How to prevent a bad smell during your period?

Do you feel a bad smell from the vagina during your period? There are ways to overcome this problem! Read this article to find out what you can do!

menstrual odour

Periods are certainly not fun but they can become even more problematic for others because of the bad smell. It is a fact that menstrual odour is absolutely natural.

But it doesn’t mean that there is nothing we can do about it. There are ways to overcome this rough side of your period. You can forget about having this problem during menstruation.

Think about your daily routine and find out what you are doing wrong. Are you showering daily? Do you change your pads/tampons often? Which products will be more suitable for you than the others?

Let’s find out what you can change to stop the bad odour during  period.

#1 Find out what menstrual product is the most convenient for you

If you are using pads or tampons and can feel the bad smell, maybe there must be something changed. Have you ever tried menstrual cups?

You might find it inconvenient at first but you will get used to it pretty soon. You can buy it anywhere in your town - check the pharmacies or stores. They are a lot cheaper than pads and tampons.

Moreover, by using them you won’t do any harm to environment. In case you are still using tampons/pads don’t forget that you have to change them frequently. First of all, it’s important for your health.

And it will surely make the bad smell of the menstruation go away. The blood itself doesn’t produce this smell.

menstrual odour

The reason why you might feel this odour is the bacterium that is growing in the pad when the blood stays there for a long time.

So change your menstrual products at least every sex hours and you will forget about that bad smell.

Sometimes you might have bad menstruation days with a lot of blood when you will need to do it even more frequently.

While the scented menstrual products might seem a good idea for you, it’s not actually healthy. Your vagina supports a certain Ph balance that is better not be disturbed.

If you use the scented products, it will change and you might get an infection. What is more, if you use it too often the smell won’t go away – it will become even more noticeable.

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There are a lot of things you can buy instead. If you want to be environmentally-friendly and caring about your health, there is another option for you.

Visit the store that offers healthy food and other products and ask for the reusable menstruation products.

#2 Respect for yourself starts with hygiene

It’s absolutely necessary to shower every day. Be careful and try not to irritate your privates with any scrubs during your period. It’s better for you to clean yourself with your hands.

The reason why showering is important for the smell to go away is that the sweat around that area is usually staying there for the entire day. Remove it gently with your hands.

If you are having a heavy menstruation, you can shower more frequently. The other important tip is to forget about douching. There are some women who think that it will make the smell better.

But it only works for a few hours. Moreover, douching is dangerous as it disturbs the Ph balance. It can also cause infections and even lead to the serious sicknesses of your vagina.

Doctors recommend not doing it at all as just a regular shower will surely make a huge difference.

In case you have used the scented tampons or pads and now you experience some discomfort, you should talk to your doctor to see if everything is okay with you.

menstrual odour

If your Ph balance was disrupted you might need a treatment or at least some pills. You might be surprised but even the wipes can be harmful for your female organ.

The immunity of the vagina might also get down because of these factors. Some girls don’t understand that these scented products are not helping. They are making the smell even worse.

If you want to use perfume, you should certainly contact your doctor first. If there are special fragrances for your vagina, the gynecologist will let you know about it.

In case the smell is too bad the doctor might also examine you to see if everything is fine with you. If it’s unusual for your period it might mean that something went wrong.

But remember that there is no way your vagina produces no smell at all – it’s nature. You should only visit your doctor if the bad odor is constant and it really bothers you.

#3 You should always be ready for menstruation

Sometimes the periods can start unexpectedly. In this case, you should always carry the pads or tampons with you. If you are having a heavy period, you need to take an extra pair of underwear with you.

menstrual odour

You might think that you are fully protected but no one is insured of bad luck. If your periods tend to be heavy you might also consider taking extra pants with you.

It might seem like a heavy load but if you think about it, it’s better than walking around with “bloody” clothes on! If you are sick of the blood getting out, make sure to choose the cotton panties.

It’s more breathable. If you do it, your vagina will stay dryer during the day.

You should also choose the proper clothes. For example, it would be very silly to wear white skirt if you’re on your period. Tight pants are also not a good idea as the vagina needs air to be dry.

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