How to increase your metabolism?

Wish to stay fit and healthy? Learn how to increase your metabolism and boost the speed of digesting foods in your body.

For certain, you’ve heard how many people say that the reason of their excess weight is slowed-down metabolism. Is it so? What is possible to do to speed up metabolism?

How to increase your metabolism?

Metabolism is a process, at which your organism turns in energy everything that you eat and drink. It's a difficult biochemical process.

Even when you are at rest, your body needs energy for maintenance of all the "hidden" functions, such as breath, blood circulation, adjustment of level of hormones and regeneration of cells. In the quiet state, the organism burns about 70% of all consumed calories.

 increase metabolism?

Nowadays there are a lot of advices how to increase metabolism to lose weight. Here you’ll see some of them.

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How to boost metabolism?

  • Using herbs to increase metabolism is a good start. However, only this method can't give you full-fledged results.

In fact, the majority of the herbs, used for increasing of metabolism, are simple nutritious herbs, providing an organism with a wide range of vitamins and necessary microelements. However, some herbs can increase energy level naturally. It is a ginseng, a lucerne and parsley.

herbs to increase metabolism

  • Power training is one of the best ways to boost metabolism naturally. Muscles burn much more calories at rest, than fat.

Aerobic or power training can be limited to work with your own weight. These are: squats, push-ups and exercises on abdominal tension. It's also possible to add a complex with dumbbells weighing about 5 kg.

  • Don't miss a breakfast. Your organism has been deprived of food during the whole night. Therefore, the metabolism is slowed down.

If cells don't receive enough nutrients in the form of full-fledged breakfast, they begin to work less effectively and accumulate more fat to use it for emergency.

metabolism diet.

  • Don’t forget about increase metabolism diet. It is worth remembering advantage of calcium, which contains in yogurt in a large number, but it is also worth paying attention to other products, which increase metabolism for various reasons. These are: cinnamon, a curry, porridge, haricot, green tea, ginger, grapefruit, apples, coffee, almonds, bilberry, a water-melon and a turkey.
  • Drink more cold water. It is a universal accelerator of a metabolism, especially if it is cold. Our organism has to work quite hard to warm it.
    increase metabolism diet.
  • Stop smoking and drinking. These are addictions, which slow down a metabolism and prevent its healthy speed-up.

Above are several advices, which will help you to boost up metabolism. As you see, they are rather simple. However, with the help of them, you'll be able to achieve fine results and to lose weight efficiently.


I always liked to keep yourself in good shape, and for that I am engaged in sex life fitness and gym, as well of course a healthy diet, it is not otemlimaya part of it all. Metabolism, toist metabolism, formed from no proper nutrition, the use of a large amount of flour and fat products, which are very difficult to digest in the stomach. Because of this, and there is obesity, not big bones, you should always keep an eye on your diet that would be good vylyadet and be in good health. So that all the power is.

Answered 1 year ago.

Here's a secret: inside Your body right this minute and always works Your personal trainer, which helps to burn calories and melt fats. His name is the Metabolism.

Metabolism literally means "transformation".

This is all the processes that occur in the body from receiving nutrients to the output of the final products to the external environment.

It consists of two opposite and interrelated processes: the breakdown (catabolism) and building (anabolism).

We consume energy when eating or drinking (foods contain calories - units of energy). We waste energy when live.

Unused energy is sent in reserve in the fat. The balance between consumption and waste and is a reflection of our weight.

Metabolic rate is the energy expenditure over a period of time. The higher the speed, the more and faster is wasted energy . And therefore, the less calories sent to the body fat.

Answered 1 year ago.

Building muscle mass - this is one of the best proven ways to naturally increase metabolism. In addition to genetic predisposition, the body structure also plays a major role in the body's own ability to burn calories. The body, which consists of a strong healthy muscles require more energy to sustain life, than a body consisting mainly of fat, so the muscles are really able to significantly increase your metabolism. Moreover, such increased metabolism naturally not leave you many years, as opposed to tablets. Choose the desired strength training, follow a high protein content in their diet, exercise and enjoy!

Answered 1 year ago.
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