How to make fat burning smoothies?

Since the recipes of many fat-burning cocktails come from the United States or Europe, they need to be adapted to the products available in your local area. Although now in any supermarket you can find Romaine lettuce and almond milk but their price remains high.

weight loss

The overseas components are quite model and the effect of the drink remains the same.

Reputable sites celebrities, fitness trainers and magazines recommend smoothies as their own developments, which have several useful properties:

  • it improves the gastrointestinal tract;
  • facilitates the elimination of fat from the body;
  • speeds up metabolism for weight loss.

We offer top 10 most delicious and nutritious smoothies’ recipes for weight loss:

No. 1. Top of the charts of fat burning smoothies is for Dukane, since known to everyone who has reached the stage of alternation of well-known diet. For its preparation, you should cut half of a peeled cucumber into dices and 50g of black radish. Then take 50 grams of fennel and celery, a bundle of Basil, three drops of lime juice. All blended in a blender to a substance which recalls puree. Optionally add ice cubes.

fat burning smoothies

No. 2. The smoothie recipes from Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous Turkish physician from the United States, he is intended for low-calorie Breakfast and cleanse the body after a heavy holiday dinner. One of them includes two cups of spinach, half a cucumber, a quarter head of celery, half a medium bunch of parsley, a little mint, three carrots, two apples and a quarter of an orange, lemon and pineapple. All fruits and vegetables before loading into the blender are cleaned and cut into small cubes. The number is calculated on three-four portions.

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No. 3. Zuzka Light one of the most popular fitness people in the United States, offers her own version of a smoothie for Breakfast. Banana mocha is prepared with one banana, Cup of almond milk (any skim milk), half a Cup of cold coffee, a teaspoon of almond oil and half a Cup of Greek yogurt (or any yogurt without sugar). Still need two teaspoons of cocoa powder and teaspoon of cinnamon. The cocktail contains 280 calories and speeds up metabolism.

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No. 4. A fat burning cocktail of yogurt is available to everyone, as it is an alternative to Greek yogurt that is so popular in the United States. For preparation you need to take half Cup of low-fat yogurt (1% fat), 1 Cup green blend (parsley, dill, Basil, lettuce), a stalk of celery, one small carrot and cucumber. Flavor is added with mint or oregano.

No. 5. Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder is working with the Hollywood divas for the compilation of diets. She presents on the website PopSugar recipe for a smoothie which consists of 70% greens because it helps to fight against excess fat. In the Cup of a blender pour half a glass of water, add one bunch of Romaine lettuce, three stalks of celery, half Cup of spinach leaves, Apple and pear with remote cores, one banana, juice of half a lemon, a stalk of coriander and a third of the parsley. Everything is stirred for two minutes. Green smoothies are included in the top because they rejuvenate the skin, awaken energy and promote weight loss.

Green smoothies

No. 6. The twin sisters who are working under the name "the Nutrition Twins" offer a fat burning cocktail from kiwi. You need to cut two peeled kiwi and a banana, add a glass of skim milk, Cup of yogurt without sugar and fat, powder vanilla for flavor. This recipe offers only 90 calories per 100g serving.

No. 7. A sweet green smoothie is recommended for those who only start experimenting with the blender. A dozen of green grapes, half of an Apple and/or banana, two cups of spinach, 100ml of green tea, a small piece of ginger root, ice. Everything is mixed until a homogeneous mass and it will charge the body with antioxidants.


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