How to make skin whitening cream at home?

Nearly every girl wants to be beautiful at 100 %. But sometimes the color of face stop please with its smoothness and perfection. Diseases of internal organs, bad habits, poor diet – all this makes a face yellow or grayish. Freckles, pigmented spots and dark tan often cause discomfort.

Here is a question, how quickly and effectively whiten your face at home? For it, you have to carefully choose beauty products which won`t cause allergies or irritation. Age spots are formed due to a significant content of melanin in the particular area. Therefore, before whitening, you must remove the layer of dead, rough cells with a scrub. Is there a need to use medications or it is better to consult a dermatologist? Excellent bleaching remedies consist of fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas.

Types of cream

Cream is an emulsion composed of mutually insoluble liquids (oil/water or water/oil). The consistency of the cream is homogeneous, but over time it begins to flake. The correct consistency of the cream is soft and creamy. You can do various creams at home: moisturizing, nourishing, Cold-cream, exfoliating, protective, anti-cellulite.
The form of cream will depend on the contained oils and fat components.

  • Moisturizing creams: Prevent skin from dehydration and provide it a healthy and beautiful view. Recommended for dry and normal skin two times a day, for oily – in the winter one time in the evening.
  • Kold–cream: Contains high amounts fatty phase, used as a night cream for dry skin.
  • Nourishing creams: Differently, they are called regenerative because of the high concentration of biologically active substances: vitamins, oils, extracts of propolis, placenta, etc. For greater effect, the cream is used in the morning and evening. Nourishing creams are designed for skin over 30 years. "Nutrient" means containing beneficial active components.

Attention! Do not overdo the vitamins. It is proved that an overdose of vitamin leads to accelerated aging of the skin. Nourishing creams is not recommended to use consistently.

  • Exfoliating creams: Use for chemical peels and anti-aging of the skin. Contain fruit acids that dissolve in the skin the substance that holds dead cells of the upper layer of the epidermis, light skin, making it smooth and soft.
  • Wax masks: Make on a base of an emulsion of waxes, paraffin, and lanolin. Applied to the skin before curing, then wash off. These masks expand the blood vessels of the lower layers of the dermis, helping to penetrate the active ingredients deeply.

Useful components for whitening skin:

  • lemon extract;
  • lactic acid;
  • cucumber extract;
  • extract of parsley and yarrow;
  • Vitamin C.

These elements bleach the skin without hurting her.
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How to whiten face pigment spots?

It is recommended to use the following tips of cosmetologists: it is not necessary to apply a bleaching cream in the morning, it is better to use it in the evening; the cream should be used not more than 21 days. The whitening cream sells in the store or pharmacy. But you can save money by spending a little time preparing cream at home.


  • 200 g of yogurt;
  • 20 g lemon juice;
  • Four almond.

The yogurt will be the basis for this mask, which included a high percentage of lactic acid. It perfectly softens even rough skin.

The lemon juice lightens the skin like almonds. This cream can compete with the expensive products in stores. You just need to place the almonds in the blender and pulverize them. Then yogurt mixes with lemon juice and then mix all ingredients thoroughly. Put the almond flour, and again mix everything. It is better to keep the cream-mask in the refrigerator for longer use.

Whitening masks at home

  • Mask of berries: Use the juice of the red or black currant, and cranberry nectar. You need to soak gauze with juice and applied to the surface of the face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water;
  • Honey berry mask: Mixed all honey and berry juice in the proportions 2:1. Apply the mask on face and rinse with warm water under the previous scheme;
  • Mask of cucumber: The juice of cucumber affects the skin, lightens it and reduces inflammation. To do this, rub a cucumber, mix with one teaspoon of lemon and a teaspoon of sour cream. The mask is applied only to a quarter of an hour and removed with warm water.
  • Mask of parsley: The nectar of parsley squeezed through cheesecloth. Mix one tablespoon of the juice with honey and lemon juice. Apply on face for 15 minutes and washed off with warm water.

How to whiten the skin with broth of herbs 

Use parsley broth for it. It is easy in preparation.

  • Chopped parsley is filled with water and boiled on low heat for 5-7 minutes.
  • After it, you need to infuse for half an hour. 
  • Filter the ready broth.
  • Wipe your face with parsley broth.

Before you apply the whitening mask, you should remember that cosmetic treatments can cause dryness and irritation of the skin, so aftercare is necessary to moisturize the face with cream.

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