How to make six-pack in four weeks?

If you have already decided and want to know how to build abdominal muscles very quickly, for example in a month, all you need - is to go on a low-fat diet on a daily basis and to get enough cardio.


In such a way you will get rid of excess fat covering on your stomach, and, of course, you should perform at least 30 minutes a day of exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Abdominal rectus muscle is a shell that extends from the sternum to the lower abdomen - there is something hidden and it is a coveted six-pack!

And as soon as possible to find it, you just need a help of the cardio, which can effectively reduce the overall fat in the body.

5 steps to success:

1. As we have written above, be sure to use daily cardio at least 30 minutes to reduce the overall percentage of body fat. If you are still a beginner, start with half-hour sessions of low intensity, such as – 15 minutes of slow walking, 10 minutes of jogging and finally another 5 minutes of walk to deal with your heart rate and breathing.

After that you can allocate more time for 5 minutes stretching exercises major muscle groups. Repeat the daily training plan, adding 5 - 10 minutes to the total amount of time until it reaches a total duration of one hour.


Now you can dilute the monotonous routine of workouts cycling, walking over rough terrain, the work on the treadmill or swimming.

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2. In order to build abdominal muscles in just a month, check your diet by breaking the total daily food in the 5 - 6 receptions or simply adding to the three major portions 1 or 2 small snacks to maintain a constant level of blood sugar, and provide the body with fuel for training.

Avoid the temptation to use low-calorie diets, because the state of hunger significantly slows down your metabolism, which means that now your body will begin to consume fewer calories.

In addition, if you consume less than 1,000 calories a day, as the power source begins to be used metabolically active muscle tissue.

3. Do the exercises for the abdominals, seven days a week, training duration is limited by the onset of muscle fatigue - the time when you just can’t do more reps because it reached the physical limit.

In order to make six-pack successfully during one month, there is a very good exercise with the Swiss ball (fitball). To do this, lie on your back and lift both legs perpendicular to the floor surface. Pull the belly, as if you want to touch the navel spine and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Fitball is kept at arm's length in front of it. At the same time lower your arms and legs to the floor, then exhale and return back to the starting position. Repeat as many reps as you can.


4. Do not forget to include in the program load exercises for oblique abdominal muscles to maintain muscle symmetry.

The best option is to use a special device of the type "top block". To perform the exercise, stand sideways to the right trainer, feet shoulder width apart and take the simulator handle in your right hand. At first, choose a low weight, about 6 - 10 kg.

With the effort of the chest and abdominal muscles lower the handle to the right of the simulator on a diagonal to the left, further turning the torso to the left. Start with 3 sets of 20 reps and change the direction.


5. To load the lower zone of the abdominal muscles, lie on the floor or horizontal bench and place your hands under your buttocks palms facing down. Raise both legs perpendicular to the floor, and then slowly lower down substantially within a few centimeters to the touch. Incubate pause for 5 - 10 seconds and slowly return back to its original position.

Repeat the exercise until you feel fatigue, which may occur as after 10 and after 100 repetitions. As the weights can be used for weighting the legs or ankles placed between heavy training ball (medicine ball).

For the best results in the issue of how to build abdominal muscles very quickly, eat food that has a low percentage of fat and high of fiber. Eat all the vegetables, fruits, lean meats and dairy products, unsaturated fats, such as olive and flaxseed oil. Avoid fried food.

The high rate of training is nice, but not for the abdominal muscles. Perform exercises for the press slowly, controlling your every move - it will protect your lower back from the surge. If you have a history of any neck or back injury, practice under the guidance of an experienced coach.

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