How to increase testosterone?

Do you know how to overcome a lack of testosterone? Read the article to learn about this problem.

Today lots of young men have testosterone at a low level. First of all it is connected with wrong way of life: addictions, unbalanced food, insufficient quantity of sleep, minimal physical activity etc. It caused problems with health and with production of sex hormones. That’s why many men interested in how to increase testosterone.

How to increase testosterone

How to increase testosterone naturally:

  • Normalization of sleeping. In phase of a deep sleep there is an allocation of the most part of sex hormones and if constantly not to sleep enough, all measures taken for testosterone increase will be reduced to zero. Healthy sleep for most of people has to last about 7-8 hours, but the main criterion of duration of healthy sleep is a good health and cheerfulness during rise. Ideally, you have to wake up without alarm clock, feeling completely well rested. The dream has to pass in complete silence and darkness. Also it is important to provide other conditions of sleeping for the maximum production of testosterone.
  • Food. Without good nutrition, you can forget about high level of testosterone in general. As production of hormones is a difficult process meaning harmonious work of many organs and systems, for its start, you should provide an organism with necessary substances.

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  • Minerals. The main mineral necessary for testosterone synthesis is zinc. Therefore, you have to take care of its sufficient amount in organism with food or additives. Zinc contains in seafood (oysters, squids, crabs), fish, nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachios), and pumpkin seeds. Other necessary minerals improving efficiency of testosterone are calcium and magnesium.
  • Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are a basis of human food and activity, without which there is no biochemical processes including testosterone synthesis. For example, fats are sources of cholesterol, which is a basis of testosterone molecule. Therefore, men should balance a diet so that there was no lack of these components.

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  • Water. Depending on mass of your body, you have to drink not less than 2 liters of usual purified water a day to increase testosterone naturally. The raised water consumption is necessary if you actively do sports. Also consider that aerated water, store juice, sweet drinks and others aren't suitable.
  • Vitamins. Of course, for full-fledged health the organism needs all vitamins. But a special role in increase of level of testosterone in man play: vitamin C — antioxidant, inhibits development of cortisol; vitamin E — antioxidant, helps insulin to cope with raised sugar; vitamin D helps digestion of calcium, turns estrogen into its weaker forms; omega-3 and omega-6 — irreplaceable acids, which are an integral part of biosynthesis of testosterone; vitamins of group B participate in thousands of biochemical reactions, increase synthesis of sex hormones. These vitamins contain in citrus fruits, berries, oil, vegetables, and nuts.

How to increase testosterone level

  • Normalization of weight. Men with an excess weight have smaller level of sex hormones and it is the fact caused by human physiology. If you see the man with a strong excess weight, it is possible to claim safely, even without laboratory analysis, that he has a low percent of androgens in blood.

All the matter is that in fat tissue there is a transformation of male sex hormones into women's estrogen. And then more the level of estrogen in organism, then less testosterone level is. Thus, fat tissue forms a closed chain, provoking decrease in sex hormones.

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  • Exclude addictions. Alcohol in organism of man provokes transformation of testosterone into estrogen. In addition, it makes system harm to all organism that affect production of hormones for the worse. For example, beer contains analogs of female sex hormones, which catastrophically reflect in their level. An exception is a natural red dry wine, which on the contrary, slows down effect of enzymes responsible for testosterone metabolism in estrogen.

How to increase testosterone in man

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  • Try to be sexually active. Moderate sexual contacts increase production of sex hormones. But be not overzealous in sexual rushes, otherwise you'll receive opposite result. Simple communication with women increases hormone levels quickly too.
  • Avoid stressful situations, stay in good mood more often. At stress, cortisol reducing the level of male sex hormone. When the level of androgens is increased, it involves increase of mood. It is possible to change a situation, having begun with the opposite end: the good mood involves improvement of hormonal background.

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  • Try to win. Testosterone is often named as hormone of winners. Even the smallest and insignificant victory increases testosterone level for some time. For example, social status in society: men, whose social status is higher than people surrounding him, have the increased level of sex hormones as he realizes his superiority over others. It can concern high material prosperity, a high senior position, sports results, and other achievements as a result of which the man feels like the winner.

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  • Moderate occupations with dumbbells promote testosterone increase. Duration of training shouldn't exceed hour. 10-15 minutes to warm-up, 45-50 minutes to train with weight. The number of trainings shouldn't exceed 2-3 in a week. Between trainings, it is necessary to do a break at least in one day, for restoration of muscles and forces of an organism. Train large muscles: back, legs, and breast.
  • Surely include in training program general power exercises for testosterone increase, such as squat, a press of dumbbells lying and standing etc. Their weight has to be such that it was possible to make about 8-10 repetitions. And the last repetition has to cause maximum effort.


Change your eating habits. The amount of testosterone produced depends on the diet, so it's important to understand what you eat. Good testosterone diet includes a large amount of healthy fats, green leafy vegetables, protein and cholesterol (it's not so bad!). Low-fat diets should be avoided when trying to boost testosterone.

For example, minerals such as zinc and magnesium, help to start production of testosterone, while a healthy level of cholesterol allows the Leydig cells actually produce testosterone.

In addition, vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, reduce the level of estrogen (female hormone) in the body, thus boosting testosterone levels.

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