How to increase sperm count?

Wish to learn how to increase sperm count? There are some working methods to use, get them now.

At last, you want to get your own children, but you are concerned by sperm count low? Usually, semen is considered normal if one its milliliter contains at least 15 million spermatozoa. This quantity can decrease if your testicles are overheated, you are in a condition of a stress or you suffer from STD. These all, including abuse with alcohol, causes violation of production of zingers. Fortunately, there are ways, thanks to which sperm count for pregnancy can be increased.

How to increase sperm count?

But for a start you should do sperm count test at the doctor. It's necessary to learn how to increase amount of semen. For this purpose, you have to undergo procedure, which is unpleasant for many people. It is a process of seed capture on the analysis. According to the received results, necessary treatment is appointed.

increase sperm count?

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The entire organism undergoes this check. The result, which will allow increasing quantitative indices, depends on it. Process of treatment is directed to elimination of the reasons, which reduce sperm count. After that, you can start therapy.


However, not all men want to do the test at the doctor. They are interested how to increase sperm count at home? There are many ways to do it. Let’s learn some of them:

  • Avoid overheat of testicles. There is a reason, for which cojones are out of body: it needs other temperature conditions, than internals. Ability to make semen decreases at overheats. There are several ways, by means of which it is possible to prevent overheat of this important organ. Don't wear fitting trousers and jeans. Put on free pants, not swimming trunks all the time. Sleep without underwear to provide more acceptable conditions for gonads, avoid frequent hot bathtubs.
    Avoid overheat of testicles.
  • Do massage of a body with grass oils. Massage, as well as regular trainings sport, improves a blood-groove. In turn, it promotes production of better sperm.
    massage of a body with grass oils.
  • Reduce stress level. Hormones of a stress block production of testosterone. At a certain quantity of stress, your body can completely stop sperm production. You should get enough sleep. Exhaustion can also cause stress and make semen count lower.
    Try to use any techniques of a relaxation during the day. Regular trainings and meditations will help you to support physical and mental well-being. You can also run or swim.
    Reduce stress level.
  • Don’t forget aboutsperm count increase food. The diet, which contains few fats and a lot of protein (vegetables and whole-grain bread), influences both your health and semen well. Eat a lot of fish, meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables. The peanut, walnut, cashew nuts also increase quantity of spermatozoa.
    sperm count increase food.
  • Reduce body weight. Scientists don't know, what is the link between number of spermatozoa and body weight, but the recent researches in France have shown, that stout men has 42% less sperm count, than men with normal body weight.
    Reduce body weight
  • Use food additives. Researches have shown that folic acid and sulfate of zinc are necessary in the course of synthesis of DNA.
    Use food additives.
  • Stop smoking and drinking. These nasty habits not only reduce sperm count, but also lead to reduction of viability of spermatozoa.
    Use food additives.

These are advices, which will help you not only to increase the amount of sperm, but also to improve your health in general. Follow it and everything will be OK.


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Answered 5 months ago.

Now my husband and I are planning a pregnancy. Naturally it would be desirable to come as quickly as possible. In this case, you need to be healthy. After reading the article, I realized that sperm quality was, sperm motility, it is necessary to eat well, namely to eat nuts, more eggs and fish. Then all will be well and the process of fertilization occurs in the shortest possible time. It is a pity that we do not always manage to avoid stress, because it is also a negative impact on sperm, and the number of motile sperm. Well, let's eat right and all will certainly happen!

Answered 1 year ago.

If the volume of semen for any reason decreases, in this "guilty" health & unhealthy habits. Smoking, alkoholittomia drinks, obesity and hormonal disorders are the main reasons why the process of formation of seminal fluid decreases. The quality (sometimes it is jelly-like semen) and volume of sperm and also the sperm count may reduce some drugs or excessive bathing rituals. To increase the amount of seminal fluid, it is necessary, first, to eliminate all negative factors.

Quantitative and qualitative indicators of the semen are the main criteria that display the overall health status of men, regardless of age.

Answered 1 year ago.
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