How to make your period come faster?

Did the outset of critical days damage all your plans? There is just pain and torment instead of perfect holidays. Don’t worry! There are some methods, which will help you to speed up your period. Read the article and learn more. But be careful!


Often the critical days ruin all the plans, stepping unexpectedly and at an inopportune moment. For example, you have decided to go for a vacation for some days to a hot country, and at this time you have started your period. Or here's another example: your beloved returns from a long trip. You would like to be alone with him in an intimate setting, but because of the onset of menstruation, you can’t spend your time as you wished before.

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Here the question arises: how to accelerate the process of menstruation? This is what we will answer.

Safe ways

Probably every woman at least once in her life thought about how to push the undesirable date of the menstruation or shorten the duration of critical days. There are many traditional recipes. Among them are both safe and dangerous ways.

Lemon: safe ways to speed up my period


It is well-known that to accelerate the period you can use lemon. In fact, this means will not accelerate the onset of the critical days. You can push back the date of menstruation for a few days. People advise starting eating this product 3-4 days before the crucial days arriving. It is also recommended to it two lemons daily.

Fruits can be replaced with juice. However, it needs to be freshly made and not store-bought. You should also dilute squeezed juice with water. Drink lemon juice before the onset of menstruation 1 cup daily.

Another grandma's tip about how to speed up the beginning and the end of the menstruation:  to drink a parsley decoction. Its recipe is simple:

  • take a bunch of parsley and crush it;
  • pour the plant into a cup of hot water;
  • after that leave it for 2-3 hours;
  • filter the decoction and use 0.5 cups in the morning and evening;
  • for the next day seal the new portion

A decoction of parsley is recommended 3-4 days before the onset of menstruation with the aim of approximation but not its delay.


Before speeding up your period with parsley or exotic fruit, think about whether you have allergies to these natural remedies. If you do, you will have to abandon the experiments with these products. To make menstruation pass faster, some recommend exercising during critical days.

Here we must note that excessive exercise can adversely affect on women's health. It is also not recommended to perform complex activities. It is better to limit such training with regular walking and simple exercises.

Dangerous ways

Some women advise taking ascorbic acid to make period come faster. To accelerate the onset of menstruation, it is necessary to take ascorbic acid in large doses for a few days before the critical days after the hot baths for the feet.

Of course, an overdose of vitamin C is a very rare phenomenon. It happens only to a small number of people after the usage of large doses. In spite of this, stick to this method is not recommended. The vitamin can cause irreparable harm to the stomach.

Woman: ways to speed up my period that cannot be applied

In any case, you cannot use emergency contraception. Due to the use of drugs menstruations appear very quickly. The harm of these funds is that they disrupt the menstrual cycle and cause immense damage to women's health.

They can be used only in emergency cases (for example, after the rape to prevent unwanted pregnancy). There is a high probability that the woman who took the drug for the approximation of the menstruation, will pay for years for treatment for the "unshadowed" vacation or a romantic evening.


Accelerating the occurrence of menstruation with hormonal drugs is not worth considering. Of course, you can use these tools to influence the menstrual cycle, but you should not do that. Self-interference in your hormones can lead to serious problems. You have to use drugs only under medical supervision.

Remember, a regular menstrual cycle is an evidence of lack of problems with women's health. It is better not to make adjustments to the date of onset of the critical days, as their actions can cause health damage. If the question is about how to accelerate the outbreak period or to shift the start of the crucial days, you are very concerned about; you can try safe folk remedies. For example, it may be parsley. If you don't want to cook the broth, then at least just add it to your food.

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