How to lighten skin on our knees and elbows?

If you are suffering from black knees and elbows, don't get upset – it is not a big problem. Read this article and learn five secrets how to make your skin on knees and elbows more light.

How to lighten skin on our knees and elbows

Practical secrets how to lighten your skin at home

How to lighten skin on our knees and elbows2

  1. Lighten skin with lemon 

Lemon is your biggest friend in bleaching your skin. It is natural, cheap and very ease to apply. Just cut it into halves so look like cups. Press all the juice from the lemon. You can add some sugar or honey and keep it in a fridge. It is delicious to add this mix to your tea in the evening so that you will get two in one: a delicious tea and a daily portion of Vitamin C. But let’s get back to the lemon. Take these two cups and rub them over your problem places where you want to lighten the skin. Leave the fruit work for about two hours. If you feel some skin tightness because of the lemon, use some body lotion to remove unpleasant feeling. After two weeks you will see first results.

How to lighten skin on our knees and elbows3

2. How to bleach your bleaching skin fast with soda

 Another little secret how to remove a dark skin on your knees and elbows is to apply milk and a simple baking soda. This recipe is cheap and not complicated to do as well. Put both of these ingredients in a bowl and mix all until it becomes a paste. Then massage your skin carefully with this paste. You will see how your skin becomes lighter in a few minutes already. 

How to lighten skin on our knees and elbows4

3. Home remedy for natural whitening of your skin with Coconut Oil.

This magical product can replace a lot of expensive cosmetic products. It can soften your skin well, keep it nourished with vitamins and moist. And it can also make your elbows and knees a bit more light because of a perfect moisturization. Massage it daily on wet skin after you washed. Repeat it a few days and you will feel the difference. You can add a bit of a lemon juice to make it even more lightening. If you apply a lemon, leave it to work on your skin for about 20 minutes. Or add some baking soda to make your wonder recipe work as an exfoliant.

4. Use sugar to make your skin less dark

Yes, a pure sugar can do a good job for you because of its granules. Add a bit of an olive oil or your favorite basic oil and make a paste (mix all the ingredients in a bowl). If you want, you can add a lemon oil to make your body smell longer with these excellent fragrances. Massage problem areas with your mixture a few minutes. If granules of the sugar are too big for you, use a blender to make them less. Blending helps you to make your homemade scrub more gentle.
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How to lighten skin on our knees and elbows6

  • Coffee is not only a favorite drink of many people worldwide, but it is excellent for your skin. Take a tablespoon of a brewed or cooked coffee and apply it after taking a shower or a bath. Massage coffee with circular moves a few minutes until you will feel a pleasant warmth, then leave it on yourself for five minutes, now wash it carefully. By the way, you don't need any soap or a shower gel. The best advantage of coffee is in its oil, which is very useful for your skin. And you will smell with your loved drink
  • Another variation of the coffee scrub is coffee with some oil, for example with olive or cocoa oil. Add a teaspoon of the oil and a tablespoon of the coffee. Coffee removes all the old cells while oils make your skin very elastic.
  • Coffee and sour cream are a sweet couple for a perfect moisturization of the skin.
  • Coffee and a natural honey will make the skin super stretchy and soft.

Use these secrets and you will get an amazing skin and beautiful light elbows and knees.

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