How to make relaxed hair thicker?

What can you do to make your relaxed hair healthier and thicker? We have a perfect solution for you. Keep reading our article to learn the secret of healthy hair!

how to make hair thicker

If you are not really fond of your hair (which happens to a lot of girls this day), then you probably use relaxers on it to make it straight and attractive. However, if you were attentive enough, then you would notice that after you use the relaxers a few times on your hair, it gets thin and is more likely to break. What is the secret to preventing this? How to make your hair thicker? There ways to do that. Here are our tips on how to make your relaxed hair thicker.

First of all, pay attention to what you eat. Your hair, just like all the other parts of your gets the nutrients from the food you are consuming. Therefore, sticking to a healthy diet will increase your chances for healthier and thicker hair. In case you are no aware of foods that are good for your hair, here is a list of products that should be in your diet if you want to improve the general condition of your hair:

•    Vitamin A. You can get it from yellow vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkins.

•    Biotin. Foods like liver, eggs, yeast, and whole grains are rich in this type of healthy nutrient for your hair.

•    Vitamin C. One can get it from eating kiwi fruits, lemons, strawberries, blackcurrants, oranges, and broccoli.

•    Vitamin E. This vitamin is present in nuts.

•    Zinc. This component can be found in beef, cereals, whole grains, eggs, and oysters.

•    Omega-3. You can get this nutrient from eating walnuts, trout, herring, sardines, salmon, and avocado.

After taking a diet for healthy hair into account, consider another thing that will make your hair thicker. It is sports. You will be surprised by it is a known conventional truth. Good overall health condition can be a source of thick, and healthy hair for you.

thicker hair diet

The third tip on this topic would be giving your hair time to recover after each relaxer usage. Specialists say that you should only apply relaxers once in three months. Otherwise, your hair will break a lot and will be very thin and unattractive. Some people even claim that they only apply this product once every four months or up to once a year.

The next advice is not to forget about common sense when relaxing your hair. This means that you should not expect your hair to be super straight. It is unnatural and can be of much harm to the overall health of it. You can use a so-called texlaxing procedure. This means that you will straighten your hair but not completely. There will still be curls on your head, but the general look will not be the way you expect it to be.

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Texlaxing works this way: you have to apply a relaxer to your hair but not for the whole recommended time. Leave it there for up to ten minutes and then wash away. This way you will not the product break your curls down completely. Other people also recommend applying oil to your hair before you start the procedure. Oil will not let the relaxer get too deep into your hair, and thus, will protect it from getting too much damage.

The next tip is not to use the relaxers that are too strong. Your hair will straighten even if you use a regular relaxer. So do not cause too much damage to it with an extra strength relaxer. In case you do not straighten your hair completely, it will remain healthier longer.

thicker hair solutions

As I have already mentioned above, cover your hair with oil before applying relaxer to it. However, not just any oil. Use a coconut one: it has a number of components that can make your hair dense and prevent protein loss that is an absolute necessity for you if you want to have thick hair.

Always cover the ends of your hair with special hair products that will protect them from getting too dry or breaking. If you want your hair to be thicker, avoid situations when you apply relaxers to it without the end being protected.

Get more protein in your daily diet as well as through special hair masks on a regular basis. Your hair is thin and sick after you relax it, so nourish it with necessary protein products to make it thicker and more attractive.

Be creative when creating hair styles, as in certain ways some of them hide that your hair is not thick enough. So try to wear your hair in such a manner to make it look thicker.

Finally, whenever you see that some ends are dry and damaged go see your hairstylist. You need to cut those ends to prevent its further splitting. Moreover, with your hair ends being split no matter what hair style you do, it won’t look good enough.

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