How to increase progesterone?

How can progesterone influence on pregnancy? Read the article to take care of your health.

Progesterone plays a key role in production of important substances, which are necessary for our organism. Low levels of progesterone can lead to problems with menstrual cycle, impossibility to get pregnant, and other symptoms connected with menopause. The problem of low levels of progesterone can effectively be solved naturally with herbs, with the help of medicine and changes in a way of life.

How to increase progesterone?

How to increase progesteronelevels to get pregnant?

Consult with gynecologist concerning increase in level of progesterone. Women with repeating or inexplicable abortions often begin treatment with progesterone and are capable to support the following pregnancy.

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progesterone levels to get pregnant

  • Levels of progesterone increase naturally in time of each menstrual cycle after an ovulation. It allows walls of uterus to be condensed and provide support for the period of pregnancy.
  • Vaginal capsules of progesterone. Depending on abortion reason, use of vaginal capsules of progesterone can prevent early cases of abortions. Scientific literature supports vaginal using of progesterone in the form of capsules or candles.
  • Though also other methods of introduction of progesterone, like injections, oral introduction and creams are possible, vaginal method of introduction is recommended to women with defect of lutein phase and inexplicable abortions.

How to increase progesterone naturally

  • Emergency medical service is desirable if you feel breast pain, a sudden headache, a sleep or weakness (especially if it happens only on the one hand, for example), complicated breath and cough with blood. The emergency is also necessary at problems with sight or speech, dizziness, loss of consciousness or problems with balance, breast pains, and pain in hand or in shoulders, weakness of hand and leg, pain and hypostasis of legs, nausea, vomiting, bellyaches, appetite loss, and weak display of fever or at urine changes.
  • Talk to the doctor to define whether combination of the medicines containing estrogen and progesterone can provide increase in level of progesterone demanded by your organism, having kept at the same time balance of both hormones.

naturally with herbs

How to increase progesterone naturally?

  • Reduce stress level. In attempt to create healthy hormonal balance, the stress will only prevent it, exerting additional negative impact.
  • Use techniques of relaxation by means of which you will be able to breathe more deeply and stretch the muscles to reduce tension.
  • Watch your organism and sleep enough time. Eat healthy food and be regularly engaged in physical activity.

to increase progesterone naturally by food

How to increase progesterone naturally by food?

  • Eat healthy food. Weight loss, refusal of big portions, consumption of food with high content of protein and small content of carbohydrates, reduction of saturated fats and increased nutrition with no saturated fats – all this is included into the list of recommended things for increase in level of progesterone naturally.
  • Eat more dairy products. Though dairy products contain a small amount of progesterone, researches show significant increase in level of this hormone at men when they eat three portions of dairy products with a high rate of fat content daily.

How to increase progesterone 1

  • Give up smoking. The nicotine, which is contained in cigarettes, can prevent production of hormones in our ovaries. It breaks the processes connected with their normal cyclic functioning.
  • The cigarette smoke in combination with products containing estrogen or progesterone also increases risk of emergence of serious and even deadly situations.

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