 15 repetitions.

growth of breast by massage

2.         Be focused on muscles of back and shoulders. Not only pectoral muscles should work. As a rule, carrying out power trainings, you will seek to improve all the main groups of muscles every week to be convinced of general strengthening of body and to avoid injuries. Besides, the tone of other muscular groups, not just located in thorax, can positively influence the size of your bust too. For example, strengthening of muscles of shoulders and back tones up the top part of trunk. Muscles will become firm, and it will be easier for you to support vertical bearing. These exercises will help your breast to look larger. Begin to strengthen the back and shoulders with exercises described below:

increase breast by pressing

•          Rises in form of letter 'Y': Get up, having parted legs on width of shoulders. Take a dumbbell in each hand and hold it on outstretched arm in front of corresponding hip. Raise hands before yourself until they appear over your head, creating letter 'Y' together. Hold the trunk rigidly and keep a vertical bearing. Finish exercise by slow lowering of freight on initial position.

•          Pulling up of dumbbells with effort: take two dumbbells and get up with straight arms in position for push-up. Holding hips not movably, tighten one of dumbbells from floor to breast, keeping an elbow bent concerning a body. Lower a dumbbell back on the floor and repeat the same with the second hand.

increase a breast at home fast

•          Gain a little weight. If you want to increase a breast naturally, you need to gain couple of kilograms. Not only your breast will become bigger, but also stomach hips and other parts of body, which gain weight most quickly. But it is the simplest and checked way. To gain weight, you need to increase consumption of calories. Eat more fat food, such as cheeses and cookies. This way will do well if you are very thin, and you anyway need to gain couple of kilograms. Though it is obvious that this is not the best decision.

increase breast by massage

•          Eat more products with estrogen. Estrogen is a women hormone, which in addition is responsible for increase in the size of breast. Though your body will independently make estrogen at teenage age, it won't be excess to eat more products with this hormone to increase a breast. There are some products rich with it: lentil and chick-pea, haricot, dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, seasonings, apples, cherry and plums, beet, carrots, cucumbers, beer and rice.

How to increase breast size 1

3.         Some sources assure that it is possible to cause growth of breast by massage. Sometimes these sources advise to use special oils, cream or device to cause such growth. Though it can be pleasant and lead to relaxation that will lighten you mood and will improve a bearing, there are no scientific proofs that it is possible to stimulate growth of a breast by pressing. Nevertheless, as this method is rather safe and inexpensive, you can use it at desire without restrictions. As it was told above, massage can be a make-shift for achievement of relaxation and satisfaction.

How to increase breast size 2

4.         The simplest way to increase a breast visually at home fast is to wear clothes, the top of which is decorated. Put on the T-shirt or blouse that will emphasize your natural lines. For example, any shirt from fluffy material in breast can create illusion that it is bigger. The same effect can give successfully picked up scarf. One more successful option will be to put on a shirt with drawing from horizontal strips in breast.

How to increase breast size 4

5.         Put on a bra of the correct size. When you wear too big or too small bra, your breast seems less, than it is actually. Besides, the bras, which are unsuccessfully picked up for the size can just be inconvenient. Ideally the bra has to support and raise a breast, without doing it flat and without allowing it to hang down. If it seems that you wear not the right size of bra, ask to help you with choice of size. Some women who for years wear the same size of bra after such adjustment find out that they feel and look notable better.

6.         The last way to correct the breast fast is to put on push-up bra. It can increase it on 1-2 sizes at once.


The safest and most reliable way to increase breast volume is a stable workout and exercise. If you can two or three times in a week to perform certain exercises, you will surely be able to increase their breast at least one size. In order to achieve the desired result, start to do pushups (5 sets with the maximum number of push-UPS), as well as exercises with dumbbells, the weight of which is from three to six pounds. Complete reduction of the hands above the head, making three sets of 15 times.


In addition, some women believe that enlarge Breasts is possible by means of traditional methods. One of them is the use of the tincture of hop cones, which is prepared as follows: take 1 tablespoon of hop cones, pour a glass of boiling water and insist in a thermos for 8 hours. To take this remedy takes three times a day before meals, drinking at one time half a Cup of tincture. However, this method can easily cause reproductive failure, so be careful.

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