How to increase quality of sperm?

How to make the quality of your sperm better? What are the general rules in enhancing sperm cell functions? Read the article to find out!

Sperm quality

According to the World Health Organization, approximately fifteen percent of couples are infertile. While in 60% of cases it`s caused by women health conditions, other 40 % lies on men shoulders, supposedly sperm cell function. The quality of the sperm is continue lowering due large quantity of factors like environment, stresses, garbage food. Also, it may be medical problems that effect on men fertility like:

  • Lack of sperm production
  • Sperm without normal shape
  • Low motility of sperm
  • Structural issues which cause obstacles on delivering sperm

However, these medical problems are not irreversible and can be managed by a simple visit to a doctor. On the other hand, minor problems with sperm production quality can be healed by the will of a patient.

Tips of increasing sperm production

Tip 1

Sperm production

If your testosterone level is low, the sperm test will certainly make you to frustrated. So, to provide you healthy sperm you need to maintain a healthy diet and give up addictions. Your false friend is a drug addiction as any type of drugs can lower the sperm cell production. For increasing reproductive system abilities, it would have needed to use some supplements:

  • Folic acid – all food made of grain contain this element, especially effective in combination with zinc.
  • L-carnitine – consume everything that provided to men by nature like meat and milk with their natural amino acid which increases the quantity of sperm.
  • L-arginine – seeds, nuts, eggs, meat are your best friends for mining this element.

Tip 2

Exercise a lot! The Healthy lifestyle doesn`t end on nice healthy meals. It`s a hard work over your body. By providing more physical capabilities to yourself you provide more chances to your future generations of sperm. Start with pumping some iron in a local GYM.

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Tip 3

Sperm Quality

If you want to be more famine you would stick to drinking alcohol regularly. According to UK health studies, constant consuming of alcohol provides hard times on a liver which causes a dramatic rise of estrogen in a body. A Huge amount of estrogen in your body will certainly decrease sperm production level.

Tip 4

Sperm Quality

Low your sex appetites. The density of sperm depends on heaving often a man ejaculate. If a man of passion lower or furious spanker of the monkey, the fertility level of the sperm will not make him happy.

Tip 5

Sperm Quality

Back to the diet! The high amount of protein is needed to sustain sperm cell function in a nice shape. Mainly, healthy proteins which rarely contain in fast-food are needed. In this case, prepare for consuming a decent variety of fish and meat.

Tip 6

Change your underwear. The secret lies that you need to cool down private part of your body to make them fertile. That`s why tight underwear is not recommended. Also, sleeping naked can also help to reduce the temperature of your body.

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Tip 7

Smoking habits are also prohibited. UK officials provide information that 20% of man in the country undergone sperm analysis couldn`t supply sufficient amount of sperm due to smoking habits. The nicotine contained in cigarettes is one of the swore enemies of fertility.


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